"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


For over 40 years now, the National Front have been warning the people of Britain about the adverse effects of Immigration, especially the idiotic and half baked policy of open-door immigration. Time and time again, we are being proved right.

The school system is on the brink of absolute collapse because of an explosion in pupil numbers which is a direct result from a decade of immigrants pouring over our borders. The analysis of official figures shows that the government will have to build, and YOU the taxpayer will have to pay for, an average of 420 new primary schools a year over the next three years to cope with the extra demand. In total, the new research does suggest, that England will need 1,222 new primaries by 2014 just to cope with the expected explosion in pupil numbers.

This research clearly shows what the actual affects of labour’s and now the coalitions policy towards immigration is having, and what a dramatic impact it is causing. Because of insane immigration policy’s by the traitors in parliament, two thirds of the population growth, which is causing massive strain on public services, is down to immigration; and is putting unbelievable amount of strain on primary schools, and will later put pressure on secondary schools and then housing. Lets be honest here folks: who out there can claim that an extra three million immigrants in a mere 12 years wouldn’t have a massive impact on public services?

Spectator Magazine first published this new research, which used statistics from the Department of Education.

George Bridges, a former adviser to David Cameron, had this to say in an article: that across the country there were “places feeling the blast of a population explosion that our political class seems determined to ignore.” He went on to highlight figures showing that councils in London needed 70,000 more primary schools places over the next four years while in Bristol another 3,000 were needed. “ The tale is the same in Luton, Leeds, Swindon, Poole, Eastbourne, Coventry, Rotherham and Darlington - anywhere you see toddlers queuing for swings, you’ll find a nightmare…. One in eight children born in the past decade had at least one immigrant parent, and every second child in London has an immigrant mother.”

For too long the destructive policies of the mainstream parties have been allowed to destroy our nation. We have to put a stop to it before it gets to late, and our public services collapse under the strain! For our children’s future, we must stand against the traitors and demand the interests of the British people be put first.

The National Front have been campaigning for over 40 years to ensure that British interests are put first. We are the only political party that has consistently looked out for you, the native Brit. We have been campaigning and will continue to campaign to ensure the best for you and your children.

Saturday, 21 May 2011


As the warm weather comes, so does the Swindon Nationalists, with one aim in mind: to promote and help the National Front continue to grow into a force to be reckoned with.

As usual we have plenty of leaflet sessions planed, with a new batch of NF leaflets, which are of great quality. But we also have Demonstrations in Trowbridge and in Swindon planned, meetings, and a possible family weekend camping trip in the Wiltshire area, where we shall have games, music, BBQ and speeches from NF members.

The Demonstration in Trowbridge is a Anti-Halal demonstration. We have heard that certain shops in the Trowbridge area are exclusively Halal even though there is a very small Muslim community in Trowbridge. We are seeking confirmation on this information and will be acting accordingly, so watch this space.

The Demonstration in Swindon is a counter protest to the Swindon Gay Pride event. Our reason for protesting this event should be obvious to any right-minded person. The very nature and ideology behind White Nationalism, condemns homosexuality and its promotion especially. Many other Nationalists such as Noau Dreapta in Romania and Forza Nuova in Italy believe that homosexuality should be removed from the public eye. Nationalists throughout the world believe the same. Family values are a essential part of Nationalism, there is no way that gay pride parades with some of the most sickening images against the family and Christianity can be acceptable to White Nationalists. We are also disappointed with Nationwide, and view the £25,000 they put forward as a complete waste of money, especially when forwarded to such an empty cause. If they truly wanted to put something back into Swindon’s community then rather then choosing a minority group to fund, child poverty, or poverty in general for example would be more of a just cause.

And the Family Weekend is still in the planning stages, but will post her with more details soon.

In all, the coming months are looking good for the local branch and for the National Front as a whole. We had respectable percentages in the last local elections. Onwards and upwards for the future of our people.

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Thursday, 19 May 2011


At a time when Savings are being eroded by low interest rates, and pressure groups are describing the financial situation of our elderly at its worst its been in “decades”, the government have been pilling further pressure on the elderly rather than assisting them.

Britain’s Pensioners are viewed as easy targets by the government, and successive governments, and it does seem that pensioners are being punished for saving wisely and prospering from the property boom.

Dot Gibson, the General Secretary of The National Pensioners Convention, had this to say:

“There is a myth that pensioners have been excluded from austerity measures in the past but this is just not true. Pensioners have not been cosseted or protected by any measures. They are being hit hard.”

Even before the budget, pensioners were struggling with various different financial circumstances. It is a fact that rising inflation hit’s the elderly harder than most duly because they are on fixed incomes and they can never hold hope that their income will catch up with rising prices. Also doesn’t help that pensioners spend most of their income on the main drivers of inflation; Food, gas and electric.

The government seemed to ignore what experts have been saying and have done very little to assist the elderly, if anything at all. Financial experts have said that since January 2008 the cost of living for the over 55s has increased 5 per cent faster than the official inflation rate. What this means in real terms is, the average person over the age of 55 is £907 a year worse off. And since last September, the cost of living in later life has increased further by an extra £30 each month.

While this is going on, the current climate of low interest rates, it is meaning savings are being eroded in real terms as inflation out paces earnings in most bank accounts.

Many held vain hopes that Mr Osborne’s first full Budget would bring some relief to the elderly, however this is far from the truth. In fact, following the budget, we are to see Winter Fuel Allowance payments cut. Disgustingly and obviously deliberately to avoid scrutiny, this policy to cut Winter Fuel Allowance was only mentioned in Small print and not announced in Parliament.

With the empty claims that we are all in this together from the Lib-CON coalition, among so many other questions for various cuts in other sectors, a question we must ask is; Why is it there is gonna be £100 taken off Winter Fuel Allowance for the oldest members of our society at a time when fuel bills are rising and winter deaths amongst older people are a national scandal? Yet the Government still finds billions of pounds to send to nations like Pakistan in “foreign aid”. Yet the government can find houses and give thousands in benefits to asylum seekers and immigrants, who have never worked a day of their life and have not paid a penny in taxes, yet pensioners who have, are being punished.

The National Front firmly believe in Charity beginning at home and looking after our elderly. We campaign for better treatment of our elderly, and would put in place policies that would insure that Pensioners are well looked after.