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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Disappointing turn out to Anti gay pride demo

Ok, i was disappointed at the turn out, but there are 2 people who choose to go and watch the football instead of standing up for true British values......

Anyway, about 15 turned out, the police presence was immense to say the least, there was more cops than protesters. However the speeches given was good, the response from the general public was a good, especially since that the police herded us into a back street out of public view. We did get shouted at by one red, but nothing major. The only other thing is me, The nf deputy chairman and 2 others got followed for up to an hour untill we stopped off in a pub, and they tried to take our names ect, and they try and tell us we don't live in a police state. i will put my speech up here tomorrow edited to be an article...

Anyway, next year i hope for a better turn out, so make sure your free for the 15th August, plus i hope many more street activities.



Anonymous said...

sorry we couldnt come but maybe next year.keep up the good work and see you soon.all the best norma

Anonymous said...

There was more than 2 who didnt turn up. There was like, ten people who decided that going to watch Swindon Town get beat by Cheltenham Town that day was more important than trying to stop this degredation being inflicted on their people.

I find football to be the BIGGEST distraction for the white working class man in our country. As long as their team is winning and there is beer in the fridge, then they dont really care about anything else that is happening around them.

I have seen grown men start CRYING because their team lost. They have taken the news of their team getting beat worse than the news of their mother's death.

I just wish that they where more passionate about other, more important things.

Women are just as bad with their soap operas. They seem to care more about what is happening on Coronation Street, than what is happening on the street that they live on.

The British public need to stop being blinded by these distractions, that are of very little significance in life, if we are to take our country back and reinstall some common decency.

For Race And Nation