"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Friday, 21 October 2011


The vile, greedy, power suppliers have once again been exposed for what they truly are: Money hungry cretins, who even though, collectively, they are pocketing a staggering £30 billion in profits, are ripping off families and vulnerable people with ever growing and extortionate energy bills.

It seems to be an age old question which too many people find themselves asking themselves every winter: Heat or eat?

But do the fat cats or the traitors in parliament care about the terrible dilemma that too many folks find themselves in? Do they take into consideration that last year some 25,000 people dies from cold related illnesses?

The sad fact is, the evidence does suggest they don't.

Energy companies have collectively paid their shareholders a staggering £8.1 billion, while hiking up the prices, with the average family now paying a tear jerking £1,255 a year; at a time when jobs are few and far between, and money is shorty, and too many low-income families are already struggling to feed and heat themselves.

The top six energy companies have claimed that the rising prices is to pay for reinvestment in the industry- well, the truth is, the money that they want us to believe is being paid towards infrastructure and “cutting” fuel bills has actually been stuffed directly into the wallets of selfish bosses and shareholders.

So what do the government intend on doing about this scam?

Mr Cameron's big plan of action boiled down to simply inviting the six bosses of the six major energy firms around to NO.10 for tea and biscuits and to “discuss” how to help customers. Yeah, well down Dave, talk about sticking up for the average Joe!

So what did this all important, and pointless meeting conclude? Well Mr “Call me Dave” Cameron and his sidekick Chris Huhne, gave some ground breaking advice to all consumers... now brace yourself, hold on to your hats. All this two imbeciles had to offer was the advice of “switching suppliers” and “shop around”?! This past week, Mr Cameron may of paraded around trying to act like the friend of the consumer, but once you look past the fa├žade, all you can see is a man who only has one friend.... the city money men.

His advice is, well, useless and pointless to the extreme. Firstly, with all the different tariffs out there, its an actual maze, and confusing at best. Many people find that they change suppler, on a new tariff, just to find that the brighter and better deal turns out to be the same old s**t just dressed up in a nice looking package.

Secondly, to “shop around” as is the governments great, ground breaking advice suggests we should, this will require internet access, since this is where the best deals hide. Now, unfortunately, many pensioners and needy families don't even have enough money to afford to heat their homes let alone a internet package and computer. Plus, 80 year old pensioners are not renowned for their computer skills. So there's that great idea out the window.

Thirdly, and disgustingly: Lib-con coalition have decided to STOP helping pensioners and have cut the Winter Fuel allowance, which too many of pensioners, was a life line.

Some Conservatives and their ilk have argued that while the Winter fuel fund has been cut, the government have instructed the energy firms to replace complex social tariffs with a Warm Home Discount. Ok, Fair enough, it will mean an automatic rebate of £120 for some pensioners, however, it will leave many more poor families struggling and quite literally in the dark.

So, what is the answer? Simply put, we need a shake up. ( Yes I am of the knowledge that, that is a huge understatement.)

A bold and worthwhile government, like an NF government, needs to bring the end to this group of racketeers, and look at options such as turning our vital utility firms into mutuals or non-profit organisations. We need to ensure that every household is aided with being able to afford the essentials, because, at the end of the day, turning on a light or washing machine is in no sense a luxury, its an essential everday activity that we must do.

The National Front stands firm in the belief that we should not be paying for indefensible profits, we put the well being of British people before the profits of big wig bosses and selfish shareholders.

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