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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

National Front's AGM 2009

On Sunday 11th October, the National Front held its Annual General Meeting in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. The meeting was a success, with at least 80 Full members attending.

To start the meeting off, we had a minute silence to remember the Fallen.

The Meeting was chaired by Ian Edwards ( National Front Deputy Chairman), and I have to say, he did a brilliant job. We then received reports from Norman Tomkinson (Treasurer); Nick Walsh ( Unit Development); Eddy Morrison (Publicity and Internet report); Tom Linden (Press Officer report and a report on the Yorkshire region.)

We than had a 20 minute interval, which gave old friends to catch up, and for new friendships to be forged. It was a chance for raffle tickets to be bought.

When the meeting resumed, three resolutions were brought up, all of which were unanimously passed. The first of these resolutions was to bring down the NF membership fee to £10 for all members and the NF constitution will be amended accordingly. The second was the re-organisation of the regions, which meant, among other things, that the four old London regions are now being incorporated into one Greater London region. And finally the NF passed a resolution which condemns the illegal state of Israel.

Norman Tomkinson then awarded the “Albert Mariner” Memorial Shield to Simon Biggs, who is the North East regional Organiser. Simon then gave a great speech explaining that while the NF is going through some major changes, it is all positive and we will rise much stronger.

The Raffle was then held, and the winner received a singed painting of John Tyndall.

Than, without much notice, I was asked to give an impromptu report on the activity taking place in Swindon.

All in all, it was a great day, we raised over £200 for the election fund. The NF is on the rise again, so watch this space!

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Anonymous said...

It was a brilliant day and really constructive.

You are being very modest by not saying that you spoke (and were very well received) yourself.

Rally round the Front!