"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Wednesday, 30 September 2009


In 2005, Manchester National Front noticed that Manchester libraries were blocking the National Front site. This unlawful internet censorship started a three year campaign of intensive complaints and letter writing by Manchester NF both Manchester Council and Manchester library services. At first these liberal leftist bodies would not budge and smeared the NF site as having 'offensive content'. More letters and calls followed as the intensive campaign was kept up. Now we are pleased to report this has been a great success and the National Front site has been unblocked and is now available throughout Manchester libraries. Well done Manchester National Front!

The above is taken from the main National Front site. While this may be a little victory in the big scheme of things, a victory it is none the less. And this is exactly what the Swindon NF are doing. We have sent a few emails of complaints to the Head of Swindon Borough Council, Mr Bluh, and also to Library services.

Below is the response we received from Mr Bluh:

Thank you for your email of 5 September. I am happy to assure you that Swindon Borough Council does not have a policy to block access from its library computers to any registered British political party, however odious some, including me, might find their views.
Our internet filter has restricted this information based on indications of “Phishing and Fraud”. Until the nature of this restriction is understood we are unable to provide access via the People’s Network. We are reviewing this with the supplier of Internet filter and will make a decision on opening the access once the review is complete.
Yours sincerely,
Councillor Roderick Bluh
Leader of the Council

I somehow doubt the reasons he has given to have any basis in fact, and to confirm my suspicion, I have found out who the Internet Provider is and have used the Freedom of Information act to find out the real reasons behind the Blocking of the NF site from Swindon Libraries.

I will update here as soon as we have found out more.


Another paedophile gets a light sentence!

Today, the Swindon Advertiser ran another story about a paedophile who has been jailed , and as is becoming common place in our ultra-liberal society, he was given a mere 4 years for abusing four young girls, all of which were under the age of eight.

32 year old Martin Clarke will serve an extra 5 years on licence when his prison sentence has expired, even though the judge ruled that Clarke posed a grave threat to children.

It is blatantly obvious that this sick degenerate should never be allowed to walk the streets again. When interviewed by the police, Clarke admitted to being sexually attracted to children, which isn’t just going to go away just because of a short prison sentence . Once released, children will once again be at risk from this pervert.

Such an insane ruling by the liberal Justice system is exactly why the Anti-paedophile Day of Action we have planned is needed; to bring it to the public’s attention that our children are being put at risk by Labour’s liberal stance on paedophiles.

If you can help make this day a success either by helping organise, financially or by attending, please contact Mike on 07890-802-883 or email Swindon@yahoo.co.uk

Friday, 25 September 2009


Lately I have gotten the impression that the Adult population has lost all sense of responsibility when it comes to protecting the youth of today. With the UN advising that 4 year olds should be taught about masturbation and how pleasurable it can be, or how the liberal Justice system has failed time and time again to truly punish paedophiles; one does get the impression that protecting our children’s innocence is no longer a priority.

I was reading a story earlier this week about Helen Goddard, a 26 year old music teacher, who was convicted and jailed for a measly 15 months for having a lesbian affair with her 15 year old pupil. What surprised me about this case was that Judge John Antony Pitts said such a sentence was inevitable because her offence was so serious, yet under the same breath he refused a prosecution request to ban Goddard from contacting her victim because, according to Judge Pitts, this would be “draconian and cruel” to the girl.

This begs the question- what part of serious does Judge Pitts not understand? Judge Pitts described the relationship as exploitive, manipulative, devious, and harmful, so how in Gods name is it possibly in the teenagers best interest for the relationship to continue on any level.

On top of this, Judge Pitts refused another prosecution request to ban Goddard from ever being alone with underage girls- which you would of thought would have been a given!

It is common knowledge that any premature sexual encounter is harmful, and it goes without saying that a premature lesbian affair is very likely to cause more harm and confuse her immature mind. Being a Judge you would of thought that Judge Pitts would of known this, and would of sought to protect the teenager.

The Judge said he had taken in consideration of what had been said by Goddard’s barrister, who said that the victim was obviously in “love” with Goddard. However, maybe he should also took into account that quite often a sexually abused child would form an inappropriate affection for and a sense of loyalty towards the abuser. Unfortunately that is a sad fact of life.

What the child needed was protection from her abuser, not for Goddard to be allowed to carry on the abuse.

