"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Saturday, 27 December 2008

The betrayal of the British Public

This, i am afraid to tell you is what the British electorate has subjected us to, when you vote for those vile creatures currently in Government, this is what you get! The above shows how the British Government are selling White, British Jobs on the cheap to the world, importing unwanted guests who cause social problems such as racial tensions, social discord, and anti-white racism. Read the above and then tell me that New-Labour are looking out for the British people.......

Wednesday, 24 December 2008


There seems to be a huge miss understanding when it comes to the subject of crime, and how race does in fact play a huge factor. Those on the left and in the pc media like to paint a picture of the white man as being the one who commits the majority of crime to install a sense of guilt in our people and to make them submissive to their plan of breeding out the white race by the continuation of non-European immigration to Britain.

There are statistics galore to prove that in fact non-whites are more criminally active than white people. For instance, according to the document Statistics on Race and Crime and the Criminal System produced by the Home Office in 2002, in the 3 year period, mid- 1999 to mid- 2002, a black person was 68 times more likely to kill a white person in Britain than vice versa.... Bare in mind that these figures were compiled before 3 Asians and a Jamaican slaughtered 52 people in July 2005.

What a different picture that paints from what the biased media and the socialists love to claim. They love to make us out to be the violent racists who attack non-whites at any given opportunity, however as these figures indicate, they are more likely to attack us, and when they do attack us it never is reported as it should be.... A RACIST ATTACK... when a white attacks a non-white its always a racist attack, when a non-white attacks a white its always a random attack, or so those in power and the socialists love to claim. Take the case of Henry Webster who was attacked at school grounds in Wroughton, just outside Swindon, by a group of lads who called themselves the Asian Invasion. Their name itself shows that they have racial intentions and then they attack Mr Webster with Weapons and is called a random attack, and anyone who even attempts to label it as racially motivated must be a bigot and ignorant since we all know that non-whites cant be racist..... Right?

And it isn’t just racist crime... A 2007 police report on London's gang culture identified 169 separate gangs and almost half of these had committed serious assaults and more than a quarter had been involved in murder, the largest number of gangs were in the areas which had an abundance of non-whites, the report also states that most of the gang members were black, with Asians coming in at a close second..... These are the people that our Government and Liberals claim to enrich our society, the race hate laws are there to protect these people, from us the law-abiding Britons....

So they dominate the gang culture and they are more likely to murder us than the other way round, and they are the victims of racial hatred? I don’t think so.
These are the people which the Government you voted for and successive Governments have allowed to invade our countries, they are hell bent on "integrating" these people into our society. There is a slight problem with the assumption that those who come from rather un-civilised countries and countries plagued with violence and corruption will come to our countries and automatically become civil and peaceful..... Some do no doubt, however if all you know is violence and corruption and than that is how you will act, and that is how these non-whites act, they act the way that they know... Violent....Like in January 2004, according to the BBC, 59% of rapists were white and 69% of the rapists were black... considering they only ( for now) amount to about 17% of the population, when put into proportion, it is very alarming.

Chief Superintendent Eric Hewlitt stated that Asians committed 90 out of 125 racial attacks in Oldham involving physical injury during 1997, and of the 64,100 reported being attacked in 1997, the vast majority of the muggers were non-white.

Now can someone please explain how since the white Briton constitutes almost 80% of the population, that in relation to non-whites they commit less crime and are less violent, yet the media are all to quick to label whites as the violent racists. We, my fellow country men, are being attacked left right and centre, both physically and through slander by the political correct media. No one in authority is on our side, they are traitors and only look after the interests of the minority, even to the extent that they cover up racial attacks on our people so that the minority don’t look so bad and the natives will be more accepting of the invaders, while they do this they blacken the name of the white man, drag it through the dirt, until whites start feeling guilty of their own and start also working for the interest of the invader....... we must stop this brainwashing being instigated by the traitors in both government and the media, we must wake our fellow country men and women up from their alien induced sleep and get them to start to work for the interests of their own people. The time for action is now, become active.... Vote for the one true British Nationalist Party left in Britain...... NATIONAL FRONT..... Putting Britain First Since 1967.


