"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Sunday, 5 February 2012


At the cost of the British taxpayer, thousands of European criminals in British jails will not be sent home, despite the introduction of a new prisoner transfer deal among EU member states. The deal, which came into force last month, is designed to allow countries to ease the drastic overcrowding in prisons by deporting offenders back to their native land.

Shamefully, since the agreement was signed in 2008 only two nations have reached a deal with Britain, both of which securing opt-outs from the project. Labour ministers allowed Poland to dodge its obligations for five years while Ireland negotiated a full opt-out.

Because of the incompetence of successive British governments, more than 1,400 Polish and Irish prisoners are serving time in British prisons at our expense. The offenders from these two nations alone amount to a staggering third of all European inmates in the UK.

Both the LIEbour and Lib-CON coalition governments have failed the British people. The Lib-CON coalition have continued to allow foreign prisoners to reside at our expense and have failed miserably to negotiate new deals to transfer prisoners. While LIEbour have landed taxpayers with an unnecessary bill of millions of pounds, the coalition have not taken any steps to correct this issue.

The fact that successive governments can not even deport foreign prisoners who have committed serious crimes is a damning indictment of the flimsy EU arrangements and the weak nature of the mainstream parties.

It is our right not to be landed with unnecessary bills for criminals who have no right to even be on our shores. We need a strong willed government, who will stand up for our interests. There is only one party that has the will-power and determination to stand by the rights of the native British people; that party is none other than the National Front.


Friday, 2 December 2011


Imagine not being able to see your child’s face when they see what you got them for Christmas, or not being able to see any of your loved ones again, as your world is plunged into darkness! A thought that does not bear thinking about. Unfortunately, for 50,000 people who are inflicted with Diabetic Macular Oedema , this is the very grim reality.

With this in mind, the very kind hearted folk at NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) in all their wisdom have seen it as a appropriate to block a potentially life transforming drug from being available on the NHS. And you guessed it, its the same old story of, “Its too expensive to justify”.

This story, along with many others like it, just signifies once again that our society has its priorities completely out of whack. People who are actually in a very poor condition health wise, are being forced to pay out for their medicine in the long term, while, if a man can proof that he can live as a women, and requests surgery and convinces the doctor its not just for cosmetic reasons, then the deviant can then get the surgery paid for by you; yet someone who actually has a severe problem, and without the drug, could face a lifetime in darkness, is being told that its just too expensive.... Where the hell is the reason in that?!

We have to start putting our people first. We have to realise that looking out for our own isn't wrong. We are in trying times at the moment, with cuts across the board, so we are all struggling, but then add the cost of your health care. Under current economic conditions, we should be ensuring that our services get the injection of cash that they need to operate at a high level, yet all public services, including the NHS, have nose dived in standards because of cuts in funding.... Bare that in mind, and then wonder at why Foreign Aid is not being cut. Oh no, very much the opposite. In fact more money is being thrown away across seas, into black holes, and into the back pockets of Third World dictators. Its time someone reminded the government that CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME!!

Britain needs an injection of realism, and needs to be forced back into the realms of reality. The Health and well being of the British people should be a priority of the Government. I am a strong supporter of PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT, and I am sick and tired of hearing our Government allowing people go without much needs drugs just to save a little money, while wasting tons of it overseas.

Friday, 21 October 2011


The vile, greedy, power suppliers have once again been exposed for what they truly are: Money hungry cretins, who even though, collectively, they are pocketing a staggering £30 billion in profits, are ripping off families and vulnerable people with ever growing and extortionate energy bills.

It seems to be an age old question which too many people find themselves asking themselves every winter: Heat or eat?

But do the fat cats or the traitors in parliament care about the terrible dilemma that too many folks find themselves in? Do they take into consideration that last year some 25,000 people dies from cold related illnesses?

The sad fact is, the evidence does suggest they don't.

Energy companies have collectively paid their shareholders a staggering £8.1 billion, while hiking up the prices, with the average family now paying a tear jerking £1,255 a year; at a time when jobs are few and far between, and money is shorty, and too many low-income families are already struggling to feed and heat themselves.

The top six energy companies have claimed that the rising prices is to pay for reinvestment in the industry- well, the truth is, the money that they want us to believe is being paid towards infrastructure and “cutting” fuel bills has actually been stuffed directly into the wallets of selfish bosses and shareholders.

So what do the government intend on doing about this scam?

Mr Cameron's big plan of action boiled down to simply inviting the six bosses of the six major energy firms around to NO.10 for tea and biscuits and to “discuss” how to help customers. Yeah, well down Dave, talk about sticking up for the average Joe!

