"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Monday, 3 May 2010


Late last week more evidence came to light which proves that the idiotic European Bureaucrats are truly living in cloud cuckoo land. On April 28th, they brushed aside the economic crisis, and seemed to forget the grave effects it has had on countries such as Britain, and announced plans for a staggering six per cent budget increase.

On the most shocking aspects of this increase is that the auditors have refused point blank to sign off the commission’s accounts for the past 15 years due to inconsistencies which may be down to fraud.

The huge increase will see the EU budget rise by £7billion to a knee crippling £114billion. Britain is currently the second highest contributor to the EU budget, handing over a record £7.9 billion this year.

The proposed six per cent increase will see this increase by a huge £450million. But with this insane figure in mind, experts are also saying that this figure could be an understatement, since the EU Commission has not taken into account the cost of the pointless Diplomatic service, which is expected to add billions to the bill.

EU budget commissioner Janusz Lewandowski said the huge increase was needed to help aid economic recovery in Europe. But this doesn’t make sense, since it would be more beneficial to economic recovery if independent nations kept the money, especially in such times of austerity .

In such times, nations all across Europe are tightening their belts, and maybe its time the EU caught up and did the same.

The proposal isn’t a dead cert yet, since it has to be approved by the European Parliament and EU leaders, however, sources say that the great bulk of the proposal will be nodded through without question.

What we must remember is that the EU is a corrupt institution which is taking away tax payers money for its own purpose. The British people did not give it the go ahead, we never said we wanted apart of the EU. It boggles the mind how anyone would want to be apart of an institution which has not has its books signed off in 15 years…. Its border line criminal. The Government had no right to give our country away to the EU, because it is not theirs to give… ITS OURS! It is treason, and it is up to the public to show their distaste towards the cowards and traitors currently running this country into the ground, by supporting a party that will withdraw from the EU and look out for our own interests.

Britain would be a much richer country if it weren’t for the EU, and we would have more control over our own affairs. We need to get out before all our freedoms, and our national sovereignty is sold away to the corrupt, tyrannical European Union.

Sunday, 2 May 2010


Another day, another damning report. According to a study which is based on an analysis of official Government figures, the UK population is on course to rise by an extra 1.1million during the next term of parliament as a result of the insane open door policy.

This will mean a huge strain will be put on our already overstretched public services. The study, by the think tank MigrationWatch, tells us that the UK population will rise from 62.2 million to a 64.3 million between now and 2015.

This huge population growth is worrying, especially when one considers that over half of this growth is down to mass immigration, which is taking into account both those who move to Britain, and the babies born to immigrants.

Some commenter’s are claiming that the true outcome could depend on who wins the next election, but we all know, no matter which mainstream party gets in, the open door will remain firmly open.

The study shows that the 1.1million population growth will include a further 222,000 children, which is enough children to fill up 550 average sized primary schools, and 110 secondary ones….. When will the people of Britain wakeup and realise that these current trends are unsustainable. We cannot afford it, and will drag our public services to an all time low. On top of that, British children will be in classes filled with children who barely speak a word of English, which will make it harder for our children to progress if the teacher has to keep explaining what she is saying.

We really cannot keep going on like this. Britain needs to wake up, and kick the traitors out of parliament, and replace them with people who have nothing but British interests in mind. The ONLY party with the British people in mind is the National Front… the party which has been putting Britain first for over 40 years.