"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Swindon National Front getting Active..... Ban Halal Meat

National Front activists in Swindon have been busy posting large signs around the town, like this one, which was placed outside Subway in the town center. If you dont know, Subway only sell Halal meat, which i have got a petition up for, which i will be going back on the streets next weekend to try and get more.

NATIONALIST UNITY: British Peoples Party Protest

On the 18th October, the British Peoples Party are holding a protest in Leeds against the selling of racist rap music in HMV and other music stores.... The selling of these cds which contravenes the Public Order Act which makes it illigal to sell racial inflamertary material.... If you are interested in attending then please ring 07971 144836 or email disillusioned88@yahoo.co.uk

Together we are strong

Monday, 22 September 2008

Our children deserve more!

In our ever decaying world, our people are being put last time and time again. In every aspect of our society we are being pushed to the side for the benefit of either some minority or for the gain of some greedy authority.

And when i say every aspect i mean every aspect. Our children are not omitted from the vile treatment by those in power. For instance, every local authority can home every non-British un-wanted guest that happens to invade our land, while, as of 2004, over 1 million white children in Britain are homeless or in housing which is either grossly overcrowded or unfit for human habitation.

In Britain our children are being treated with repulsion by our "leaders"- Unicef in Feburary 2007 released a very telling report stating that the uk was the worst place for children to grow up in the developed world.

Family breakdown, the rise in drug abuse and the constant fear of violence has placed British kids 21st out of 21 on the happiness table. Now when you consider the fat cats at the top of the table make Britain the forth wealthiest nation in the world.... it makes you think doesn't it.

The BBC said: " Labour came to power pledging to promote education, education, education and to slash teen pregnancies and risky behaviour of the young. Unicef paints a picture of failure on all fronts." While Robert Whelan of Civitas said: " I have seen the evidence piling up for 20 years that married families are better for children than single parents or step families. The question is how long the Government can close their eyes to this reality"


With the rise in child poverty and the constant feeling of alienation the children are becoming depressed, and there are some worring statistics ...... Like 1 in 12 British children self-harm and according to childline some of the children self harming was as young as 7. And, as of April 2005 the Depression Alliance stated that 1 in 5 children were reported as needing help with depression, and a staggering 28% of these thought seriously about suicide. Now the proof of the Governments total disregard for our children is that in September 2004, us experts found that children on the anti-depressant Prozac have a greater chance of attempting suicide, now with this in mind, as of 2004, Prozac is the only anti-depressant allowed to be subscribed to people under 18... What The Hell?????

And we are told by the Health and Social Care Center that child obesity has doubled in the last 10 years which is not surprising when you consider that between 1992 and 2005 more than 40% of England's school and community playing fields were sold and 34,000 sport pitches disappeared under concrete... This is after Labour promised that no more school playing fields will not be sold.... However as of October 2005, 2,540 school playing fields have been sold off.

Our children deserve to be treated better than this. Under the current regime they are treated like dirt. Under a National Front Government they would be treated with care and attention they need to lead happy and healthy life's.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Swindon Muslims asking for preferential treatment for Swindon Mega Mosque

The muslims in my area are asking the local council for special treatment concerning there bid for land to build a new mosque in Swindon..... For the time being the council are saying no, however the local paper have jumped on the case and are putting the council in a bad light for not just giving the islamic parasites land.... a mr Azim Khan has said he is disappointed that the local council aint supplying them with land......

WHAT THE HELL? who in gods name do they think they are? Why should they get land for free while other religions have to pay, its bloody madness.....They take our jobs, taxes, houses and threaten our country's future, but no that aint enough, they want us to subsidise their crackpot religion. I have made a leaflet, and wiating for approval from nf hq for approval.... cause is it hell am i letting the muslims have a new mosque, they already have 2 in my town, even that is too much..... on top of a leaflet, i have written a letter to the local authority to try and get permission for a demostration outside the Swindon Civiv Office on the 1st November, I will let everyone know what the outcome is asap.

Hail Victory