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Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Another day, another cock up. Yet again the MoD has come under fire, this time for losing thousands (3,900 to be exact) state of the art Bowman digital communications systems- or to put it another way, 11 per cent of the total handed out to our troops, have magically disappeared.

The £2.4 billion radio system was introduced in 2007 to replace the 30 year old Clansman.

Tomorrow, MP's from a cross party Committee will publish a report into the MoD's accounts, which will express grave concern as to whose hands these radio's have fallen into. It is said to be likely that they have landed in the hands of Taliban soldiers, and could potentially be used against our troops.

The Committee rightly said that MoD's complete failure to do the basic job of keeping track of the radio's had "the potential to threaten the long term capability of the department, including operational capability."

The MoD, being their usual, lying self's, tried to explain away their incompetence by saying that the unaccounted radio's were being repaired or being redeployed.

As if that were not enough, the committee also found that a new computer system for calculating pay and allowances had wrongly paid £268 million while another £38 million was mistakenly deducted from our troops' food and accommodation charges.

This department needs a complete overhaul. Far too often we hear of grave mistakes, or of our soldiers losing out so that the bureaucrats in the MoD can receive huge bonuses. The National Front would see to it that the MoD becomes an efficient and competent department,

Saturday, 20 February 2010


I haven't had chance to come online for a while, but I will be making more effort to post more often.

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