"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


There seems to be a huge miss understanding when it comes to the subject of crime, and how race does in fact play a huge factor. Those on the left and in the pc media like to paint a picture of the white man as being the one who commits the majority of crime to install a sense of guilt in our people and to make them submissive to their plan of breeding out the white race by the continuation of non-European immigration to Britain.

There are statistics galore to prove that in fact non-whites are more criminally active than white people. For instance, according to the document Statistics on Race and Crime and the Criminal System produced by the Home Office in 2002, in the 3 year period, mid- 1999 to mid- 2002, a black person was 68 times more likely to kill a white person in Britain than vice versa.... Bare in mind that these figures were compiled before 3 Asians and a Jamaican slaughtered 52 people in July 2005.

What a different picture that paints from what the biased media and the socialists love to claim. They love to make us out to be the violent racists who attack non-whites at any given opportunity, however as these figures indicate, they are more likely to attack us, and when they do attack us it never is reported as it should be.... A RACIST ATTACK... when a white attacks a non-white its always a racist attack, when a non-white attacks a white its always a random attack, or so those in power and the socialists love to claim. Take the case of Henry Webster who was attacked at school grounds in Wroughton, just outside Swindon, by a group of lads who called themselves the Asian Invasion. Their name itself shows that they have racial intentions and then they attack Mr Webster with Weapons and is called a random attack, and anyone who even attempts to label it as racially motivated must be a bigot and ignorant since we all know that non-whites cant be racist..... Right?

And it isn’t just racist crime... A 2007 police report on London's gang culture identified 169 separate gangs and almost half of these had committed serious assaults and more than a quarter had been involved in murder, the largest number of gangs were in the areas which had an abundance of non-whites, the report also states that most of the gang members were black, with Asians coming in at a close second..... These are the people that our Government and Liberals claim to enrich our society, the race hate laws are there to protect these people, from us the law-abiding Britons....

So they dominate the gang culture and they are more likely to murder us than the other way round, and they are the victims of racial hatred? I don’t think so.
These are the people which the Government you voted for and successive Governments have allowed to invade our countries, they are hell bent on "integrating" these people into our society. There is a slight problem with the assumption that those who come from rather un-civilised countries and countries plagued with violence and corruption will come to our countries and automatically become civil and peaceful..... Some do no doubt, however if all you know is violence and corruption and than that is how you will act, and that is how these non-whites act, they act the way that they know... Violent....Like in January 2004, according to the BBC, 59% of rapists were white and 69% of the rapists were black... considering they only ( for now) amount to about 17% of the population, when put into proportion, it is very alarming.

Chief Superintendent Eric Hewlitt stated that Asians committed 90 out of 125 racial attacks in Oldham involving physical injury during 1997, and of the 64,100 reported being attacked in 1997, the vast majority of the muggers were non-white.

Now can someone please explain how since the white Briton constitutes almost 80% of the population, that in relation to non-whites they commit less crime and are less violent, yet the media are all to quick to label whites as the violent racists. We, my fellow country men, are being attacked left right and centre, both physically and through slander by the political correct media. No one in authority is on our side, they are traitors and only look after the interests of the minority, even to the extent that they cover up racial attacks on our people so that the minority don’t look so bad and the natives will be more accepting of the invaders, while they do this they blacken the name of the white man, drag it through the dirt, until whites start feeling guilty of their own and start also working for the interest of the invader....... we must stop this brainwashing being instigated by the traitors in both government and the media, we must wake our fellow country men and women up from their alien induced sleep and get them to start to work for the interests of their own people. The time for action is now, become active.... Vote for the one true British Nationalist Party left in Britain...... NATIONAL FRONT..... Putting Britain First Since 1967.

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