So what did this all important, and pointless meeting conclude? Well Mr “Call me Dave” Cameron and his sidekick Chris Huhne, gave some ground breaking advice to all consumers... now brace yourself, hold on to your hats. All this two imbeciles had to offer was the advice of “switching suppliers” and “shop around”?! This past week, Mr Cameron may of paraded around trying to act like the friend of the consumer, but once you look past the fa├žade, all you can see is a man who only has one friend.... the city money men.

His advice is, well, useless and pointless to the extreme. Firstly, with all the different tariffs out there, its an actual maze, and confusing at best. Many people find that they change suppler, on a new tariff, just to find that the brighter and better deal turns out to be the same old s**t just dressed up in a nice looking package.

Secondly, to “shop around” as is the governments great, ground breaking advice suggests we should, this will require internet access, since this is where the best deals hide. Now, unfortunately, many pensioners and needy families don't even have enough money to afford to heat their homes let alone a internet package and computer. Plus, 80 year old pensioners are not renowned for their computer skills. So there's that great idea out the window.

Thirdly, and disgustingly: Lib-con coalition have decided to STOP helping pensioners and have cut the Winter Fuel allowance, which too many of pensioners, was a life line.

Some Conservatives and their ilk have argued that while the Winter fuel fund has been cut, the government have instructed the energy firms to replace complex social tariffs with a Warm Home Discount. Ok, Fair enough, it will mean an automatic rebate of £120 for some pensioners, however, it will leave many more poor families struggling and quite literally in the dark.

So, what is the answer? Simply put, we need a shake up. ( Yes I am of the knowledge that, that is a huge understatement.)

A bold and worthwhile government, like an NF government, needs to bring the end to this group of racketeers, and look at options such as turning our vital utility firms into mutuals or non-profit organisations. We need to ensure that every household is aided with being able to afford the essentials, because, at the end of the day, turning on a light or washing machine is in no sense a luxury, its an essential everday activity that we must do.

The National Front stands firm in the belief that we should not be paying for indefensible profits, we put the well being of British people before the profits of big wig bosses and selfish shareholders.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011



For four successive nights rampaging mobs have run riot in our major towns and cities. They have terrorised the public and wrecked entire neighbourhoods. The Police responded by abdicating authority and abandoning the streets. Mob rule whttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifas the result.
Parts of London and the other cities now look like war zones: Police cars and buses have been set alight, buildings destroyed, and businesses ruined. Residents were driven from homes, and motorists dragged out of cars. Hate crazed mobs stalked the streets with impunity. Looters had a field day, pillaging and wrecking at will.
The police have been bombarded with everything from petrol bombs, bricks, bottles, stones, fireworks, paving slabs, scaffolding poles, fire extinguishers and blazing wheelie bins. Their assailants –young Black males mainly – brandished crowbars, hammers and other lethal weapons and hid their cowardly faces behind balaclavas and hooded tops.
This vile scum had no respect for anybody or anything: They even attacked fire and ambulance crews, ransacked charity shops and invaded private homes. One person was shot dead, and another is left fighting for his life. It’s amazing the casualties weren’t much higher.
Scores of police officers have been injured (some seriously) and over 1,400 arrests made. The cost of repairing the damage will run into millions.
Calm has since appeared to have been restored, but how long will the peace last before things flare up again?
The public should remember this dose of ‘cultural enrichment’ for many years to come. And they must NEVER forgive or forget the politically-correct politicians and compliant police chiefs who brought it about.

Once, Britain had the best police force in the world. It was independent, impartial - and in the main - incorruptible. That is how it should be. However, over the last few decades it has become increasingly politicised, and paralysed with political correctness.
In no area has this interference been more apparent than in the field of ‘race relations’. Millions have been wasted in PC ‘equality & diversity’ programmes and similar claptrap. Instead of being law-enforcement officers, policemen are now expected to be social workers as well! They are required to be ‘culturally sensitive’ when dealing with minority groups, whereas there is no reciprocal obligation demanded of ethnics to respect OUR culture.
Following the 1999 Macpherson Report (into the Stephen Lawrence murder), officers are now terrified of being labelled ‘racist’ if called upon to confront ethnic crime. Hence their reluctance to take action against Muslim grooming gangs (of young White English girls), or deal with other offences committed by non indigenous types.
And following the G20 London riots (April 2009), they are also reluctant to deal firmly with violent demonstrations – in case they are the ones who end up in court! ‘Civil rights’ lawyers, social workers, psychologists and the bleeding heart wet white liberal lobby have emasculated British policing to the point where it can no longer properly function.
We see this in the way this criminal vermin openly taunted and jeered the Police. They KNOW they are untouchable. They think they can get away with anything.
Political correctness has killed real policing. The thin blue line has been broken. Millions now realise that the Police can’t (or won’t) protect them any longer. It should be a wake up call. Vigilante groups are sprouting up all over.
None of this criticism is aimed at the ordinary policeman or woman. They are doing a good job in difficult circumstances, but their hands are tied. The Police chiefs, however, are a different matter. They owe their appointment to political patronage and go along with whoever is in power and do their bidding. Personal promotion is more important to them than protecting the public. And that’s the problem.
Police chiefs get their marching orders from the politicians, and they in turn are too inhibited by wishy-washy liberal considerations to take the necessary action to protect the public: Hence the reluctance to use CS gas, water cannon or rubber (or even REAL) bullets.
And all the while ordinary policemen are expected to take it like skittles in a bowling ring, without hitting back.
If and when these hoodlums are ever brought to court, the likelihood is that they will walk away laughing. Their sentences will be derisory. Tough talk by the politicians WON’T be backed up by tough deeds. The ‘Human Rights’ legislation they signed up to will make pretty sure of that.

