"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Tuesday, 16 August 2011



For four successive nights rampaging mobs have run riot in our major towns and cities. They have terrorised the public and wrecked entire neighbourhoods. The Police responded by abdicating authority and abandoning the streets. Mob rule whttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifas the result.
Parts of London and the other cities now look like war zones: Police cars and buses have been set alight, buildings destroyed, and businesses ruined. Residents were driven from homes, and motorists dragged out of cars. Hate crazed mobs stalked the streets with impunity. Looters had a field day, pillaging and wrecking at will.
The police have been bombarded with everything from petrol bombs, bricks, bottles, stones, fireworks, paving slabs, scaffolding poles, fire extinguishers and blazing wheelie bins. Their assailants –young Black males mainly – brandished crowbars, hammers and other lethal weapons and hid their cowardly faces behind balaclavas and hooded tops.
This vile scum had no respect for anybody or anything: They even attacked fire and ambulance crews, ransacked charity shops and invaded private homes. One person was shot dead, and another is left fighting for his life. It’s amazing the casualties weren’t much higher.
Scores of police officers have been injured (some seriously) and over 1,400 arrests made. The cost of repairing the damage will run into millions.
Calm has since appeared to have been restored, but how long will the peace last before things flare up again?
The public should remember this dose of ‘cultural enrichment’ for many years to come. And they must NEVER forgive or forget the politically-correct politicians and compliant police chiefs who brought it about.

Once, Britain had the best police force in the world. It was independent, impartial - and in the main - incorruptible. That is how it should be. However, over the last few decades it has become increasingly politicised, and paralysed with political correctness.
In no area has this interference been more apparent than in the field of ‘race relations’. Millions have been wasted in PC ‘equality & diversity’ programmes and similar claptrap. Instead of being law-enforcement officers, policemen are now expected to be social workers as well! They are required to be ‘culturally sensitive’ when dealing with minority groups, whereas there is no reciprocal obligation demanded of ethnics to respect OUR culture.
Following the 1999 Macpherson Report (into the Stephen Lawrence murder), officers are now terrified of being labelled ‘racist’ if called upon to confront ethnic crime. Hence their reluctance to take action against Muslim grooming gangs (of young White English girls), or deal with other offences committed by non indigenous types.
And following the G20 London riots (April 2009), they are also reluctant to deal firmly with violent demonstrations – in case they are the ones who end up in court! ‘Civil rights’ lawyers, social workers, psychologists and the bleeding heart wet white liberal lobby have emasculated British policing to the point where it can no longer properly function.
We see this in the way this criminal vermin openly taunted and jeered the Police. They KNOW they are untouchable. They think they can get away with anything.
Political correctness has killed real policing. The thin blue line has been broken. Millions now realise that the Police can’t (or won’t) protect them any longer. It should be a wake up call. Vigilante groups are sprouting up all over.
None of this criticism is aimed at the ordinary policeman or woman. They are doing a good job in difficult circumstances, but their hands are tied. The Police chiefs, however, are a different matter. They owe their appointment to political patronage and go along with whoever is in power and do their bidding. Personal promotion is more important to them than protecting the public. And that’s the problem.
Police chiefs get their marching orders from the politicians, and they in turn are too inhibited by wishy-washy liberal considerations to take the necessary action to protect the public: Hence the reluctance to use CS gas, water cannon or rubber (or even REAL) bullets.
And all the while ordinary policemen are expected to take it like skittles in a bowling ring, without hitting back.
If and when these hoodlums are ever brought to court, the likelihood is that they will walk away laughing. Their sentences will be derisory. Tough talk by the politicians WON’T be backed up by tough deeds. The ‘Human Rights’ legislation they signed up to will make pretty sure of that.

