"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Saturday, 11 July 2009


The Thames Valley and Wiltshire NF branch held a meeting in the Swindon area today. Considering it was the first meeting I had ever chaired, it went quite well. Apart from the interruption from a guy who seemed to be lost, it went without a hitch.

The speeches given were of the highest standard. Bernard Franklin gave a fantastic speech about moving the party forward. George gave a very good speech about his personal experience of multicultural Britain, and the threat we face if the British people don’t wake up to the dangers that mass immigration poses to the existence of the white, British people.

We had a little table full with NF merch, which included the NF newspaper, The Flame; NF 40th anniversary badges; and other nationalist items.

The next meeting will be in late September. I will put more on here nearer to the date.

Race and Nation

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