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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Swindon Borough Council and the Pro-Paedophile website

After I found out about the NF’s website being blocked, I took it upon myself to have a closer look at the Swindon Library Webfilter, I wanted to know what websites the Swindon Borough Council deemed acceptable and what the deemed unacceptable.

To do this, I searched for all sorts of things on Google, and to be honest, I sincerely wished I didn’t.

One of the websites I found that Swindon Borough Council deem acceptable sickened me to my core. It really did shock me, because I was sure that not even Roderick Bluh and his cronies could sink that low. But by god they did.

The website I am talking about is called Attracted To Children, and yes it is as sick as it sounds. It is a website ran by a group of paedophiles, and they try and put themselves and other paedophiles across as a demonised minority who deserve rights. They openly state their sexual attraction to children.

To illustrate what kind of website I am talking about, let me give a few quotes I found on the site.

1) Paedophilia, a simple sexual and emotional attraction to young children, is often seen as the ultimate evil.
2)I’ve wanted to work with children for a while because I find them sexually attractive.
3) I work with children because society doesn’t want me to, and I will publish a guide to help other non-offending paedophiles ( and possibly also non-contact offenders who are legally allowed to work with children) to do the same.
4) we must work with children in order to counter-indoctrinate them, so that they don’t grow up to have the appalling values of the adults of today.

As you can see, this shouldn’t be a website which should be allowed to be viewed by the public, yet, Mr Bluh doesn’t think so.

The Stop The Bias campaign started off as just to unblock the NF website, but this has now become secondary to a new objective: to get this sick website blocked, and other criminal websites blocked as well.

Please offer your support for this campaign. We will be holding a demonstration in December, outside the Library. Email me at Swindon@yahoo.co.uk

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