At one point, a few years ago, I remember the controversy over the adverse effects of the MMR vaccine, how everyone seemed worried…. Now the media can’t do enough to tell us of the benefits…
The question has to be asked… has the MMR vaccine been found to be safe, where the adverse effects falsehoods? What has happened to the public uproar, why has peoples views changed so dramatically?
The truth is this folks, the MMR has been proved to have the grave potential to cause; atypical measles, diabetes, mellitus, arthritis, encephalitis, aseptic meningitis, Guillain- Barre syndrome and even death. All these symptoms and no fewer than a further 55 adverse reactions are included in the manufactures vaccine package insert.
Now, there is no way in hell that the British government doesn’t know of these effects, but have just ignored them, and that amounts to treachery, and the fact that the government haven’t even evaluated the risks properly will make this one of the greatest scandals in medical history. They know off the effects, but because they backed it in the first place they are not willing to back track and to admit they where wrong, ( I do have a feeling it may be a bit more sinister) so they risk the lives of British children so they can save face…. This is what you have brought on your people by voting for these low-life’s.
Another vaccine of which I am very much concerned about is the vaccinating girls against cervical cancer. This is very much a vaccine which really needs a good re-think , because not even the manufactures know of the long term effects, let alone how the hundred other HPV viruses that exist will react when the few targeted by this vaccine ( Cervarix) has been naturalised.
Why don’t we at least follow the Americans. Over there the approval for the vaccine has been withheld by the American Food and Drugs Administration pending investigation… For once they seem to be doing the right thing.
Why are we going ahead with this national programme when the FDA are not satisfied? Did the Swindon PCT know about this? Where the parents informed?
Another concern about this vaccine is the aluminium hydroxide in the vaccine. The corrupt government and media have withheld the fact that the vaccine is so neurotoxin that the American Academy of Paediatrics has acknowledged it is “ implicated as interfering with cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system”. I wonder how many parents where made aware of this worrying fact before they gave their consent. Very few I imagine.
I have studied intently what the Government has been doing since I became politically and racially aware when I was 15, and I have found some rather alarming stats, and have seen our government turn the NHS into a killing machine which aides the state sanctioned Genocide Programme. I don’t think these vaccines are there to help when you consider the evidence, there is little reason if any to allow these vaccines.


Day after day, you look around, you read the paper, watch the news, and it all is telling you one thing… This country has gone to the dogs!

I know this isn’t a nice thought, and maybe you think I am being pessimistic in my view of contemporary Britain, however, when one looks at the state of our educational system, streets, our financial system ect ect, it does paint a rather desperate situation.

I have noticed that in recent years that the old traditional British ethos has shifted and the average child’s mentality- thanks to such programs as X-factor and the pathetic education system- we have children that are starting to believe success depends on image and appearance. Many pupils are failing to take responsibility for their own mistakes because of the growing nanny state created by both Conservative and Labour governments which teaches children that everyone else is to blame but themselves.

Britain has witnessed a huge decline in good, traditional, true British values You know, once upon a time this country had a work ethic, but now for the most part, the youth just want success which is grabbed out of the air, which they witness through programs such as X-Factor.

Thanks to this government nannying our youth, it has created a nation of buck passers and deterring individuals who feel that they have no responsibility over their failings, this generation has been nurtured on a weak-kneed government, legislation that shifts personal responsibilities and finger wagging admonition .

The risk we face is future generations is that they will be childishly self-indulgent, where everything is someone else’s fault… basically you will get a toddler mentality in adults.

Here at the National Front, we offer your children nothing better than a genuine future that will return meaning, pride, manners, dignity, moral values, true careers and real substance to their lives, while the government of today offer them nothing but dead ends and lost hopes. Britain has descended in to a bleak and fractured society without a sense of belonging or any shared values- which is the foundation of real communities… and this is what the National Front will bring back to Britain, Community spirit, pride, and true meaning back to being British….

