"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Sunday, 24 January 2010


I hope that you are ready for your every move to be monitored, because the government plan on using unmanned drones similar to the ones used in Afghanistan to spy on drivers, campaigners, agricultural thieves and fly tippers.

This despicable act is being carried by various government agencies led by Kent police, and they have commissioned arms manufacturer BAE systems to adapt the military style plan for civilian use. The aim is to have them ready for use by the 2012 Olympics.

This is a great attack on our civil liberties and another move towards a Big Brother state. And if you are hoping that maybe it will be just Kent police who will sign up to this totalitarian scheme, then I am afraid I am going to burst your bubble. Five other police forces have signed up to the scheme, which, if the governments planes go accordingly, could become a nationwide adoption.

These drones, in my personal opinion, have nothing to do with crime fighting, or policing, and everything to do with spying on the average Joe. I admit that crime in this country has increased over the years, but by having a drone overhead is not going to lower this figure. If you remember, the government once said that CCTV helped prevent crime, but this was proven, time and time again, to be a lie, and in actual fact, CCTV is useless in crime prevention. What would be much more beneficial is if we had real community policing. None of this PCSO nonsense, I mean coppers on the beat, doing what they are meant to do, instead of being behind desks , leaving us with useless PCSO's who don’t even have the right to make arrests or detain suspects.

If the government really wanted to tackle the crime that riddles our towns, however, then what is needed is a reintroduction of corporal punishment; we need to restore social cohesion and respect instead of these stupid and invasive schemes. We would instead employ down to earth and realistic solutions, and be practical about what is needed. And we need never need to infringe on the British Peoples civil liberties in such a way to help with crime solving.

Friday, 22 January 2010


According to official statistics, one in five adults in Britain are out of work. The revealing statistics reveal that there is well over 8 million people who are declared “economically inactive”, which is a record number according to the Office of National Statistics.

People who are labelled as “economically inactive” are students, the retired, parents who stay at home with children, the long term sick, and unsurprisingly, people who have simple given up looking for non-existent jobs. Before you get the wrong idea, the 8.05 million figure does not include the 2.46 million unemployed figure. When you add these sums together, it really does put the situation into perspective. Presently 21.2 per cent of the entire British adult population are out of work.

This startling revelation comes just as it is also revealed that the unemployment figure has fell by 7,000 in the three months to November, and now currently stands at 2.47 million. No doubt Mr Brown and his cronies will be making a stink about this, claiming full responsibility for lowing unemployment, but fall in numbers is nothing to do with government intervention.

In fact there are two main reasons why the figure has fallen.

Firstly, people are becoming desperate and are willing to accept low pay and shorter hours in return in keeping their jobs, which many families as a result will feel the impact of lower incomes for years to come, as a record breaking 1.03 million are working part time because it is impossible to secure full time work.

Secondly, the fall in unemployment is also a result of the rise in the “economically inactive” people, including school leavers who have chosen to go to college rather than spending many months looking for work which just doesn’t exist.

And while the government try and improve their public image by boasting about the fall in unemployment, the crisis will just continue, and families will continue to struggle on extremely low wages.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


On Monday , defence chiefs came under fire after it was revealed that they had paid £42,000 to a farmer whose chickens were so frightened by the Red Arrows they laid fewer eggs than normal.

It has been revealed that around £7.6 million has been paid in damages after pitiful complaints about noisy military aircraft. What make this story worse is the fact that while MoD are throwing money at people who don’t really deserve compensation, horrifically wounded soldiers are fighting tooth and nail to get barely a fraction of the amount of compensation for their injuries.

The Sun revealed by using the Freedom of Information Act, that defence chiefs gave an egg farmer from Staffordshire £42,000. They gave a further £52,000 to someone who "suffered" Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of low flying jets on exercise in Devon. The MoD also gave a staggering £117,000 in compensation to a person in Yorkshire whose racehorse injured itself after being spooked by jets.

Now compare this to Trooper Sean Chance, 23, of the Queens Royal Hussars, who received a mere £5,000 after having part of his foot blown off with the loss of three toes by a rocket propelled grenade in Iraq in 2004. Despite hi being in constant pain and suffering greatly he received just £1,500 for the damage to his foot and less than £4,000 for Post Traumatic Stress- Bare in mind that the above case from Devon, who “suffered” from Post Traumatic Stress because of some jets flying over head got £52,000. How is it justifiable that a soldier got £48,000 less than the random from Devon?