Moving on, on a BBC Radio show called Iconclasts, a Cambridge Law Professor John Spencer appeared and proposed that the age of consent should be lowered to 13 (maybe we should be questioning his true motives as to why he wants the legal limit reduced?!)

He claims that the current law is too heavy handed and is unenforceable….. cutting this short, he claims that because we live in an ultra- Liberal society, where sexual promiscuity is celebrated, and some 13 year olds are sexually active, we should alter the law to fit today’s morally defunct society.

However, what he fails to realise is that the reason that so many underage teenagers are sexually active is because A) our young are not taught morals and values anymore and B) the Law is not being enforced.

At the end of the day, with our Liberal and neo-Marxist government, many legal restraints on paedophiles taking advantage of young and vulnerable teenagers have been taken away, and the Age of Consent is really the last restraint standing. And if we were to remove that, we will only worsen an already disastrous situation where pregnancy , abortions and sexually transmitted diseases plague our 13-16 year olds.

The National Front would seek to raise the age of consent, would ensure that paedophiles and child abusers like Helen Goddard are handed a punishment that fits the crime, and that true British morals and values are taught in our schools.

The Local NF unit are starting a campaign in the local area to raise awareness in October, if you can help out please contact Mike by emailing Swindon@yahoo.co.uk or call/text 07890- 802-883

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Friday, 18 September 2009

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


The following article originally comes from the National Front main website

Newsweek just launched an all out war on the mental well-being of white children in their September issue. The article is titled “See Baby Discriminate.” The article demands, with religious fanaticism, that white children be made to shun all knowledge of racial differences and taught to feel guilty. Newsweek actually printed “It’s horrifying to imagine kids being proud to be white.” The Newsweek article actually states that white children should be made to feel guilty to “knock down their glorified view of white people,” while black children should be built up with “ethnic pride.” White parents, and only white parents, are called on to go to great lengths to brainwash their own children starting at age 3.

However, amidst the extremist statements by Newsweek, some real bombshells about racial realities are admitted
Here are some highlights:

1-“Kids as young as 6 months judge based on skin color.” – Newsweek
2-White parents, who welcome multiculturalism and embrace diversity, are terrified to talk to their own children about race for fear of what their own children might say.
3-75% of non-white parents talk to their children about race, compared to only 25% of white parents.
4-White children 5 to 7 attending racially diverse schools universally had a better opinion of their own race than other races.
5-Whites are called on to begin intense multi-cultural indoctrination using videos and parental discussions at age 3, so as not to miss the right “developmental window.”
6-White children should be made to feel guilty for alleged wrongdoings by their race, to increase positive attitudes towards blacks.
7-Black children need to be coached on “ethnic pride” to pump them up and make them more likely to succeed in life.
8-553 scientists signed a 2007 Supreme Court school amicus brief supporting school desegregation. However, the brief used many qualifiers and only said that desegregation “may” improve black performance. There was no real confidence in desegregation on the part of the scientists.
9-Diverse schools do not lead to more cross-race relationships. In fact the opposite is true. The more diverse a school, the more students self-segregate by race.
10-White children prefer a white Santa Claus and black children prefer a black Santa Claus.


The following article appeared in todays edition of the Swindon Advertiser:

A MAN who used his mobile phone to video himself abusing a young girl has been jailed for life.

Philip Rees took photographs and recorded videos as he sexually assaulted the girl when she was under the age of 10.

The 43-year-old, of Graham Street, was given an indefinite prison term at Swindon Crown Court after a judge was told he would still pose a threat to children even when he was released.

Rees, who has a previous conviction for indecently assaulting a young girl and also had a huge collection of images of children being abused, will not be able to apply for parole until he has served four years and nine months behind bars.

Stacey Turner, prosecuting, told a sentencing hearing on Friday Rees’ victim revealed what had been going on but was vague about exactly what had taken place.

The child said Rees had taken photographs and when investigators looked at his mobile phone they found a series of indecent pictures of children stored on it.

As well as one picture and two movies featuring the victim they found another 23 indecent images of other children.

They also found a further 8,261 indecent pictures of children on his computer and other devices as well as some other pictures stored in a locked sports bag.

Miss Turner said Rees was convicted of indecently assaulting a girl under the age of 14 in the North East of England in 1990.