House hold waste collection

Every sane person, no matter where in the world they reside, wants to live in an environment that is both healthy and beautiful.
Many of Swindon’s residents have been conned by Swindon Borough Council- which is run by the Conservatives- to believe that the new system of collecting recyclables and household waste, which came into effect on June 2007 was about helping the environment. This change meant that traditional rubbish collection came to an end, and bin men only came every 2 weeks to collect household waste.
Obviously these Byzantine rules are not restricted to just Swindon, the whole of Britain, under New-Labour, has taken the simple task of rubbish collection and morphed into an unnecessary complicated and draconian regime, which has only lead to an upsurge in fly-tipping and an urban plague of rats, mice, flies and foxes feasting on your two week old rubbish. These rules have been put into place because ministers seized on ridiculous European Landfill targets as a weapon to reduce public services, raise taxes and to impose heavy fines. And remember it was David Miliband, currently putting himself forward as the saviour of the Nation who pushed for the notion of scrapping the weekly waste collection.
What beggars belief is that where we used to have sanitation departments, we know have overpaid supernumeraries like Lee Marshal sitting on grand committees presiding over ludicrous recycling strategies while blatantly and deliberately neglecting the simple task of emptying the rubbish- it isn’t rocket science!
What really is mind blowing is that no one with an ounce of authority seems able to grasp the basic duty to the people who pay their wages. They are hired pure and simply to pick up the rubbish at a minimum of once a week, what happens to it after that is down to them. But, they don’t care what happens to it after that, that’s not what they are about, all they care about is bullying, taxing, and fining people to show them whose boss.
I mean do you really believe that nonsense of us purposely sorting our rubbish into different categories actually makes a difference. Most of it gets chucked onto barges and shipped to China anyway.
We are living under a system gone mad. Can you believe that local councils now actually hire people to cut open your rubbish and check that you haven’t put anything untoward in your bins? And if that wasn’t insane enough, they now use anti-terrorist laws to persecute innocent old ladies who mistakenly place a cornflakes packet in a box intended for newspapers. Back in September there was a case where a guy called the old bill out because he saw two men climb into his garden with a step ladder. The guy thought he was being robbed, but it turned out these 2 men where council officials checking for non-regulation rubbish bins.
We no longer live in a democracy, instead we live in a state which is governed by self-righteous pigs like Lee Marshell, who use the bull**** about polar bears as an excuse to throw their weight around and to try and bring some meaning to their worthless existence.
And if all that wasn’t enough to make your blood boil, the west County, local authorities have started telling people what they can and cant eat to help cut down their household waste. They want us to buy products that do not have packaging… you try and do that next time you go to your local shop.
At the end of the day it is none of their god damned business what we eat, all they should be concerned with is collecting our rubbish and doing with it what they will. That is what we pay them for.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Swindon Council- Are they wasting your taxes?

On the 8th December, the Swindon Advertiser informed us under the title "One, two, tree?" that in an attempt to bring Christmas cheer to the town, a Christmas tree was attempted to be put up on the Magic Roundabout, however, the giant tree splintered before the council workers eyes.

Now, this tree would of cost the council a fair bit of money from the public purse, however, by the same token we hear constantly that the council is strapped for cash- SO HOW DOES THAT WORK? The council has been reported numerous of times saying that they are looking for ways to save on services and considering a substantial council tax rise- 3 per cent last time i heard- But when you consider this with the Christmas tree gives the distinct impression that the council are throwing tax payers money down the drain.

Lets be honest, it is completely unacceptable that Swindon Borough Council is planning to put up your taxes, making people redundant while wasting huge amounts of YOUR money on putting up a gigantic tree on the Magic Roundabout.

Not only is it a very unsuitable place to put a massive Christmas tree due to the fact it is dangerous to have an unstable tree smack bang on a busy road ( so i would still object to it even if the council has an abundance of cash) but it also wasteful and insensitive to those loosing their jobs and to families who are struggling to keep their heads above water - In my honest opinion, the money wasted could of been spent on helping those in need or the public services- THE NATIONAL FRONT WOULD NEVER BE SO WASTEFUL WITH YOUR MONEY.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

NHS and Immigration

Those left wing loonies love to claim that asylum seekers and immigrants are some kind of asset to our society. God knows where they got that assumption from, but if we where to take a hard look at all parts of our society they are a drain on resources and are very much a health threat. The NHS ( National Health Service) is a prime example. When one looks at the NHS with open eyes one sees that it paints a picture of non-Britons taking up resources and bring down the standards of the NHS.

