"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Day in and day out, the media portray homosexuality as a natural and normal lifestyle, and through programmes such as Gay-to-Z ( channel 4), Coronation Street (ITV1) and Hollyoaks ( Channel 4) the general public get the distinct impression that homosexuality must be normal human behaviour. The question must be asked: Has scientific studies proved that homosexuality is biologically influenced? The simple answer…. YES.

Now before you dismiss me, I urge you to read on.

Scientific studies have been done all over the world in relation to homosexuality, but one I want to draw your attention to is a study by Dr Gunter Dorner (1), he discovered that sex related aspects of the brain are laid down sequentially. He studied the behaviour of rats, and while studying the rats he found that the later the rats are castrated the less feminine they become and also female rats are masculinised by the introduction of male hormones at different stages of early development.

His conclusion was that there are three levels of sexual development, he called these 1) Sex Centres ( meaning the sexual organs themselves), 2) Mating centres ( the areas of the brain which affect your sexual preference), and 3) Gender role centres ( this area is where the brain determines typical gender behaviour and skills such as spatial versus verbal skills) . Dr Dorner points out that each centre of development can be drastically affected during the very early stages of development. Dr Dorner found that in terms of sexual preference, the hypothalamus ( evidence shows that sexual preference is established primarily in the brains hypothalamus.) of the male homosexual physiologically behaves in the exact same way that a normal female hypothalamus would. Basically, when injected with estrogen ( female hormone) the hypothalamus of females responds by producing even more estrogen. When male heterosexuals were injected with estrogen, the hypothalamus didn’t produce more estrogen, very much unlike male homosexuals however, who, when injected with estrogen, they actually produced more, just like a normal female would.

Another study I wish to draw your attention to is a study that investigated on a very long term basis 136 children, whose mothers had hormone treatment ( female hormones) during their pregnancy (2). The study found that those children had very little chance of getting and/or staying married, and in actual fact, the probability of them being married was halved compared to those who did not receive the treatment.

Yet another study which I think is worth noting (3) found that stress in the mother can reduce the amount of male hormones in the male embryo. The study found that female rats that were subjected to severe stress had male offspring that were attracted to other males. Unsurprisingly, homosexuality is more common in times of war and devastation.

These studies and others in the same vain as the above studies, prove that the basic brain is female and only the introduction of male hormones can transform it into its male form. Most studies on sexual behaviour prove that a lot can go wrong in the developing male brain, however if little happens hormonally to the female brain, it will grow up normal. By looking at the facts then, it is no wonder why males are more likely to be homosexuals than women are to be lesbians.

Obviously, biology isn’t the only determine factor in relation to sexual preference. Research has shown that there are some homosexuals who have no abnormal hormonal imbalances and there are many well-adjusted male heterosexuals who have a female based brain wiring which is a result of abnormal hormone levels in the foetal stages. But as the studies above prove, biology has just as much influence on a persons sexuality as does conditioning.

As you will have noticed, the homosexual community have welcomed the scientific news showing that biology influences their immoral behaviour (4). They argue that because to them homosexuality comes naturally, and is a natural condition, they should not be stopped or looked down on for doing something that comes natural to them. But, the fact is, that argument just doesn’t wash. Just because some people have an inborn homosexual tendency does not mean that homosexuality is in any shape or form normal or natural as far as the species is concerned. It may be “normal” for them, but no one could consider it normal for human behaviour and societal values. Let me give you an example…. For some people, criminal behaviour is natural, but you would never say criminal behaviour is desirable in a moral society ( unless your from Antifa). Not that I am putting homosexuality and criminality in the same box, but I am just pointing out that there are many inborn traits that can be hurtful. It may be inborn, but it certainly is not normal or natural.

Homosexuality has done nothing but cause problems.. Homosexuals die younger then heterosexuals; homosexuals suffer mental problems such as depression and psychosis; homosexuals and other sexual deviants are overrepresented in crimes such as mass-murder, child seduction and molestation; male homosexuals have seduced and abused a countless number of underage boys; their unclean sexual habits and ultra-promiscuous lifestyle have resulted in spreading the homosexual plague, AIDS, which not only has killed millions of their own, but also millions of others, including thousands of people who contracted the virus from blood transfusions.

