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Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to the police station at Gable Cross, Swindon. The reason for those was to go over the proposals for the Anti-Gay Pride demo on the 15th. Or at least that is what they leadme to believe.

The minute I walked into the interview room, it was obvious that they didn’t invite me there to discuss the 15th, but rather to try and put me off holding the demo. They first said that the banner I hope to have at the demo would be in breach of the Public Order Act, and we would be arrested if we were to display it. However, they soon backed down when I revealed that I held banner no more than 2 weeks previous at the anti-Gay pride demo in London, and we faced no objection.

They continued to bang about how they object and would stop me holding the demo if they could.

I know that that was the first of their tactics. This will be the first of many attempts to stop us spreading our message. They did this last year, and they succeeded in pushing our demo into some back street, out of the view of the public. We will not let this happen this year.

If you can make it to this demonstration, please contact me on 07890802883 or email me on Swindon@yahoo.co.uk



Epona said...

I just thought to pass these links on to you, this first one is something that we should all be very concerned about:-

It's a long read, but it explains a lot. The overt promotion of homosexuality is partly a way of priming our youth for what is 'acceptable' in a repressed Islamist state.
This link is to the Casuals:-


BPP supporter said...

When the BPP did the same thing by going to a police station to arrange with the police for a demo, your mate Tony "The Grass" White said they were obviously grasses. Now the NF does the same thing and nothing's said.

Swindon NF said...

Thank you for your comment BPP supporter. Just to say that I am in no way a friend of Tony White, and never have been.

I am not completly sure what your point is, but thanks anyway.


Whitelaw Towers said...

Good on ya mate.

battyboi said...
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