"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Friday, 4 September 2009


My Griffin did not attend at court however the barrister representing the party was at court on his behalf.

Having read his statement on the BNP website it appears to me that Mr. Griffin has thrown the ‘towel’ in, given up at the very first step and let his loyal members down badly.

Quotes by Nick Griffin MEP

“The British National Party will have to adapt to the undemocratic Orwellian ‘equality laws’ with regards to party membership criteria, or it will die, party leader Nick Griffin warned in reaction to today’s court hearing brought by the Commission for Equality & Human Rights (CEHR).”

“Either we shift our position or we will be utterly crushed. That fact was established beyond any possible doubt when the judge ruled that we must pay the thousands of pounds of costs of today’s hearing.”

“By taking this as far as a court hearing, we have ensured that party unity will be maintained, because whatever steps we take, it is now crystal clear to all concerned that we simply do not have a choice but to change our membership policy.”

“Adapt or die is the only decision left to make, for failure to adapt would lead either to our being bled white through the courts or crushed by new criminal laws. Party unity is priceless, because a party of brothers standing shoulder to shoulder can be persecuted, but it can never be beaten or broken.”

Well Nick I am lost for words, NOT!

I like many other Nationalists, some even from different parties stood by you during your court case at Leeds crown Court.

We stood in the snow, hail, rain and freezing cold supporting you as you took on the politized legal system in our fight for ‘Freedom of Speech’ you told me many times that you were prepared to go to prison because that is how strongly you felt.

You stood by me when you and other Nationalists stood in the snow outside Halifax police station when I was too was arrested because of undercover filming for the BBC Secret Agent documentary.

We had an anger a determination and a drive then, to beat these undemocratic forces levelled against us and beat them we did because we would not give in.

You called for demonstrations, you got them, you called for donations, you got them, you mobilised the party and a good proportion of the general public in support too, you did not give in and you won.

Now I wonder why you have given in so easily. Could the fact that you are an MEP have lessened your determination as a committed nationalist to up hold core racial nationalist policies?

Everything we as Nationalists have fought for has been abandoned and strewn on the steps of the race industries Tsar Phillips as you touch your forelock and bow lowly as you retreat from his presence.

You quite rightly complain about the power of the CEHR - so ‘fight them’

You fought them for Freedom of Speech, so why not for your party?

Fight them because there are hundreds of non-White mono-ethnic groups up and down the country (many start funded), fight them because of section 25 and 26 of the Human Rights Act a small section is shown below

25 Discrimination: associations not within s. 11

(1)This section applies to any association of persons (however described, whether corporate or unincorporated, and whether or not its activities are carried on for profit) if—

(a) It has twenty-five or more members; and

(b) Admission to membership is regulated by its constitution and is so conducted that the members do not constitute a section of the public within the meaning of section 20(1);

But Nick the People of this country need you to stand up to this racist oppression and fight it, letting ethnics join will destroy the BNP and drive its members away.

As an ex BNP organiser I would have been the first to leave had you suggested this surrender then.

The National Front will not give in to such oppression we ‘will’ stand up to Phillips and his like.

Even if we have to de register as a political party and become a Civil Rights Group with ‘Independent’ candidates standing on a Nationalist ticket we will continue to support and ‘represent’ OUR people.

We would ask all BNP members and supporters to read your chairman’s statement, consider it very seriously and decide as Nationalists for yourselves.

Remember the National Front has a 42 year Nationalist history, it is a household name and has never diluted its core Nationalist policies nor will it.

All BNP members and supporters are very welcome to come and join us we will not sell you out we will not let you down we will welcome you with open arms.

Tom Linden

This is taken from the wekly NF NEWS bulletin.

I would like to add some things here. The Swindon Nationalists Blog, which supports the BNP, have come out and said the BNP have never had a policy which involves repatriation of all non-whites...... Well, that folks is nothing short of a lie... Before Nick Griffen took over the party and turned it into this neo-Conservative hotch-potch of misfits, the BNP had a policy which stated clearly that all non-whites would be deported. Which is nothing to be ashamed off, in fact, if I was still in the BNP I would want to get back to that.

The National Front has been around now since 1967, and we have never compromised; we have faced reds and the state head on, we have been physically attacked, slandered in the papers, members have lost their jobs, social status, and yet, not once has the NF weakened on any of their core white nationalist policies....

