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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Anti-Gay Pride Demo Report

On saturday the 15th of August, the National Front held an anti-gay pride protest in Swindon. When arriving at the R.V point, we were greeted by police vans and two left-wing protestors. The police began to ask for the names of the NF members who had arrived. We told the police that they had no such right to do this, and we refused the request. Two members of "class war" began to make threats against an NF member, who simply laughed at them, it was strange how the police did not ask any questions to the left wing protestors. We then went to park our car in the town centre before starting the demonstration. At the traffic lights near to the R.V point, several hooded and masked protestors approached our car. One NF member got out and confronted them about the threats that they had made. There was no police in sight, but the protestors did not take any action or carry out the threats that they had made. These protestors were posuers who see communism as a "fashion accesory", the threats amounted to nothing and they did not deter us from carrying out our protest.

Ten NF members met up at the top of the town centre. We carried our placards and our banner. One homosexual began shouting abuse at us as soon as we had set up. The remarks were the usual media brain washed nonsense that we have become acustomed to. Some members of the public began to talk to us and showed some support for our demo. The demonstration was at the top of the town centre, this was an improvement compared to last year, but the demonstration point was by no means perfect, and there were much better places where we could have held the demonstration. This was viewed as part of the Swindon ultra left wing police force`s attempt at gagging the NF`s right to free speech.

The demonstration was a victory for the NF, We stood up to left wing bullies, and a hostile Stalinist police force, that had previously ruined an attempt by the NF to hold a public demonstration.

Report written by RK

There is going to be a demostration in Reading on the 5th September. If you would like to attend this event, then contact me on swindonnf@yahoo.co.uk or call/text me on 07890802883


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