In 1968, Enoch Powell alerted Britain to the perils of mass unlimited immigration and called for repatriation. He spoke about ‘rivers of blood’ and an ‘alien wedge’. His warnings went unheeded: Now we are learning the lesson the hard way.
He was right: Since then we’ve had riots and bombings in our towns and cities. But instead of praise and recognition, Powell only got abuse and vilification from the Westminster traitors who transformed Britain from an all White law abiding society into the lawless multi-racial hell-hole of today.
This was a wholly illegal transformation as well –one done without the consent, mandate (or even knowledge) of the British people (and all carried out in a supposedly democratic country).
Race riots are nothing new: There was a whole spate of them during the eighties – Bristol (April 1980), Brixton (April 1981), Toxteth (July 1981), Handsworth (September 1985), Tottenham (October 1985), and several more in the following decades. The Broadwater Farm riots in Tottenham (October 1985) were particularly vicious and resulted in the brutal killing of a police officer.
Take the latter case:
PC Keith Blakelock was hacked to death by a frenzied 50 strong mob wielding knifes, machetes and sticks. He had 42 separate wounds and a six inch knife buried up to the hilt in his neck. Some of his fingers were cut off as he frantically fought off attempts at decapitation.
Blakelock was a community police officer killed by the people he was trying to serve.
However, leading Labour lefty & Black Racist, Bernie Grant provocatively praised “the bloody good hiding” dished out to the Police by Black rioters, adding - in the presence of police officers - that he was “in no way going to condemn the activities” of these savages.
If a White person spoke like that he’d be arrested and thrown in prison.
Grant - who was not even born in the UK - was then Labour leader of Haringey Council and later became an MP.
Nationalists were too divided and disunited in the 1980s to capitalise on these issues. We must not make the same mistake again. We have to set aside our differences to present a united front against Black mob violence.

Media coverage has blatantly ignored the RACE factor – though if the culprits had been all-White, commentators would have been quick to say so. The rioters were predominantly Black and their victims were mainly Non Black (including three Asians who were killed). The riots originated in, and were confined to, areas where there is a large Black presence. All White areas, by contrast – and there are still some left – did not have this problem.
Media commentary denying this fact is invariably belied by the film footage.
The participation of degenerate White trash is likely to come from far left anarchist groups, criminal elements or copycat nitwits. The presence of a few Whites (and others of dubious ethnic origin) did not make the riots any less racial.
The ‘trigger’ that sparked this mayhem - so we are told - was the shooting dead of 29 year old Mark Duggan by a police marksman in Tottenham on Thursday 8th (August). Police believed Duggan – who hailed from the notorious Broadwater Farm estate - to be armed, and according to various reports, a suspected gangster and drug dealer, with connections to murderous Jamaican ‘yardie’ gangs.
A subsequent protest against his death outside Tottenham police station later degenerated into violence. Then all hell broke loose – first in Tottenham, and later elsewhere.
No sooner had the rioting started than the usual excuses were trotted out - poverty, deprivation, unemployment, cutbacks, and of course, ‘RACISM’. Ken Livingstone was quick to get in on the act, and he was soon followed by gutless Green Party reps and others. In short, everybody else was to blame for the riots, except the rioters themselves!
What these apologists fail to explain is why there were no riots in Britain during the 1930s when there was much greater poverty and deprivation. The Jarrow marchers didn’t loot, pillage and burn their way down to London, AND THEY HAD A DAMN SITE MORE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THAN THE SCUM WHO WRECKED OUR CITIES.
Compare this treatment with the media coverage given to EDL. We have little time for this pseudo-nationalist outfit and its misplaced philo-semitic leanings. Their marches may be rowdy but at least they don’t end up torching cities, looting shops or attacking the police. However, unlike the rioters, they are unlikely to get the same tender understanding or sympathy from the bleeding heart brigade. (Maybe they’re the wrong colour).
The point to remember is that these riots were wholly ALIEN to our culture and way of life, though this is hardly surprising given that they were carried out by individuals not native to this land.
No doubt these events will be followed by a costly and time wasting public inquiry (which will solve nothing). In due course, Mark Duggan will probably take his place alongside Stephen Lawrence, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Barrack Obama et al when he is elevated to sainthood status by the negrophile White liberal elite.