This is a fight for Race and Nation, Surrender is not an option.


Philip Skippon said...

I am deeply disappointed with this situation.Griffin has essentially rolled over and submitted.
Whats even worse is the fact that his minions all think that he's a hero?

On all the BNP blogs they are saying its a good thing because they'll get more votes? I despair!
If,and its a huge IF,the BNP ever get to power they will be no different to the parties in power at present.

I know now that it is impossible to take power from ZOG with the conventional political strategy,I have always held some hope.That hope is now gone.....

Racial Volunteer said...

I really don't understand why the BNP members see Nick Griffen as a Hero. They treat him as if he is some kind of messiah.

I know that they are happy that the BNP are gaining ground in elections and such, but what they are ignoring is the fact that the BNP are not Nationalists anymore. They are multi-racialists who will ot change a damn thing if they got into power.

I feel sorry for any true white nationalist who is a member of the BNP.

Philip Skippon said...

I am a white nationalist and i am also a member of the BNP,i wont be renewing my membership.

I have used excuse after excuse to defend many of the leaderships decisions,but now realise it has being a pointless folly.

Griffin remind me of the pied piper,leading nationalists to the river...

Whitelaw Towers said...

I hope the National Front can step in and fill the void the BNP just created.

Red Squirrel said...

It's no as bad as you think guys. Yes we could have gone down in a 'blaze of glory', but our chance to regain our Nationalist heritage would be gone for ever as the swarms of immigrants continued to destroy our Nation.
We have far more chance of forming a Nationalist government now, and Trevor Philips has effectively shot himself in the foot.
I was not lying about our policies, many non whites will still be deported, but we do have some 'ex-pats' from other nations who are good British Citizens and loyal to us. A lot nations have a small minority of other ethnicities living among them, our core values have not changed.

Racial Volunteer said...

Ok RS, you think the only option the BNP had was to give in to Tsar Trevor, but sorry to break it to you, but the amount of alternative options are immense.

You could of fought of it until the end, and revealed the blatent double standards with them coming after you while funding all-black orgs, or you could of de-registered as a political party, became a civil rights org.

Either way, it has been evident for a while that the BNP are not pro-white, and havent been looking out for the White British people for a while now. Their members have non-white wives, gay members, voluntary repatriation policy, pro- Israel (Terrorist state) policy, and the amount of drivel the new breed of BNPers of come out with is shocking and resembles that of old school conservatives.

And i think it funny how you defend the bnp while putting "14" at the end of your comment, especially considering that your leader has denounced it on numerous occasions.

Red Squirrel said...

Hi Racial Volunteer,
It hasn't exactly been decided yet about membership criteria, so I may have been jumping the gun a bit. but the cost of the court case would bankrupt the party. Nationalists would be proud of us for doing this, but the public wouldn't know, and the reds would just crow about our defeat. At least this way the 'stigma' of racism is removed and I'm hoping a lot of White fence sitters will then join up and /or vote for us without being afraid of losing their jobs. That is what is important to me, getting into power! And as for the Fourteen words I still use them because I believe in them.
How many Blacks and Asians do you think would join us? My guess is not many, except for those who are truly committed to British values. I see the battle ahead as not just a fight for our British Identity but a struggle for all First- world Nations and Nationalists worldwide, in a final battle against the tyranny of Islam and communism.

Racial Volunteer said...

RS, you seem to be missing the point. The policies of the BNP are not policies of a White Nationalist party. There is no point in wanting the BNP to get into power if you want a white nationalist government, because that is not what you will get.

The BNP hasn't stopped compromising all its policies.... from immigration to foriegn policy. Lets review the BNP policies shall we. They have a voluntary repatriation policy, they openly support the terrorist state of Israel, they are actually considering letting non-Whites into their party, the leadership has openly condemned members for attending NF or anyother pro-white events, he no longer sees the 14 words as important.

The BNP could of really exploited this issue, they could of got load of publicity, shown the blatent double standards.

Racial Volunteer said...
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Dr Bob said...

The BNP-supporting Swindon Nationalists site now has a link to the Disasters Emergency Committee - Haiti Disaster Appeal... is this an attempt to court support for the new BNP from any Haiti folk resident in this country?