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Saturday, 21 May 2011


As the warm weather comes, so does the Swindon Nationalists, with one aim in mind: to promote and help the National Front continue to grow into a force to be reckoned with.

As usual we have plenty of leaflet sessions planed, with a new batch of NF leaflets, which are of great quality. But we also have Demonstrations in Trowbridge and in Swindon planned, meetings, and a possible family weekend camping trip in the Wiltshire area, where we shall have games, music, BBQ and speeches from NF members.

The Demonstration in Trowbridge is a Anti-Halal demonstration. We have heard that certain shops in the Trowbridge area are exclusively Halal even though there is a very small Muslim community in Trowbridge. We are seeking confirmation on this information and will be acting accordingly, so watch this space.

The Demonstration in Swindon is a counter protest to the Swindon Gay Pride event. Our reason for protesting this event should be obvious to any right-minded person. The very nature and ideology behind White Nationalism, condemns homosexuality and its promotion especially. Many other Nationalists such as Noau Dreapta in Romania and Forza Nuova in Italy believe that homosexuality should be removed from the public eye. Nationalists throughout the world believe the same. Family values are a essential part of Nationalism, there is no way that gay pride parades with some of the most sickening images against the family and Christianity can be acceptable to White Nationalists. We are also disappointed with Nationwide, and view the £25,000 they put forward as a complete waste of money, especially when forwarded to such an empty cause. If they truly wanted to put something back into Swindon’s community then rather then choosing a minority group to fund, child poverty, or poverty in general for example would be more of a just cause.

And the Family Weekend is still in the planning stages, but will post her with more details soon.

In all, the coming months are looking good for the local branch and for the National Front as a whole. We had respectable percentages in the last local elections. Onwards and upwards for the future of our people.

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