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Wednesday, 30 September 2009


In 2005, Manchester National Front noticed that Manchester libraries were blocking the National Front site. This unlawful internet censorship started a three year campaign of intensive complaints and letter writing by Manchester NF both Manchester Council and Manchester library services. At first these liberal leftist bodies would not budge and smeared the NF site as having 'offensive content'. More letters and calls followed as the intensive campaign was kept up. Now we are pleased to report this has been a great success and the National Front site has been unblocked and is now available throughout Manchester libraries. Well done Manchester National Front!

The above is taken from the main National Front site. While this may be a little victory in the big scheme of things, a victory it is none the less. And this is exactly what the Swindon NF are doing. We have sent a few emails of complaints to the Head of Swindon Borough Council, Mr Bluh, and also to Library services.

Below is the response we received from Mr Bluh:

Thank you for your email of 5 September. I am happy to assure you that Swindon Borough Council does not have a policy to block access from its library computers to any registered British political party, however odious some, including me, might find their views.
Our internet filter has restricted this information based on indications of “Phishing and Fraud”. Until the nature of this restriction is understood we are unable to provide access via the People’s Network. We are reviewing this with the supplier of Internet filter and will make a decision on opening the access once the review is complete.
Yours sincerely,
Councillor Roderick Bluh
Leader of the Council

I somehow doubt the reasons he has given to have any basis in fact, and to confirm my suspicion, I have found out who the Internet Provider is and have used the Freedom of Information act to find out the real reasons behind the Blocking of the NF site from Swindon Libraries.

I will update here as soon as we have found out more.


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Epona said...

I think that the word 'odious' should be removed from the next edition of the Newspeak dictionary forthwith!
People who use that word all seem to suffer from some degree of 'Littlejohn syndrome'.
I am blocked from Birmingham and probably Swindon as well. I've not checked that out yet but when I do I shall be writing a few letters as well.
Well done Swindon NF!
Don't let the bugger's get you down!