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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Justice Is Served....... well kinda!

The date is Wednesday July 30th, and a Wasif Khan's appeal to reduce his sentence was rejected, and rightly so!

Now for those of you who are reading this who are unaware of the beforementioned Wasif Khan, let me enlighten you into why this asset ro our society(!) is imprisoned at our Majestys plaesure.

This racist, Asian beast is the reason that Henry Webster is now permantly brain damaged. Mr Khan, now aged 20 who lived at Caversham Close, Swindon, didn't act alone, a group of non-whites consisting of Wasif Khan, Amjad Qazi, Nazrul Amin and 4 other scumbags who can't be named for legal reasons went to the school in Wroughton and brutally attacked Mr Webster, his injuries were borderline life-threatening.

Khan recieved a mere 8 years for this obvouisly racist attack..... that aint justice, not in any sense of the word, he is a guest in this country and he is brutally attacked one of its natives, scaring the poor lad for life, and in 8 years time he will be freed to do the same thing again. He should be givin a life sentence or serve the 8 years and then be deported to what ever country his heritge lies.

In the Saturday 10th May 2008 edition of the Swindon Advertiser Joe Webster, Henry's brother, he said " They have given my brother a life sentence ... It was the worst day ever finding him in a pool of blood." And Joe is right, these scumbags have given Henry Webster a life sentence while Khan only got a mere 8 years.

Ok this is a NF site, so there is nothing but honesty on here, so lets be honest, If henry was Asian and the group of thugs was white things would be so different. First off, it would be classed as a racist attack instead of a random attack, which it obvouisly wasn't a random attack and secondly, the attackers would of got a much tougher sentences.

These lads are scum there is no doubt, i would hope it haunts them for the rest of their lives, but lets be honest, there aint much chance in that is there.

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Anonymous said...

That khan and his kronie's r goin to get what comming to them sonner or later. they have the front to come here and attack our poeple in our school's, there has got to be made change's here.