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Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Swindon Council- Are they wasting your taxes?

On the 8th December, the Swindon Advertiser informed us under the title "One, two, tree?" that in an attempt to bring Christmas cheer to the town, a Christmas tree was attempted to be put up on the Magic Roundabout, however, the giant tree splintered before the council workers eyes.

Now, this tree would of cost the council a fair bit of money from the public purse, however, by the same token we hear constantly that the council is strapped for cash- SO HOW DOES THAT WORK? The council has been reported numerous of times saying that they are looking for ways to save on services and considering a substantial council tax rise- 3 per cent last time i heard- But when you consider this with the Christmas tree gives the distinct impression that the council are throwing tax payers money down the drain.

Lets be honest, it is completely unacceptable that Swindon Borough Council is planning to put up your taxes, making people redundant while wasting huge amounts of YOUR money on putting up a gigantic tree on the Magic Roundabout.

Not only is it a very unsuitable place to put a massive Christmas tree due to the fact it is dangerous to have an unstable tree smack bang on a busy road ( so i would still object to it even if the council has an abundance of cash) but it also wasteful and insensitive to those loosing their jobs and to families who are struggling to keep their heads above water - In my honest opinion, the money wasted could of been spent on helping those in need or the public services- THE NATIONAL FRONT WOULD NEVER BE SO WASTEFUL WITH YOUR MONEY.

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