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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

House hold waste collection

Every sane person, no matter where in the world they reside, wants to live in an environment that is both healthy and beautiful.
Many of Swindon’s residents have been conned by Swindon Borough Council- which is run by the Conservatives- to believe that the new system of collecting recyclables and household waste, which came into effect on June 2007 was about helping the environment. This change meant that traditional rubbish collection came to an end, and bin men only came every 2 weeks to collect household waste.
Obviously these Byzantine rules are not restricted to just Swindon, the whole of Britain, under New-Labour, has taken the simple task of rubbish collection and morphed into an unnecessary complicated and draconian regime, which has only lead to an upsurge in fly-tipping and an urban plague of rats, mice, flies and foxes feasting on your two week old rubbish. These rules have been put into place because ministers seized on ridiculous European Landfill targets as a weapon to reduce public services, raise taxes and to impose heavy fines. And remember it was David Miliband, currently putting himself forward as the saviour of the Nation who pushed for the notion of scrapping the weekly waste collection.
What beggars belief is that where we used to have sanitation departments, we know have overpaid supernumeraries like Lee Marshal sitting on grand committees presiding over ludicrous recycling strategies while blatantly and deliberately neglecting the simple task of emptying the rubbish- it isn’t rocket science!
What really is mind blowing is that no one with an ounce of authority seems able to grasp the basic duty to the people who pay their wages. They are hired pure and simply to pick up the rubbish at a minimum of once a week, what happens to it after that is down to them. But, they don’t care what happens to it after that, that’s not what they are about, all they care about is bullying, taxing, and fining people to show them whose boss.
I mean do you really believe that nonsense of us purposely sorting our rubbish into different categories actually makes a difference. Most of it gets chucked onto barges and shipped to China anyway.
We are living under a system gone mad. Can you believe that local councils now actually hire people to cut open your rubbish and check that you haven’t put anything untoward in your bins? And if that wasn’t insane enough, they now use anti-terrorist laws to persecute innocent old ladies who mistakenly place a cornflakes packet in a box intended for newspapers. Back in September there was a case where a guy called the old bill out because he saw two men climb into his garden with a step ladder. The guy thought he was being robbed, but it turned out these 2 men where council officials checking for non-regulation rubbish bins.
We no longer live in a democracy, instead we live in a state which is governed by self-righteous pigs like Lee Marshell, who use the bull**** about polar bears as an excuse to throw their weight around and to try and bring some meaning to their worthless existence.
And if all that wasn’t enough to make your blood boil, the west County, local authorities have started telling people what they can and cant eat to help cut down their household waste. They want us to buy products that do not have packaging… you try and do that next time you go to your local shop.
At the end of the day it is none of their god damned business what we eat, all they should be concerned with is collecting our rubbish and doing with it what they will. That is what we pay them for.

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