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Wednesday, 6 January 2010


What an insult- more than £28 million was spent on offering legal advice to asylum seekers last year alone! The huge legal aid payout was used to pay for solicitors who gave consultation to more than 46,000 people who began the asylum claims process, at a massive cost of £600 per case.

However, this is likely to be a huge underestimate, according to Tory Immigration spokesman Damian Green, who uncovered the figure. This is because many of the cases include court appearances also, which costs the taxpayer three times the amount of just a consultation.

The government are terribly lax when it comes to taking care of asylum seekers who, by law, have no right to be here. What I mean is, an asylum seeker is only supposed to go to the next safest country, and reside there until safe to return, not cross a whole continent, and god knows how many countries to get to “push over” Britain.

The government really need to get their act together. They are taking too long to deal with asylum seekers. Currently we have 4,857 appeals being processed. Many of these cases go into Judicial review which is a further £2,500 lost because of our lax borders.

For years now Labour have been saying that they will get to grips with the issue, however, things just get worse. To give them credit, removal of failed asylum seekers did rise a little bit, however, I the later part of 2009, deportations were down 18 per cent. This should not be the case, especially when we have 285,000 asylum seekers living in the UK at your expense.

It was revealed that Britain was spending an obscene £1million a week on legal fees on behalf of foreigners who wish to gain permission to enter Britain.

The public are being left with the bill once again after the traitors in Westminster thought it would be a good idea that someone who wants to visit family but their visa is turned down, their appeal is automatically met by the taxpayer which amounts to £762 per case.

The National Front is the only political party which offers realistic solutions to the asylum seeker crisis. We must send all bogus asylum seekers back to their country of origin, and only accept asylum seekers from nearby. For instance if a crisis in France, Germany or any other country close by suffers a great atrocity which forces their citizens out of the country, we would accept them, for it would be wrong not to.

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