Sean, from Birmingham, said: "There's no justice. I must live like this for the rest of my life. I should have gone into chicken farming."

Sergeant Darren Stephens, 37, from Leeds, suffered horrific injuries to his leg and arms in a mortar attack in Basra, Iraq in 2007. He was paid £60,100 for his injuries, increased to £102,000 after compensation payouts. This is £15,000 less than the bloody racehorse got.

This is not the first time when people who don’t deserve compensation get more than our wounded soldiers.

Back in 2008, it was revealed that a former paratrooper who had a sex change operation received a huge £250,000 compensation payout for hurt feelings. He received the horrific injury of hurt feelings when he was summoned to attend a medical in male uniform. When Ian ( now known as Jan) Hamilton refused to attend the interview he found himself out of a job, and he demanded compensation for “sexual discrimination” and “unfair dismissal”. At the end of the day, no matter how much surgery he gets he will always be a man, so wearing male uniform shouldn’t of been that big of a deal, and most definitely wouldn’t of traumatised him. He claims that it would have been “humiliating and demeaning” to do a medical dressed in a male uniform. For this MoD deemed it worthy to give this freak of nature a quarter of a million pounds of taxpayers money, when the MoD cant even equip our soldiers properly and are given a fraction of Ian’s compensation to soldiers who have really suffered .

The twisted values of our ultra-liberal government who are obsessed with political correctness can be summed up by the fact that “according to current MoD settlements, soldiers receive £57,000 for the loss of a leg and £285,000 for the loss of both arms and legs.” ( Reference: Daily Telegraph) If you are a soldier and put your life on the line for your country and lose a limb you get £57,000, but if you are transsexual officer and are asked to were a male uniform, and you get hurt feelings, you receive a quarter of a Million.

We need to kick the traitors out of Westminster and Whitehall, and readjust the moral compose of this country back to where it should be.

Thursday, 7 January 2010


Once again the neo-Marxist, pro-homosexual agenda is being forced onto our children. New government rules would see schools being severely condemned if they do not portray homosexuality in a good light. The ultra-liberal watchdog Ofsted has issued a warning to schools that if they do not include “realistic images of lesbian, gay and bisexual people and the contributions they have made to different aspects of the curriculum,” in their “equality plans” then Ofsted will place humiliating special measures on the school.

Schools could even face being penalised if the new document is not filled out properly.

On top of this, schools inspectors are being ordered to look for “gender imbalances” and to make sure sport clubs show mixed memberships across ethnic and minority groups. Staff and volunteers will no longer be given the job on the basis of how well they can do the job, but rather whether they fit the criteria since schools will now have to include “ a balanced gender mix and appropriate representation of diverse ethnic groups and disabled people.

David Conway, if the think tank Civitas had this to say:

“Rather than just making sure young people are taught about tolerance and mutual respect, it is as if certain people want a celebration of diversity for its own sake and this has become something of an industry….Ofsted and school inspectors should go back to doing the job they were created to do: to ensure all children are being taught properly and by qualified staff to give them a fighting chance in life, not some politically correct nonsense.”

The National Front opposes all forms of discrimination, be them on the basis of race, gender or otherwise. We would see to it that there will be no punishment for employers who wish to employ people on their credentials rather than their ethnic group, sexuality, gender ect ect.

We would also see to it that lessons will be brought back to reality and all communist subversion to be removed immediately. We would reintroduce Section 28, which will mean teaching children about homosexuality in schools would be illegal.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


What an insult- more than £28 million was spent on offering legal advice to asylum seekers last year alone! The huge legal aid payout was used to pay for solicitors who gave consultation to more than 46,000 people who began the asylum claims process, at a massive cost of £600 per case.

However, this is likely to be a huge underestimate, according to Tory Immigration spokesman Damian Green, who uncovered the figure. This is because many of the cases include court appearances also, which costs the taxpayer three times the amount of just a consultation.

The government are terribly lax when it comes to taking care of asylum seekers who, by law, have no right to be here. What I mean is, an asylum seeker is only supposed to go to the next safest country, and reside there until safe to return, not cross a whole continent, and god knows how many countries to get to “push over” Britain.