Why should the Police have to put up with this violence? It’s not their job. If CS gas, water cannon and rubber bullets don’t work, then the army should be brought in. If warnings and curfews fail, then orders should be given to shoot on sight (and kill if need be).
The British Army is currently defending the rights of Libyans and Afghans abroad, when it should be defending the rights of Britons to walk their own streets in safety. This is madness! But it’s typical of Britain today - the LabLibCons put foreigners first and our own people last every time.
NATIONAL FRONT POLICY WOULD SOLVE THE TWIN EVILS OF IMMIGRATION AND LAWLESSNESS THROUGH: (a) REPATRIATION OF IMMIGRANTS, AND (b) RESTORATION OF BOTH CAPITAL & CORPORAL PUNISHMENT. We say that rioters should be birched, given lengthy prison sentences and forced to do hard labour. The ring leaders should be executed.
We must deal with the source of the problem, not just tackle the symptoms (that’s what everybody else does, BNP included). Otherwise, the rioting and lawlessness will return again and again. It’s an issue which won’t go away.

Within a week or two, these riots will be forgotten. Despite all their hype and bluster, the politicians will soon revert to form and nothing will change much. They will come out with all kinds of arguments and excuses for the mayhem, but they will NEVER admit the real one. NAMELY, THAT THEIR PRECIOUS ‘MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY’ HAS MISERABLY FAILED AND OUGHT TO BE DISBANDED ASAP!
That’s the main lesson to be learned.
The Notting Hill Carnival is due at the end of the month. How will that fare? We’ll soon find out.


Friday, 5 August 2011


A new government initiative means that online e-petitions which reach over 100,000 signatures MUST be considered for a commons debate. And as a indication of the feelings of the British public, over 40 of the first 200 internet petitions called for the return of the death penalty.

With this great news, I am going to take the opportunity to put forward some agruments in favour of reintroducing the death penalty for the most vile criminals in our society, like paedophiles, child killers, sadistic murderers, ect.

-It cannot be denied that Capital Punishment permanently removes the worst criminals from our society, and is the safest method of dealing with certain sick individuals, which still pose a threat, while in long term or permanent incarceration. It goes without saying that dead criminals cannot cause anyone anymore harm, either within the prison system or after escaping or after being released.

-The cost of incarcerating the most horrific criminal of our society is another reason for capital punishment. According to the Guardian, it cost on average, £83,000 a year to imprison an inmate. Money is not an inexhaustible commodity and with all honesty, that money would be better spent on the old, the young, the sick ect, 6 rather than using our resources on the long term imprisonment of murderers, paedophiles, rapists. Ect

We have all heard the very real arguments that today’s prison system is pretty much a holiday camp for prisoners. With this in mind, lets point out that execution of the very worst of criminals is a very real punishment, rather than some form of ineffective “rehabilitative” treatment.

A very good question is: does the death penalty deter criminals? Now, this is a very difficult point to prove one way or another because in most retentionist countries the number of people actually executed per year (as compared to those sentenced to death) is usually very low. However, it would seem, that in countries where they almost always carry out the death sentences, (EG Singapore) there is far less serious crime. What this suggests is that, capital punishment is only a real determent if the execution is an almost certainty. Those Anti-capital punishment campaigners always argue that the death penalty isn’t a determent, and will usually site studies based on American states to prove their point. From where I am standing, this is deeply flawed and properly chosen to be deliberately misleading.

The above is just a brief look at the arguments for capital punishment. The National Front have been campaigning for over 40 years for the return to true justice, including the return of Capital Punishment. No other Political Party can even claim to be as long term advocates as the National Front, because unlike many other partys we do not compromise on our polices, and they do not change with media manipulated public opinion.