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Monday, 8 September 2008

Swindon Muslims asking for preferential treatment for Swindon Mega Mosque

The muslims in my area are asking the local council for special treatment concerning there bid for land to build a new mosque in Swindon..... For the time being the council are saying no, however the local paper have jumped on the case and are putting the council in a bad light for not just giving the islamic parasites land.... a mr Azim Khan has said he is disappointed that the local council aint supplying them with land......

WHAT THE HELL? who in gods name do they think they are? Why should they get land for free while other religions have to pay, its bloody madness.....They take our jobs, taxes, houses and threaten our country's future, but no that aint enough, they want us to subsidise their crackpot religion. I have made a leaflet, and wiating for approval from nf hq for approval.... cause is it hell am i letting the muslims have a new mosque, they already have 2 in my town, even that is too much..... on top of a leaflet, i have written a letter to the local authority to try and get permission for a demostration outside the Swindon Civiv Office on the 1st November, I will let everyone know what the outcome is asap.

Hail Victory


foxy said...

it is disgusting that they apply for another mosque and above all expect it for free as already pointed out chrisitans have to pay for there churches why should they get a freebie.
don,t they have to mosques already in swindon that are a huge eyesore and look like derilect buildings,so why would they won,t another one if they can,t keep the otherlooking neat and tidy,proberly because they think they can get it at the expense of the tax payer i can think of far more useful things the moey could be spent on.

Anonymous said...

If the council actually grant the muslims this land, i will come to the demo. But until they do, then a demonstration is pointless.

The council have already done the right thing and rejected their demands, so what would we be protesting about?

On another note, i have got a plan in the pipeline that i reckon is worth doing, so get in touch with me via email or telephone sometime and i will let you in on these plans.


bev said...

ere i bet foxy's mrs is well chuffed about a 2nd mosque in swindon MMMMMMMMM