In 1968, Enoch Powell alerted Britain to the perils of mass unlimited immigration and called for repatriation. He spoke about ‘rivers of blood’ and an ‘alien wedge’. His warnings went unheeded: Now we are learning the lesson the hard way.
He was right: Since then we’ve had riots and bombings in our towns and cities. But instead of praise and recognition, Powell only got abuse and vilification from the Westminster traitors who transformed Britain from an all White law abiding society into the lawless multi-racial hell-hole of today.
This was a wholly illegal transformation as well –one done without the consent, mandate (or even knowledge) of the British people (and all carried out in a supposedly democratic country).
Race riots are nothing new: There was a whole spate of them during the eighties – Bristol (April 1980), Brixton (April 1981), Toxteth (July 1981), Handsworth (September 1985), Tottenham (October 1985), and several more in the following decades. The Broadwater Farm riots in Tottenham (October 1985) were particularly vicious and resulted in the brutal killing of a police officer.
Take the latter case:
PC Keith Blakelock was hacked to death by a frenzied 50 strong mob wielding knifes, machetes and sticks. He had 42 separate wounds and a six inch knife buried up to the hilt in his neck. Some of his fingers were cut off as he frantically fought off attempts at decapitation.
Blakelock was a community police officer killed by the people he was trying to serve.
However, leading Labour lefty & Black Racist, Bernie Grant provocatively praised “the bloody good hiding” dished out to the Police by Black rioters, adding - in the presence of police officers - that he was “in no way going to condemn the activities” of these savages.
If a White person spoke like that he’d be arrested and thrown in prison.
Grant - who was not even born in the UK - was then Labour leader of Haringey Council and later became an MP.
Nationalists were too divided and disunited in the 1980s to capitalise on these issues. We must not make the same mistake again. We have to set aside our differences to present a united front against Black mob violence.

Media coverage has blatantly ignored the RACE factor – though if the culprits had been all-White, commentators would have been quick to say so. The rioters were predominantly Black and their victims were mainly Non Black (including three Asians who were killed). The riots originated in, and were confined to, areas where there is a large Black presence. All White areas, by contrast – and there are still some left – did not have this problem.
Media commentary denying this fact is invariably belied by the film footage.
The participation of degenerate White trash is likely to come from far left anarchist groups, criminal elements or copycat nitwits. The presence of a few Whites (and others of dubious ethnic origin) did not make the riots any less racial.
The ‘trigger’ that sparked this mayhem - so we are told - was the shooting dead of 29 year old Mark Duggan by a police marksman in Tottenham on Thursday 8th (August). Police believed Duggan – who hailed from the notorious Broadwater Farm estate - to be armed, and according to various reports, a suspected gangster and drug dealer, with connections to murderous Jamaican ‘yardie’ gangs.
A subsequent protest against his death outside Tottenham police station later degenerated into violence. Then all hell broke loose – first in Tottenham, and later elsewhere.
No sooner had the rioting started than the usual excuses were trotted out - poverty, deprivation, unemployment, cutbacks, and of course, ‘RACISM’. Ken Livingstone was quick to get in on the act, and he was soon followed by gutless Green Party reps and others. In short, everybody else was to blame for the riots, except the rioters themselves!
What these apologists fail to explain is why there were no riots in Britain during the 1930s when there was much greater poverty and deprivation. The Jarrow marchers didn’t loot, pillage and burn their way down to London, AND THEY HAD A DAMN SITE MORE TO COMPLAIN ABOUT THAN THE SCUM WHO WRECKED OUR CITIES.
Compare this treatment with the media coverage given to EDL. We have little time for this pseudo-nationalist outfit and its misplaced philo-semitic leanings. Their marches may be rowdy but at least they don’t end up torching cities, looting shops or attacking the police. However, unlike the rioters, they are unlikely to get the same tender understanding or sympathy from the bleeding heart brigade. (Maybe they’re the wrong colour).
The point to remember is that these riots were wholly ALIEN to our culture and way of life, though this is hardly surprising given that they were carried out by individuals not native to this land.
No doubt these events will be followed by a costly and time wasting public inquiry (which will solve nothing). In due course, Mark Duggan will probably take his place alongside Stephen Lawrence, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Barrack Obama et al when he is elevated to sainthood status by the negrophile White liberal elite.