No one can disagree that homosexuality does nothing but fuel the havoc AIDS has caused in our society. The epidemic should be viewed as nothing less than a horrific scandal and a source of shame to the gay community. But instead, AIDS activists blame you and me, us moral upstanding folk, because apparently we are not doing enough to find a cure (5). I think we have done more than enough; I don’t need to go into how much of taxpayers money has gone into paying the medical bills and other cost; but I would just say, we would have a little more money to spend on research for things like cancer instead of spending it on the “gay disease”. At the end of the day, if homosexuals took responsibility and change their conduct then AIDS wouldn’t be that much of an epidemic… however homosexuals continue to promote publicly their promiscuous lifestyle in their often sexually immodest gay “pride” parades.

I do have to emphasis this as much as I can…. Homosexuality is damaging, devolutionary, unhealthy and unesthetic. It leads to disease, maladjustment, suicide and a hell of a load of social ills. Saying is is natural to those who practice it does nothing to alleviate its damaging effects. One could argue that HIV/AIDS is a life form created by God, so we have no right to inhibit it. It would be insane to say that, just as it is insane to ay homosexuality should be left unchecked and allowed to flourish. Some may not be taking me seriously, but when you truly look at homosexuality, you will see that it isn’t as harmless as the establishment like to make out. Put aside the superficially humours stereotypes to one side, and you will see that homosexuality is a behaviour that damages the participants and society as a whole.


Now I have outlined the problem, what is the solution? The first way to lessen the suffering associated with conditioned homosexual behaviour is to change the conditioning itself. If the mainstream media and the educational system actually warned the general public of the dangers of living the homosexual lifestyle, and if brazenly homosexual’s retreated back into the closet by societal taboo, then very few biologically normal people, especially children, would wind up experimenting with or adopting the immoral lifestyle. Such action would also steer those on the biological sexual margins toward heterosexual normality. Therefore, far fewer people without a homosexual brain bias would ever be converted to homosexuality.

The fact that homosexuality is approved today as a perfectly acceptable lifestyle by teachers and the mainstream media, makes young people more open to homosexual seduction and orientation. The approval of homosexuality by the educational system and mass media is no worse then if they promoted the acceptability of drug use, smoking or drinking to children. In actual fact, homosexuality lessens the average life span more than smoking, drinking or occasional drug use. It shouldn’t matter if you think that homosexuals should be allowed to conduct in whatever manner they see fit, no right minded society would foolishly endorse such activity.

Now, as for the biological causes of homosexuality, there is a slight promise that the biological causes can be alleviated . Scientists are finding ways to detect, treat and cure illnesses and imperfections of children, even while in the womb. It has now become possible to monitor the presence of hormones in the expectant mother and in the foetus itself.

Ask yourself these questions before I carry on…… If a little girl was getting abnormally high levels of testosterone from the mother’s medication or diet, such that it would likely cause the female child to be born with freakish male organs or a male-biased brain, would not any morally minded person help the mother change her diet or medication so that the child has a chance of growing up normal? Or what if a male foetus was getting androgen blocking hormones which would eventually cause the boy to develop into a stunted form of manhood in which he would endure undeveloped, stunted and malformed male organs and possible sterility? Or what if the abnormal hormones resulted in a homosexual bias in child? Could you justify hormone treatment to bring the androgens within normal range? To be brutally honest with you, I cant think of any caring and thoughtful person saying no to those questions. I am certain what most perspective parents would say to those questions.

I know what some of you liberal out there will be saying right now; and that would be that I wish to “play God.” but at the end of the day, when the parent is presented with a option to protect their children they will not hesitate to take the opportunity.

We need to fight the homosexuality lifestyle simply because it is damaging to us all; however they will bring about their own ruin. By bringing homosexuals out of the closet, and accompanied by a full flowering of their immoral lifestyle, has resulted in the inevitable decimation of their ranks. Years upon years of the AIDS virus, hepatitis epidemics and gay suicides will lessen the influence of homosexuals in the future. Genes susceptible to homosexuality which have long been hidden have been exposed by homosexual lack of control to a new level of vulnerability. Those genes are being extinguished in great part by the AIDS virus and other pathogens unmercifully.

In addition to the pathologic enemies of homosexuality, its disgusting, and shameless promotion has brought about an intense hatred to it in the British men and women. The legacy that homosexuality will leave behind will prevent it from becoming stylishly acceptable again.


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