"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Tuesday, 2 June 2009


Yesterday, i checked my emails and was shocked at what i found. I had received an email which can only be described as racist. It was anti-white and anti-English. I have taken screen shots of the email, and have taken screen shots of my response..... I have also reproduced both below.... for those of you who are easily offended I will ask you to skip past the first part of this blog, and go straight to my response at the end of this post.... (Note: i have not edited any of the original email, so any spelling mistakes and bad grammar is the fault of the Jewish Defense League.)


Why are the majority of peadophiles all anglo saxons, with almost no peadophiles coming from the Black, Muslim, or Jewish nations ? The answer is clear when one looks at where the english came from, and what their breeding is.

When Jewish men and Jewesses from the kingdom of Judea were building King Solomon's magnificent golden temple, with wisdom of astrology and science, the anglo saxons were litrely rolling around in thier own filth, like the english vermin they were, and are.
Jewish men and Jewesses tried to educate these neanderthals, imploreing them not to sexualy abuse offspring, not to eat thier own feaces, but to little avail - filthy anglo saxon vermin still fuck thier own spawn, english parents still feed shit to thier obese children; these are still the classic traits of the modern english culture - peadophilia & child obesiety.

Why do anglo saxons not celerbrate st goyim day, or as they call it - st georges day. Filth have no culture to celerbrate, unless you count being obesse, going bright pink in the sun, sexualy abusing your own kids, and lacking any ambition, education, or intelligence, as cultural reference points ! All the great philosophers, mathmaticians, and scienctists of this world were desecendents of the 12 tribes of Israel, Muslim, African, Oriental, Celtic, or Asian. These wise, civilisied races brought intelligent invention, and culture to the world, but the only contributions you will find from english vermin, are diseases caused by their perverted, revolting tendancies. This is clearly evidenced by exclusively anglo saxon areas in england, and by observing anglo saxon filth when they (rarely) leave thier dirty island.

Towns and villages in england that are exclusively english, without Muslims, Jews, Blacks, or other such noble races, will always suffer from this lack of civilisation. Education is extreamly poor because it is not a priority; the anglo saxons happily accepted long ago that they cannot comprehend higher learning. So most anglo saxons do not work, actualy relying on the goyim goverment to fund their meagre, filthy existance. The employed yoks accept jobs that befit the english intellect - when did you last see a Jewish or Muslim dustman, street cleaner, etc ? The accomodation and surrounding enviroment, the streets, and the parks, are all filthy and vandalised. That will happen to the town or village when populated by uncivilised filth, not haveing higher beings such as Africans, Orientals, Asians, or Jews, to eductae them to a relatively civilised standard. Take an area like Hartcliffe, or Knowle, in Bristol, or equivalent parts of Luton. These are areas exlusively anglo saxon. Civilised races with high aspirations for their beautiful children would never live in such squaler. One has to posses the base standards of the anglo saxon to embrace such filth for thier own children, and themselves. When sush areas are exposed to civilised society, the squaller created by the anglo saxon vermin begins to subside, and eventualy dissapear; evidenced by the enviromental improvement to towns like Golders Green, that have seen crime and unemplyment erradicated, with the dissapearance of the english, and emergance of Jews and Asians to the area.

When considering the anglo saxon problem, contemplate the greatest prime minister, that these vermin have ever had the privalege to by goverened by. Benjamin Disraeli, a child of Israel, direct desecendant from the house of Jacob. Surrounded by english filth, he resided over them all, as their prime minister, and he proclaimed in their own neanderthal parliament -

“When my Jewish ancestors were announcing eternal truths to humanity in the hills of Judea,” said Disraeli to the members of Parliament, “your ancestors, my dear Gentlemen, were wild herdsmen trotting behind herds of pigs in the hills of these isles.”

I could not have put it better myself



Ok. Were to start.

In your email you have said that Whites have never contributed anything to the world, which is obviously not true. Throughout history, no other people have contributed more to the betterment of mankind- of all races- than the white race. The white mind has been a great source of genius, has been the prime cultivator of technology, the driving force of progress and has been the source of high culture.

In your email, you seem to believe that the world would be better off without the white, Anglo Saxon race. Well, let me just grant you that wish. Let’s just suppose that the white race never graced the lands of our planet with their creativity and intelligence, what state would the world be in today? I have made little effort below to show you what achievements the white race have brought about, if I was to go into the long history of white creativity I would need volumes just to scratch the surface.

Let’s start with the achievements of the Archimedes, inventor of the lever and pulley; the Archimedean screw, (used to lift water for irrigation); the catapult; and the concepts of hydrostatics and buoyancy, among others.

Also many ancient white civilizations are responsible for basic inventions that all succeeding generations have drawn upon, from the wheel to basic math and science concepts. (Would you in your unjustified hate for whites throw all that away?)

Let’s continue. The breadth of work by Italian Leonardo Da Vinci nearly stuns the mind. The fact that he had made such evolutionary and almost workable plans such as the movable bridge, construction crane, a flying machine, the parachute and other great ideas, all of which have since became reality due to other WHITE contributions, shows the greatness of the descendants of the Anglo Saxons.

I bet you drive or know someone who does, and I bet you like the fact you can get from A to B without much effort. But if it weren’t for the critical contributions of whites such as Gottlieb Daimler, Karl Benz and Wilhelm Maybach to automobile technology, how far would you get?

Daimler and Maybach were the first to invent an internal combustion engine light enough to power automobiles. They had perfected a motor bicycle as far back as 1885 and a 4 wheeled car by 1886.

Another white Anglo-Saxon, Ruldolf Diesel, invented the economic and efficient diesel engine.

And yet another white Anglo-Saxon, Vincent Bendix, made the hand cranking engine completely obsolete with his “bendix drive”.