Why should the Police have to put up with this violence? It’s not their job. If CS gas, water cannon and rubber bullets don’t work, then the army should be brought in. If warnings and curfews fail, then orders should be given to shoot on sight (and kill if need be).
The British Army is currently defending the rights of Libyans and Afghans abroad, when it should be defending the rights of Britons to walk their own streets in safety. This is madness! But it’s typical of Britain today - the LabLibCons put foreigners first and our own people last every time.
NATIONAL FRONT POLICY WOULD SOLVE THE TWIN EVILS OF IMMIGRATION AND LAWLESSNESS THROUGH: (a) REPATRIATION OF IMMIGRANTS, AND (b) RESTORATION OF BOTH CAPITAL & CORPORAL PUNISHMENT. We say that rioters should be birched, given lengthy prison sentences and forced to do hard labour. The ring leaders should be executed.
We must deal with the source of the problem, not just tackle the symptoms (that’s what everybody else does, BNP included). Otherwise, the rioting and lawlessness will return again and again. It’s an issue which won’t go away.

Within a week or two, these riots will be forgotten. Despite all their hype and bluster, the politicians will soon revert to form and nothing will change much. They will come out with all kinds of arguments and excuses for the mayhem, but they will NEVER admit the real one. NAMELY, THAT THEIR PRECIOUS ‘MULTICULTURAL SOCIETY’ HAS MISERABLY FAILED AND OUGHT TO BE DISBANDED ASAP!
That’s the main lesson to be learned.
The Notting Hill Carnival is due at the end of the month. How will that fare? We’ll soon find out.


Friday, 5 August 2011


A new government initiative means that online e-petitions which reach over 100,000 signatures MUST be considered for a commons debate. And as a indication of the feelings of the British public, over 40 of the first 200 internet petitions called for the return of the death penalty.

With this great news, I am going to take the opportunity to put forward some agruments in favour of reintroducing the death penalty for the most vile criminals in our society, like paedophiles, child killers, sadistic murderers, ect.

-It cannot be denied that Capital Punishment permanently removes the worst criminals from our society, and is the safest method of dealing with certain sick individuals, which still pose a threat, while in long term or permanent incarceration. It goes without saying that dead criminals cannot cause anyone anymore harm, either within the prison system or after escaping or after being released.

-The cost of incarcerating the most horrific criminal of our society is another reason for capital punishment. According to the Guardian, it cost on average, £83,000 a year to imprison an inmate. Money is not an inexhaustible commodity and with all honesty, that money would be better spent on the old, the young, the sick ect, 6 rather than using our resources on the long term imprisonment of murderers, paedophiles, rapists. Ect

We have all heard the very real arguments that today’s prison system is pretty much a holiday camp for prisoners. With this in mind, lets point out that execution of the very worst of criminals is a very real punishment, rather than some form of ineffective “rehabilitative” treatment.

A very good question is: does the death penalty deter criminals? Now, this is a very difficult point to prove one way or another because in most retentionist countries the number of people actually executed per year (as compared to those sentenced to death) is usually very low. However, it would seem, that in countries where they almost always carry out the death sentences, (EG Singapore) there is far less serious crime. What this suggests is that, capital punishment is only a real determent if the execution is an almost certainty. Those Anti-capital punishment campaigners always argue that the death penalty isn’t a determent, and will usually site studies based on American states to prove their point. From where I am standing, this is deeply flawed and properly chosen to be deliberately misleading.

The above is just a brief look at the arguments for capital punishment. The National Front have been campaigning for over 40 years for the return to true justice, including the return of Capital Punishment. No other Political Party can even claim to be as long term advocates as the National Front, because unlike many other partys we do not compromise on our polices, and they do not change with media manipulated public opinion.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


For over 40 years now, the National Front have been warning the people of Britain about the adverse effects of Immigration, especially the idiotic and half baked policy of open-door immigration. Time and time again, we are being proved right.

The school system is on the brink of absolute collapse because of an explosion in pupil numbers which is a direct result from a decade of immigrants pouring over our borders. The analysis of official figures shows that the government will have to build, and YOU the taxpayer will have to pay for, an average of 420 new primary schools a year over the next three years to cope with the extra demand. In total, the new research does suggest, that England will need 1,222 new primaries by 2014 just to cope with the expected explosion in pupil numbers.

This research clearly shows what the actual affects of labour’s and now the coalitions policy towards immigration is having, and what a dramatic impact it is causing. Because of insane immigration policy’s by the traitors in parliament, two thirds of the population growth, which is causing massive strain on public services, is down to immigration; and is putting unbelievable amount of strain on primary schools, and will later put pressure on secondary schools and then housing. Lets be honest here folks: who out there can claim that an extra three million immigrants in a mere 12 years wouldn’t have a massive impact on public services?