On that occasion he was sentenced to a probation order but it was before the sex offender’s register was introduced so he was never placed on it.

Rees pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual assault and three counts of making indecent images of children.

He also admitted 13 counts of making indecent images of children and one of possession prior to March 15 and another of possession on Tuesday, March 31.

Sue Evans, defending, said Rees accepted he faced a lengthy prison term and the only mitigation was that he pleaded guilty, avoiding the need for the victim to give evidence.

Judge Douglas Field read from a pre-sentence report which said Rees had “a long standing sexual interest in pre-pubertal females which has now led to him sexually abusing two young children”.

It went on the say he posed a threat to children adding “this risk is likely to persist indefinitely”.

The judge said: “You took photographs of this on your phone which gave you, I have no doubt, added sexual gratification.

“The effect on this young girl will be long lasting and the effect on her family will be largely the same.”

As well as jailing Rees the judge disqualified him from ever working with children and ordered he register as a sex offender for life.

Sick and degenerate scumbags like Philip Rees deserve nothing less than the death penalty. However, with our liberal Justice system, it is quite possible that he will be out in five years to ruin another child's life.

This is why the National Front will be holding a Day Of Action.

Please make the effort to make this day a success.


Sunday, 13 September 2009


The National Front has seen a lot of re-organising over the last few months. We have seen a brand new website, new units popping up all over Britain, a weekly newsletter from NF News, demonstrations which have received a huge amount of publicity (Reading), and just a general upsurge in activity across the country.

However, the NF does have a lot of work if we are to secure the future of our people and a future for white children. The Northern National Front have worked tirelessly to forge unity among the numerous NF regional units up North. That is where we down in the south of England are going wrong. We have little co-operation and need to start acting together.

To win this struggle we need to be unified, and have mutual co-operation among the regional units.

To this end, we will be having a meeting in the South of England which will be dedicated to forging a bond between organisers and activists. There will be speeches, debate's, a table-top stall, beverages, ect. This meeting will give everyone a chance to voice their opinion on numerous issues.

Many may feel that this is unneeded, which in some respects is true. I personally have a good relationship with many organisers. However, this is about more than just making friends, its about sharing ideas, opinions, and most importantly about becoming united.

Obviously, this meeting isn't only reserved for members and activists in the south of England- anyone who is interested can attend.

The date for this meeting is not yet been decided on, yet i can confirm that it will be in December, and in the Wiltshire area.

Please contact me if you are interested in attending- 07890802883 or email swindonnf@yahoo.co.uk

Racial Regards



The National Front Believes that Paedophiles should recieve the death penalty, or at least a life sentence that actually means LIFE!

However, with this in mind, we are not in a position to bring such actions about; so while we live in a sick society that allows perverts and child killers to walk the streets, Sarah's Law is the best option. I believe the identities of all paedophiles living within a community should be passed on to all parents, which will allow parents to protect their children from the sick and degenerate paedophiles.

The unit will be holding a day of action. This day of action will take place in October, and will likely take place in Wiltshire. As to the exact location, that has not been decided yet.

If you would like to attend or lend a hand in making this day of action successful, then please contact Michael on 07890802883 or email swindonnf@yahoo.co.uk


Thursday, 10 September 2009


I have decided to give the new Thames NF website a revamp. Please take a look and give me your input...... Click Here

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Those amongst the PC crowd and the advocates of our open border policy love to argue about the supposed economic benefits of uncontrolled immigration. Day after day we hear about how migrants are boosting our economy, helping keep taxes down and helping to maintain our public services.

But once again another study has come out to put these ludicrous claims to rest.

A study has revealed that us taxpayers will have to face a soaring bill to pay for extra school places- most of which will be created to accommodate immigrant children.

The study revealed the majority of the £1bn needed will be used to create 96,000 extra school places- 67,000 will be to non-British children. According to the study conducted by Migrationwatch, of the 96,000 increase, more than half of the children will be born to non-British parents- and around a sixth (13,000) will be to children who has one non-British parent. And that leaves British children who will account for 29,000 of the increase.

This study comes out just after it has been revealed that tens of thousands of parents are finding it increasingly difficult to get their children into the school they want because of lack of places thanks to new-Labour’s open door policy.