And how about Henry Ford, the father of mass production, not to mention being a white patriot and a keen anti-Zionist (Jewish supremacy), made his Model-T available to the masses and produced the V-8 engine.

And countless other white Europeans have made great contributions to the automobile industry.

Moving on….. I can bet my life on the fact that you enjoy the ready availability of clothing. So where would you be without the work of Sir Richard Arkwright who, as early as 1769, developed a water powered spinning machine? Edmund Cartwright and Samuel Crompton also made advances in weaving technology.

Again, countless whites have made contributions to the development of the textile industry, which everyone, including you, benefits from.

Do you enjoy flying? I bet you do? So where would you be without the work of the whites who invented the airplane? The Wright brothers, Samuel Langley, Glenn Curtis and other descendants of the Anglo-Saxons began the process. And it was a Frenchman, and surprise, surprise, a descendant of the Anglo-Saxons, Henri Coanda, who developed the first airplane to run on a jet propulsion system and , in a totally different vein of creativity and inventive genius, he developed a way to convert salt water into freshwater by using the energy from sunlight…

Like I have said, multitudes of whites have contributed to the above industries, but I don’t have the time to document them all, but I will give a few more examples of the genius and creativity coming from the white race…

Let’s move on to the feeding of the masses… Again, in this respect, whites have made huge contributions- not just for their own nations, but for the entire world.

Where would we be without John Deere’s basic but nonetheless evolutionary steel plough?

How about Cyrus McCormick, again, of the white race, who invented a reaping machine which is largely credited for the 19th century revolution in agriculture. Or, how about Michael Cudahy, who developed cold-storage for meat packing, which was a revolutionary and healthy concept

The White countries of Europe have not only feed their own people, but have helped feed the entire world. On top of that, we have given machinery to the third world and have taught them how to use the said machinery, in the hope they will be able to sustain themselves.

Ask yourself this question… would the third world be able to have come up with these inventions on their own? Thousands of years of their bleak history say otherwise.

Again, moving on… Whites have made tremendous contributions in the field of communications. Would you, in your state of ignorance, prefer that Samuel Morse had never invented the telegraph, or Morse code; or that Graham Bell had never invented the telephone?

It was a white European, Edwin Howard, who discovered a concept known as Frequency Modulation, or as it is more popularly known - FM radio.

Walter House Brattain, John Bardeen, and William Shockley developed the transistor, and shared a Nobel Prize for it. Again, all from the white race.

European, Guglielmo Marconi invented the wireless telegraph. Lee De Frost improved wireless technology, and completely revolutionized radio broadcasting with his invention of the triode vacuum tube, an item that is now basic in radio and television communication….

Ok I think you get the point…. So, by the way you speak in your emails, I gather you would be happy without these inventions? You would be better off? Ask yourself, would any of the above exist without the contributions of the white race?

Tell you what…. how about you stop being a hypocrite. Throw away all your “goyim” technology! Go and live in the woods, and try, just try, to live like the primitive cultures. See if you can overcome the trails and tribulations that the white race has overcome.

White history is glorious, and not even you can deny that fact…..

Just a few more things a want to point out…. How can you say that the white race is dirty and that in white areas it is usually surrounded by filth? Using Swindon as a prime example, have you ever visited the area known as Broad Green? The area is highly populated by non-whites, and no one can even suggest that it is a clean and nice area to live. It is filthy, and crime in that area is rife. Let’s compare it to say Haydon Wick, or Stratton St Margret, or Wroughton ECT, all predominantly white areas, and all are known for being safe and relatively crime free and the streets are free from rubbish…. Again you are speaking out of backside.

Lets move on to this claim that your ancestors where the founders of civilization…… Evidence does suggest that the existence of an original civilization on the continent of Europe which hugely predates the civilizations in the Middle East. Many parts of Europe had relatively advanced societies in existence before and simultaneously with the Mesopotamian and Egyptian civilizations.

While it is undeniable that the grand cities and states in the near and middle east were towering achievements, it is completely ignorant of you to state that they were the only flowering civilizations in the world at that time.

There are many huge buildings- called megaliths- and early Neolithic settlements, artifacts and burial sites and even the creation of a form of writing, which show that inhabitants of Europe were advanced in the evolution of their societies and culture. In this respect I refer you to look at www.white-history.com which documents the complete history of the white race.

I think I will leave it there….. Before you email me back, check your facts. I will not stoop to your level and spill vile hatred towards you, because I am a man of honour, not a man who uses violence and abuse to get his point across, which you do simple because your arguments are illogical and you have no confidence in them yourself. I NEED NOT USE VIOLENCE OR DEROGATORY LANGUAGE BECAUSE I HAVE THE TRUTH ON MY SIDE.

Thames Valley and Wiltshire NF Organiser

PS. Just one question… how can you claim that paedophilia is only among the white population, when every racial community has this perverted sexual deviance within their community, but also, how can you claim Judaism to be free from this sick behaviour, when the Talmud -Jewish holy book- condones paedophilia(1)? Maybe you should check your facts before you go mud-slinging.

(1) The Talmud has extensive passages that justify adult males having sexual relations with little girls. I have included 2 of these passages…..

“When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this (three years old), it is as if one puts the finger into the eye, tears come to the eye… (Footnote)(7) again and again but eyesight returns, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years.” ( Kethuboth 11b)

“A maiden aged three years and one day may be acquired in marriage by coition.” (Sanhedrin 55b and 69a-69b) and (Yebamoth 57b 58a, 60b)

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Can't wait for the yids to reply! If they are brave enough to do so I think you will enjoy giving them a real good education that is obviously lacking on their part. Most enjoyable response to those parasites, keep up the great work you are a pleasure to read.