Spectator Magazine first published this new research, which used statistics from the Department of Education.

George Bridges, a former adviser to David Cameron, had this to say in an article: that across the country there were “places feeling the blast of a population explosion that our political class seems determined to ignore.” He went on to highlight figures showing that councils in London needed 70,000 more primary schools places over the next four years while in Bristol another 3,000 were needed. “ The tale is the same in Luton, Leeds, Swindon, Poole, Eastbourne, Coventry, Rotherham and Darlington - anywhere you see toddlers queuing for swings, you’ll find a nightmare…. One in eight children born in the past decade had at least one immigrant parent, and every second child in London has an immigrant mother.”

For too long the destructive policies of the mainstream parties have been allowed to destroy our nation. We have to put a stop to it before it gets to late, and our public services collapse under the strain! For our children’s future, we must stand against the traitors and demand the interests of the British people be put first.

The National Front have been campaigning for over 40 years to ensure that British interests are put first. We are the only political party that has consistently looked out for you, the native Brit. We have been campaigning and will continue to campaign to ensure the best for you and your children.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


As the warm weather comes, so does the Swindon Nationalists, with one aim in mind: to promote and help the National Front continue to grow into a force to be reckoned with.

As usual we have plenty of leaflet sessions planed, with a new batch of NF leaflets, which are of great quality. But we also have Demonstrations in Trowbridge and in Swindon planned, meetings, and a possible family weekend camping trip in the Wiltshire area, where we shall have games, music, BBQ and speeches from NF members.

The Demonstration in Trowbridge is a Anti-Halal demonstration. We have heard that certain shops in the Trowbridge area are exclusively Halal even though there is a very small Muslim community in Trowbridge. We are seeking confirmation on this information and will be acting accordingly, so watch this space.

The Demonstration in Swindon is a counter protest to the Swindon Gay Pride event. Our reason for protesting this event should be obvious to any right-minded person. The very nature and ideology behind White Nationalism, condemns homosexuality and its promotion especially. Many other Nationalists such as Noau Dreapta in Romania and Forza Nuova in Italy believe that homosexuality should be removed from the public eye. Nationalists throughout the world believe the same. Family values are a essential part of Nationalism, there is no way that gay pride parades with some of the most sickening images against the family and Christianity can be acceptable to White Nationalists. We are also disappointed with Nationwide, and view the £25,000 they put forward as a complete waste of money, especially when forwarded to such an empty cause. If they truly wanted to put something back into Swindon’s community then rather then choosing a minority group to fund, child poverty, or poverty in general for example would be more of a just cause.

And the Family Weekend is still in the planning stages, but will post her with more details soon.

In all, the coming months are looking good for the local branch and for the National Front as a whole. We had respectable percentages in the last local elections. Onwards and upwards for the future of our people.

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Thursday, 19 May 2011


At a time when Savings are being eroded by low interest rates, and pressure groups are describing the financial situation of our elderly at its worst its been in “decades”, the government have been pilling further pressure on the elderly rather than assisting them.

Britain’s Pensioners are viewed as easy targets by the government, and successive governments, and it does seem that pensioners are being punished for saving wisely and prospering from the property boom.

Dot Gibson, the General Secretary of The National Pensioners Convention, had this to say:

“There is a myth that pensioners have been excluded from austerity measures in the past but this is just not true. Pensioners have not been cosseted or protected by any measures. They are being hit hard.”

Even before the budget, pensioners were struggling with various different financial circumstances. It is a fact that rising inflation hit’s the elderly harder than most duly because they are on fixed incomes and they can never hold hope that their income will catch up with rising prices. Also doesn’t help that pensioners spend most of their income on the main drivers of inflation; Food, gas and electric.

The government seemed to ignore what experts have been saying and have done very little to assist the elderly, if anything at all. Financial experts have said that since January 2008 the cost of living for the over 55s has increased 5 per cent faster than the official inflation rate. What this means in real terms is, the average person over the age of 55 is £907 a year worse off. And since last September, the cost of living in later life has increased further by an extra £30 each month.

While this is going on, the current climate of low interest rates, it is meaning savings are being eroded in real terms as inflation out paces earnings in most bank accounts.

Many held vain hopes that Mr Osborne’s first full Budget would bring some relief to the elderly, however this is far from the truth. In fact, following the budget, we are to see Winter Fuel Allowance payments cut. Disgustingly and obviously deliberately to avoid scrutiny, this policy to cut Winter Fuel Allowance was only mentioned in Small print and not announced in Parliament.