Migrationwatch’s chairman Sir Andrew Green said- “ this is just one example of the impact of mass immigration on our public services…. An even bigger one is housing, where immigration accounts for 40 per cent of all new households…. This means we will have to build nearly 2,000 houses a WEEK just for new immigrants and their families.”

Ok, lets break this down. The Office for National Statistics revealed that the British population hit the 61million mark for the first time, however, under current trends the British population will hit 70million in the next 25 years. This will mean that our public services will collapse and the public purse will be shot.

It should be obvious that mass immigration is unsustainable, and it is us Brits who will be paying the bill. No one can deny that our public infrastructure is near breaking point and our public services are bursting at the seems under the strain. Thanks to successive governments betraying the British people, Britain is now the second most populated country in the western world.



Monday, 7 September 2009


At the end of October, the Local branch of the National Front will be holding a day of action which will be dedicated to highlighting the worrying rise of paedophilia and how the government are putting our children at risk by not dealing with the threat appropriately.

There has been news story after news story of paedophiles who have committed sick and perverted crimes against the most vulnerable in our society who gets a light and easy sentence, and then released to continue where he left off.

The National Front believes that all paedophiles deserve the death penalty, or at least a life sentence that actually means life imprisonment.

As for the exact date of the day of action; I cannot confirm anything as of yet, it all depends. However, if you would like to lend a hand, please get in contact by emailing us at Swindonnf@yahoo.co.uk .


Friday, 4 September 2009

Reading Demo Update

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the Reading Demo against the Immoral Gay Pride event. However, in trying to keep on the bright side of it all, we did however get alot of publicity from the local rag, and it annoyed the local reds.

Here are some of the Press we got:

While we have had to cancel the Demo, inactivity is not a word the local unit understand, and we will be having a day of action instead, and we will hopefully have a protest in Reading next year.


My Griffin did not attend at court however the barrister representing the party was at court on his behalf.

Having read his statement on the BNP website it appears to me that Mr. Griffin has thrown the ‘towel’ in, given up at the very first step and let his loyal members down badly.

Quotes by Nick Griffin MEP

“The British National Party will have to adapt to the undemocratic Orwellian ‘equality laws’ with regards to party membership criteria, or it will die, party leader Nick Griffin warned in reaction to today’s court hearing brought by the Commission for Equality & Human Rights (CEHR).”

“Either we shift our position or we will be utterly crushed. That fact was established beyond any possible doubt when the judge ruled that we must pay the thousands of pounds of costs of today’s hearing.”

“By taking this as far as a court hearing, we have ensured that party unity will be maintained, because whatever steps we take, it is now crystal clear to all concerned that we simply do not have a choice but to change our membership policy.”

“Adapt or die is the only decision left to make, for failure to adapt would lead either to our being bled white through the courts or crushed by new criminal laws. Party unity is priceless, because a party of brothers standing shoulder to shoulder can be persecuted, but it can never be beaten or broken.”

Well Nick I am lost for words, NOT!

I like many other Nationalists, some even from different parties stood by you during your court case at Leeds crown Court.

We stood in the snow, hail, rain and freezing cold supporting you as you took on the politized legal system in our fight for ‘Freedom of Speech’ you told me many times that you were prepared to go to prison because that is how strongly you felt.

You stood by me when you and other Nationalists stood in the snow outside Halifax police station when I was too was arrested because of undercover filming for the BBC Secret Agent documentary.

We had an anger a determination and a drive then, to beat these undemocratic forces levelled against us and beat them we did because we would not give in.

You called for demonstrations, you got them, you called for donations, you got them, you mobilised the party and a good proportion of the general public in support too, you did not give in and you won.

Now I wonder why you have given in so easily. Could the fact that you are an MEP have lessened your determination as a committed nationalist to up hold core racial nationalist policies?

Everything we as Nationalists have fought for has been abandoned and strewn on the steps of the race industries Tsar Phillips as you touch your forelock and bow lowly as you retreat from his presence.

You quite rightly complain about the power of the CEHR - so ‘fight them’

You fought them for Freedom of Speech, so why not for your party?

Fight them because there are hundreds of non-White mono-ethnic groups up and down the country (many start funded), fight them because of section 25 and 26 of the Human Rights Act a small section is shown below

25 Discrimination: associations not within s. 11

(1)This section applies to any association of persons (however described, whether corporate or unincorporated, and whether or not its activities are carried on for profit) if—

(a) It has twenty-five or more members; and

(b) Admission to membership is regulated by its constitution and is so conducted that the members do not constitute a section of the public within the meaning of section 20(1);

But Nick the People of this country need you to stand up to this racist oppression and fight it, letting ethnics join will destroy the BNP and drive its members away.