Every day in Britain's national newspapers we read of the dreadful standards within the NHS, and there are reports aplenty clearly showing how poor the standards truly are. The National Audit Office reported that a million people a year were harmed by mistakes in NHS hospitals, the Audit Office reported that this figure is a huge understatement due to many deaths not being reported. Another report found that 40,000 patients die annually as a direct result of medical blunders and "adverse events." This again is likely to be an understatement....

These deaths and medical blunders are due to the fact that the Government are importing foreign doctors to save money... But for the most part these immigrants are under trained.

I read an article by John Holden which featured in the 29th August 2000 issue of the Daily Telegraph, in which he stated... " The fact that we have so many doctors from overseas when our medical schools are turning away large numbers of good quality candidates from indigenous sources owes a great deal to successive governments' policies of keeping down employment costs by importing low cost labour..."

That shows how little the Government care for its own people, they are willing to put us in the hands of under trained doctors to save money. I am always told that the point in immigration is to fill a gap in a certain sector of the job market... Well, obviously not.... Since Britons wish to be doctors but are turned away, which is by the governments own criteria is racial discrimination... Because of our Governments "money saving" scheme good quality doctors are struggling to get jobs because immigrants are given priority.

The cleansing standards have also fallen to abysmal levels.. The National Audit Office found that MRSA and other hospital breed infections kill 5,000 people each and every year in the UK. In another report, the ONS ( Office of National Statistics) they told us that in 2005 the Hospital Superbug- Clustriduim Difficile- has rose 69%. In the same year MRSA was mentioned on 1,629 death certificates. The ONS figures also showed that between 2001 and 2005 MRSA was mentioned in 1 in every 500 death certificates in England and wales, and C. Difficile was 1 in 250- which means, if things get no worse- which they will- then by the time the 55 million people alive in England and wales today pass away, C.Diff and MRSA will contribute to almost 400,000 deaths- Thats 400,000 needless deaths due to the Governments "money saving" scheme, which means the cleaners employed to clean our hospitals are for the most part non-British.. Is it a coincidence that since immigrants really started to flood in hospital superbugs have done nothing but rise?

Ok, some may be saying that the solution must be to make sure we only employ qualified doctors... It would help, but however, as patients they also take up resources.

One in twenty asylum seekers are HIV positive which costs the NHS £150,000 to treat each one, and once a HIV positive immigrant reaches our shores due to certain legislation, they cannot be returned to their country of origin. The most reliable estimate around is that each year 5,000 people come to the UK who are HIV+ and claim asylum knowing full well that once they get here they cannot be deported back. Now these will cost NHS about £800,000,000 annually, which is enough to build 7.5 hospitals... which to be honest, i would prefer the money to be spent on more hospitals than unwanted guests. Another report by the department of Health stated in 2001, 70% of women giving birth with HIV lived in London and 77% of these were born in Sub-Saharan Africa... Says a lot!

Some say that immigration hasn't had anything to do with the rise of HIV, well, of the 21,115 adults diagnosed with HIV between 1985 and 2003, just 9% were likely to have been infected within the UK... So how does any sane person come to the conclusion that immigration hasn't attributed to the rise of HIV in the UK?

Now, lets put the health risks to one side and going back to the issue of importing foreign doctors, what other reasons are there for not importing foreign doctors?

Now, those who support immigration claim that they care for the Third World- We all know they don't- but if they did have any compassion for the peoples of the Third World they to would oppose the importing of foreign doctors since the nations in which these immigrant doctors are coming from are facing REAL staff shortage... And let me give you the solution to this country's NHS going to wreck and ruin and the Third World's staff shortage.. STOP IMMIGRATION NOW AND START A POLICY OF PHASED REPATRIATION.. that way these Third World countries will have their doctors back.

For an example of these staff shortages which i mentioned... In Zambia, a mere 60 out of a 600 doctors trained in Zambia actually still work there, and in Zimbabwe 75% of the country's doctors have left since the early 1990's... did you know that there are more Malawian doctors and nurses in Manchester and Birmingham than there is in Malawi itself... and a quarter of Malawi's remaining medical staff is expected to die from aids in the next 6 years...

There is no need for te current importation of these doctors, it does harm to us and to the nations in which these doctors originally come from. Its time we stopped this madness and allow Britons to man British hospitals for our own health and for the health of the undeveloped nations.... START REPATRIATION NOW- BRITAIN FOR THE BRITISH