With the empty claims that we are all in this together from the Lib-CON coalition, among so many other questions for various cuts in other sectors, a question we must ask is; Why is it there is gonna be £100 taken off Winter Fuel Allowance for the oldest members of our society at a time when fuel bills are rising and winter deaths amongst older people are a national scandal? Yet the Government still finds billions of pounds to send to nations like Pakistan in “foreign aid”. Yet the government can find houses and give thousands in benefits to asylum seekers and immigrants, who have never worked a day of their life and have not paid a penny in taxes, yet pensioners who have, are being punished.

The National Front firmly believe in Charity beginning at home and looking after our elderly. We campaign for better treatment of our elderly, and would put in place policies that would insure that Pensioners are well looked after.

Monday, 24 January 2011


After 44 years of the National Front warning the British people that our land was being taken away from us, it seems our predictions are about to be confirmed. A census is expected to reveal that white children are a minority group in Birmingham.

A study by researchers at the University of Manchester has predicted that more than half of children in Birmingham will be from black and Asian communities when the census is carried out in March. It is predicted that the percentage of children coming from a White back ground will be at 47 per cent, which is a huge drop from 53 per cent back in 2006.

For a long time now, various public bodies have been trying to predict when the “tipping point” will be reached which will push non-British people into a clear majority. Very worryingly, experts are predicting that by 2026 that non-white guests will amount to a staggering 64 per cent.

This is the first clear warning sign that our country is slowly being taken over. I say slowly, but it was only ten years ago, back in 2001, the census showed that 70.4 per cent of the Birmingham population was white and a still too large percentage of 26.6 percent were a mixture of various different ethnic groups, primarily those of an Asian and African- Caribbean background.

The city is already feeling this drastic shift in the racial make-up of its populace in the educational system. The Educational Department has warned that language difficulties among non-English speaking pupils is the main contributing factor behind many schools across the city suffering from poor performance.

When are the people of Britain going to wake up to the truth…. Our country is being over-run with unwanted and unneeded guests. If we wish to keep Britain British, we must end immigration, and start a phrased policy of repatriation.

The National Front is Britain’s only political party which has faced up to the dire consequences of continuing with the open border policy which labour started, and the Lib-Con coalition have continued with. We are the only party tough enough to give you the facts and not beat around the bush. Unlike the three main Parties, we don’t play lip-service and only speak tough on the issues the British people care about when we need your votes. We believe firmly in our policies and care greatly for the betterment of Britain, and bringing the end to the ludicrous policy of un-limited immigration.

Join the National Front.- PUTTING BRITAIN FIRST FOR 44 YEARS

Sunday, 23 January 2011


It has emerged that young children as young as 4 will be taught about the imagined “positives” of homosexuality in their Maths, Geography, Science and English lessons.

As part of a government backed drive too “celebrate the gay community” math problems could include gay characters. ( What the hell does homosexuality have to do with maths?) Also in Geography lessons, young and impressionable students will be asked why homosexuals move from the country side to the city- and words like “outing” and “pride” will become more common place in language lessons.

Lets get down to the heart of this… These lesson plans are designed purely to force fed our children the establishments accepted view on homosexuality, in hope that this desensitises the youngsters to homosexuality and therefore them accepting it as a natural life choice. Children as young as 4 will be exposed to images of same sex couples and Looney left wing books like AND TANGO MAKES THREE, which is a ridiculous book about two penguins, who happen to be male and homosexual, bringing up a chick.

There are so many reasons to oppose this scheme.

Firstly, children should be just children. They have no need to be taught about homosexuality. In fact, until they have reached their teens, there is no need for them to know about any kind of sexuality at all, let alone the degeneracy that is homosexuality. Our children’s education is paramount, and to any right thinking parent their child’s education comes before any Political Correct agenda the traitors in Parliament want to impose on our children.

Secondly, the drive to force children to accept homosexuality as normal is a complete waste of resources, and will distract away from the whole point of the educational system; to teach our children, so they can get on in life. Is it any wonder, with these kind of PC agendas constantly being forced into out schools, that British schools are tumbling down in International league tables in Maths, English and Science. These plans are going to be funded by you, the taxpayer (without your consent may I add.) through the education quango the Training and Development Agency for Schools. Good to know, with all these cuts in budgets, and everyone tightening their belts, there is a £35,000 grant available to push forward the pro-homosexual agenda.

And lastly…. lets be honest; what is there to actually celebrate when it comes to homosexuality? Homosexuality has done nothing but cause problems… I can bet you now that the lefty teachers will not teach the children that statistics show that homosexuals die younger; homosexuals suffer mental problems such as depression and psychosis; homosexuals and other sexual deviants are overrepresented in crimes such as mass murder, child seduction and molestation; their unclean sexual habits and ultra-promiscuous lifestyles have resulted in spreading the homosexual plague, AIDS, which not only has killed millions of their own, but also millions of others.