The government really need to get their act together. They are taking too long to deal with asylum seekers. Currently we have 4,857 appeals being processed. Many of these cases go into Judicial review which is a further £2,500 lost because of our lax borders.

For years now Labour have been saying that they will get to grips with the issue, however, things just get worse. To give them credit, removal of failed asylum seekers did rise a little bit, however, I the later part of 2009, deportations were down 18 per cent. This should not be the case, especially when we have 285,000 asylum seekers living in the UK at your expense.

It was revealed that Britain was spending an obscene £1million a week on legal fees on behalf of foreigners who wish to gain permission to enter Britain.

The public are being left with the bill once again after the traitors in Westminster thought it would be a good idea that someone who wants to visit family but their visa is turned down, their appeal is automatically met by the taxpayer which amounts to £762 per case.

The National Front is the only political party which offers realistic solutions to the asylum seeker crisis. We must send all bogus asylum seekers back to their country of origin, and only accept asylum seekers from nearby. For instance if a crisis in France, Germany or any other country close by suffers a great atrocity which forces their citizens out of the country, we would accept them, for it would be wrong not to.


With Britain suffering from an unemployment crisis, with the amount of unemployed growing by the week, it may come as a surprise that that the government will force Taxpayers to contribute millions of pounds on creating jobs in Yemen, which is supposedly meant to stop the growth of Islamic extremism in that country.

It was revealed that the government will hike the aid that goes to this Arabic country by almost 50 per cent to £37 million next year. The reason: Because it is a haven for Islamic extremist group Al Qaeda. Most of the money will be used to build roads, reservoirs and dams with the aim to create 300,000 jobs for Yemenis.

This is another insane move by the idiotic government who are completely detached from reality. Why should the government hand your cash to sort out another country’s unemployment problem, while the Dole line is forever growing in Britain?

At the end of the day, when huge amounts of people have recently lost their jobs, and many others not knowing if they will still have a job this time next year, spending this money on Yemen’s unemployment is irresponsible and a huge stab in the back to the jobless people of this country.

There is no debate that the governments number one priority should be the British people, however, time and time again, we come last in line.

A National Front government would never send huge amounts of money to foreign climes to sort out their problems while we still haven’t sorted out our own. Remember Charity Begins At Home!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


In today’s edition of the Swindon Advertiser, they ran a story about the National Front holding a counter protest which reached front page. Overall, they gave us a fair hearing, and we didn’t come across bad at all. The only minor point that really let the article down was the down right lie that I had suggested support for any Islamic group.

We are not an Islamic Ally. We are 100% opposed to Islam and its vile and violent ideology. In hope that the Swindon Advertiser will correct this I have sent an email to the author of the Article- Hayley Court- stating my objections to her accusation.

Apart from that, it went well. Below are the pictures of the article in the Swindon Advertiser. It hasn’t been put up online as of yet. I was going to scan it onto my computer but that seems to be on the fritz, so I was left with my camera… I apologise for the poor quality.



Sunday, 3 January 2010


You may have seen the news that Islam4UK is planning on marching through Wootton Bassett.

Ok, first let me give you the low down on this group of degenerates. Islam4UK is a front group for the extremely fanatical al-Muhajiroun, who were linked to the Luton protesters, they have also endorsed suicide bombings, stated that attacks like 9/11 will become a common occurrence if we do not bow down to their will, they are extremely anti-Semitic, and call for the genocide of the Jewish people, and they have labelled the murderer’s who committed the atrocities of 9/11 as the “magnificent 19.” All in all they an unsavoury lot.

We at the National Front oppose this march on several levels as do most people. While we accept that the war in Afghanistan is an illegal war, and a war Britain should have no part in, for this group to prey on the soldiers families grief and mourning to use as a platform to further their own sick ideology is beyond the pale, and will not go unopposed.

The National Front will hold a demonstration against this mockery. We do not intend on causing any trouble, and will be respectful at all times. We only intend to voice opposition to this, and stand up for our troops.

Please make sure you come to this event. While we do not have a date as of yet, we know it is not far off. So please contact me on Swindonnf@yahoo.co.uk or call/text 07890802883