As an ex BNP organiser I would have been the first to leave had you suggested this surrender then.

The National Front will not give in to such oppression we ‘will’ stand up to Phillips and his like.

Even if we have to de register as a political party and become a Civil Rights Group with ‘Independent’ candidates standing on a Nationalist ticket we will continue to support and ‘represent’ OUR people.

We would ask all BNP members and supporters to read your chairman’s statement, consider it very seriously and decide as Nationalists for yourselves.

Remember the National Front has a 42 year Nationalist history, it is a household name and has never diluted its core Nationalist policies nor will it.

All BNP members and supporters are very welcome to come and join us we will not sell you out we will not let you down we will welcome you with open arms.

Tom Linden

This is taken from the wekly NF NEWS bulletin.

I would like to add some things here. The Swindon Nationalists Blog, which supports the BNP, have come out and said the BNP have never had a policy which involves repatriation of all non-whites...... Well, that folks is nothing short of a lie... Before Nick Griffen took over the party and turned it into this neo-Conservative hotch-potch of misfits, the BNP had a policy which stated clearly that all non-whites would be deported. Which is nothing to be ashamed off, in fact, if I was still in the BNP I would want to get back to that.

The National Front has been around now since 1967, and we have never compromised; we have faced reds and the state head on, we have been physically attacked, slandered in the papers, members have lost their jobs, social status, and yet, not once has the NF weakened on any of their core white nationalist policies....

This is a fight for Race and Nation, Surrender is not an option.

Thursday, 3 September 2009



In the 1950’s the white race amounted to about 25% of the entire world population. At the turn of the century, we are down to a mere 9%. However, experts have predicted that this will decrease to 2% within this century.

The reason I have posted the above statistics is because it illustrates my point quite significantly.

The white people must wake to the fact that we are engaged in a struggle for racial survival; a struggle to preserve us as a people and as a biological entity. As much as those on the loony left hate to admit it, the white race has certain characteristics as white Europeans, and we have every bloody right to want to preserve these characteristics.

There are countless reasons as to why our people are dying out. The most important of those reasons I believe is the extremely low birth rates among the white population. Pure and simply, we are not having enough children. For a certain people to flourish and grow in numbers, they need to have a birth rate which exceeds the replacement level, which presently it doesn’t.

Part of the reason for the low birth rate is the fact that our people have been enduring radical feminist propaganda for many, many years. This insane ideology teaches that women can only find “true” fulfilment in a career and that having children is somehow not worthy of the effort or the time- and of course if white women don’t have children our race simply dies out….

The terrible fact is that the white race faces extinction, primarily because of the destruction of the family unit, insanely low birth rates, illogical mass immigration policies and inter-marriage. These factors are destroying the unique character of the white, indigenous people of our once great nation. White women have got to concentrate more on children and family and less on their careers, otherwise our people will die out.

With all that said, it is odd how- the controlled media passionately opposes the genocide of other peoples on this earth; how many Brits have a “Save Tibet” bumbersticker on their cars, opposing the massive Chinese immigration and cultural annihilation of the Himalayan Kingdom; how Brits are rightly concerned about preserving every breed of animal on the planet- yet somehow our unique character is never presented as something worth preserving, and instead its destruction is made out to be desirable and worth celebrating, because if this was to happen, they say, then we will have the “blessing” of multiculturalism!?

I also find it rather ironic how the controlled media will support the terrorist and apartheid state of Israel, but constantly condemns Britons who merely want to ensure the survival of our people. The media supports and celebrates the idea of a Jewish state for Jewish people, or Ghanaian state for Ghanaians, but then turn around and condemns the idea for a British state for British people.

The National Front is dedicated to the survival of our people. We do not discriminate, because unlike those on the left, the NF believes that every race has the right to survival and self-determination. Unlike the BNP- who say that they care for the Native Brits interests, but supports inter-marriage and a multiracial society ( see BNP Councillor Blog)- the NF will never compromise our beliefs or values to try and make ourselves more “acceptable”. The fight for our survival is to important to surrender.

The fight for our future must start today.