Like I said, what is there to actually celebrate. Should we celebrate the fact that homosexuality is damaging, devolutionary, unhealthy and unaesthetic. Should we celebrate that it leads to disease, maladjustment, suicide and a hell of a lot of other social ills. They can waste all the money they wish to push the idea of homosexuality being normal, but in practice it does nothing to alleviate its damaging effects.

Its about time that common sense ruled the day… Instead of this PC nonsense, we should be making sure that our children are receiving an education to be proud of. Only the National Front offers such a policy of common sense. We don’t see the need to pander to certain groups, because it fashionable or seen as positive to do so… Our children’s education is too important to just throw away to appease a certain minority group.

Monday, 29 November 2010


I am sure you will remember the constant hollow rhetoric spilled to us by the Labour Government about how they were “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime!” But this has been proved to be nothing but lip service from the LIEbour camp; under the LIEour government, we saw a frightening rise in violence on Britain’s streets, including a worrying 40 per cent increase in knife killings.

That’s the legacy that Labour left behind, and that is one of the reasons why the people turned their backs on Labour and voted Conservative at the last election, in hope they will be the tougher option.

Statistics which are available show that, so far this year an average of four people a week are being stabbed on Britain’s streets- a statistic which can not be ignored and is completely unacceptable in a so-called civil society.

The latest of these killings occurred yesterday. A popular and hard working shopkeeper was fatally stabbed in the convenience store. His life, to the perpetrators, was worth taking away for a few cartoons of cigarettes, some liquor and a small amount of cash that was in the till… What does that say about our society When so little worth is placed on another human beings life?

In the family flat above the store, his poor daughter watched this vile, pointless killing on CCTV, traumatising the poor girl for life…

Now, if you think back to before the election, the Tories were riding on their high horse, exclaiming to be the only party who would tackle the problem with violent crime head on, they explicitly explained in their manifesto that anyone convicted of a knife crime could expect a prison sentence… What a load of hog wash that has turned out to be!!! Once they got elected, all their eagerness to tackle violent crime seemed to disappear.(I am in no doubt, when its election time again, they will regain this eagerness!!)

Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke- who is already under fire for his half-baked scheme of scraping short-term sentences for a wide range of serious crimes- has now come out saying that jailing knife criminals, except in the most extreme cases, “would not be likely to be a more effective deterrent” than community punishments.

I would like to know what world he is living on.. Study after study has proven community penalties to be inconsistent at its best, and a bad joke at worst. The most recent research which was published by the Policy Exchange think tank last week, concluded that half of these so called effected means of punishment were uncompleted, their purpose was confused, the “work” was often insanely easy, and 40 per cent of those placed on these useless schemes, went on to re-offend.

I am not going to sit here and tell you that a prison sentence will turn a violent criminal into a model citizen, but at least it takes those who put the public at risk off the streets, and offers a glimmer of hope that they re-evaluate their lives and reflect on their deeds.. And also gives society a rest from their violent actions.

You would not be wrong for thinking that this isn’t the first u-turn that the conservatives have made in the short period of them being in a position of power and entering an unstable coalition. They have also failed to abolish the insane Human Rights Act, which is stopping us from deporting foreign criminals once they have finished serving their sentence. Both this u-turn and the u-turn on knife and other violent crime is to appease the ultra- left Liberal Democrats who prefer to see criminals as mere victims of an unfair society, rather than a danger…

Successive governments have promised to crack down on crime, but time and time again, fail to do so… There is only one party left in the UK who has the nerve and the determination to tackle crime, especially violent crime, with a no-nonsense policy. The first duty of any government is to protect its citizens. In this respect successive Labour and Conservative governments would have to be adjudged as failures. Where the law is broken the National Front believes that there must be a larger element of punishment within the sentencing system. In the case of perpetrators of some violent crimes we would introduce birching in addition to other sentences. For crimes of extreme violence such as aggravated rape, murder and terrorist offences, the NF would introduce the death penalty.

Thursday, 18 November 2010


Once again, what the National Front has been saying for over 40 years has been proved right by another report. It has been revealed that white Britons will be a minority by 2066 if the current influx of un-wanted guests continues unabated, according to research by Professor David Coleman, of Oxford University.

This leading population expert has warned that failure to deal with the influx of foreign workers could “change the national identity”.

Professor Coleman’s comments come just as the Migration Advisory Board prepares to give its recommendations for the coalition’s proposed cap on immigration.

It cannot not be denied on any level, something has to be done before we lose our country to unwanted and un-needed guests. If immigration continues at its current level on the long term, which is estimated at around 180,000 (not including illegal immigrants) a year, the white British born population would face a sharp decline from 80 per cent to a mere 59 per cent in 2051, according to an analysis of figures from the Office of National Statistics. If the trend continues, the British, as defined as English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish Born citizens, will be a minority in their own country by 2066.

Now, the Coalition has proposed a cap on immigration, which sounds great right? No,.. before you get too excited, instead of helping the dire situation we Britons find ourselves in, it will only prolong the inevitable. Even if they get the cap down to say 80,000 a year, prof Coleman says white Britons would be outnumbered by 2080.

Lets stop beating around the bush, and lets get down to the hard facts. We are in a desperate situation… the ethnic minority population grew by an astounding 2 million between 2001 and 2007, from 13 per cent to nearly 16 per cent, and now, foreign mothers account for a quarter of all births in Britain. Both Leicester and Birmingham are expected to become white minority areas in the next 20 years, while two London boroughs have already become white minority areas.

We must put an end to this despicable situation which has been forced upon us by greedy and spineless governments, whose only interest is profit through the importation of cheap labour. Is this really a legacy you want to leave your children and great grand children? To you really want to allow them to become outnumbered in their own land, with no country to truly call their own?

It is a sad fact that many Britons have watched and allowed their country be given away, and it is truly disappointing to see this once great nation become the third rate hell hole it has become. But its not too late to change these dire circumstances.. there is still a shining hope, a beacon of light as it were… Our hope lies with the National Front… The ONLY British political party who holds British interests at heart, and would see to it that all immigration is brought to a halt, and a humane and phrased policy of repatriation would be put into place to ensure that Britain remains British.

Britain must remain in British Hands.,..

Friday, 12 November 2010


Yesterday, Work and Pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith unveiled his half-baked welfare reforms, in which he vowed to put the brakes on the UK’s benefits gravy train…. While this sounds good, and I would be the first to say that the work shy should be punished by having their benefits taken from them, his plans would also severely effect those who are eagerly looking for work in an environment where there is no work to be found.

His proposals are ludicrous beyond belief… Lets look at this logically… If their isn’t much work available, how are those looking for work supposed to find a job. This is the fatal flaw in Iain’s proposals…. Without work they cant work. It is really that simple.

I do agree with some aspects of the proposal; for instance, his new Universal Credit, which will replace all benefits in 2013, will make sure anyone turning down employment or training courses will see their benefits stopped, which is fair enough. However, what I don’t agree with, is also punishing those who are more than actively looking for work, and cant find any.. The risk is, the poor could end up destitute as they get punished for a situation that the present government and the former government created..

Iain Duncan Smith revealed also yesterday that there was 4 million jobs created under LIEbour, and a huge 70 per cent was taken by immigrants.

The reason for all these reforms is to try and get out of the debt that Labour created for us… So let me give a few of my ideas to ease the debt, while still ensuring that there is a viable safety net for those unfortunate enough to be out of work.

Firstly; the 70 per cent of those 4 million jobs should be taken away from the non-natives, and be reserved for native Britons, which would ease the unemployment rate by an huge amount,

Secondly; Instead of sending billions of pounds to foreign nations in the name of aid, we should keep the money in our own hands, we may find we are not actually that bad off, and these desperate and damaging cuts being put forward by the traitors in Parliament would not be needed…

The National Front is a party of common sense. We believe that looking after the British Public is the number one goal of any government, unlike the current and past governments, who seem to think Britain should be the worlds bank, and the worlds employer… We will ensure that British jobs will remain in British hands, and while we will keep the safety net of the benefit system, we would also create initiatives to get people back into work, and those who refuse to go to work when the opportunity arises because they have become too comfortable on benefits would be punished with a cut to their benefits….

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Today is a good day… A Muslim Religious Channel that allowed presenters to openly condone rape and allowed presenters to label women who wear perfume outside of their home as prostitutes, has thankfully been censured by the TV watchdog, Ofcom.

This disgusting channel, in one programme, had the host telling viewers that it was not “strange” and “not such a big problem” for a man to force his wife to have sex. Ofcom ruled the Islam channel, which broadcasts on Sky, severely in breach of the broadcasting code in five programmes between May 2008 and October 2009.

One presenter once claimed:

“In Islam we have no right to hit the woman in a way that damages her eye or damages her tooth or damages her face or makes her ugly.

'Maximum what you can do, you can see the pen over here, in my hand, this kind of stick can be used just to make her feel that you are not happy with her.'

(What a nice sentiment from the religion of peace?!)

The Islam Channel, many would say , is the voice of moderate Islam. But how moderate can this channel be when it advocates martial rape and violence against women, and has given airtime to groups that have condoned suicide bombings, such as the group Hizb ut-Tahir? But maybe we should ask ourselves, is there any real difference between “moderate Islam” and “extremist Islam”?

The fact that this channel is still allowed to pump its vile views to the nation is disturbing. Lets be honest, if a Christian channel allowed any views that remotely mirrored that of which the Islam Channel advocated, it would have been threatened with closure and the media would be up in arms. Yet notice the eerie silence coming from the mainstream media?