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Sunday, 15 November 2009


With the Lisbon Treaty on the horizon, the Thames Valley and Wiltshire National Front launched our campaign to get as many Parish Councils to hold referendums posing the following question to the electorate:

“Should Britain have a national referendum on the Lisbon Treaty?”

I took it upon myself to take to the streets of Haydon Wick, North Swindon, to get the backing of the parishioners for this referendum. It did take me a while if I am honest. All of the people I talked to for the exception of one agreed that we should have a referendum, however, most had a very defeatist attitude and didn’t see the point in standing up to the tyrannical European Union because they didn’t believe they would be taken seriously.

After a few debates and talks with many of the residents in Haydon wick, I eventually got the signatures I needed which will give me the right to arrange a Parish Meeting where locals and the parish councillors will have the chance to vote on whether the parish has a referendum.

This is where all you reading this from Haydon Wick come in…. I need as many people from the local area to turn up to the meeting and ensure that the locals get a voice. The date has not yet been set, but I will be having talks tomorrow, so will inform all tomorrow.

This is just the beginning; we will be trying to get all parishes in Swindon to also have referendums, and I urge all NF members to do the same in their area. I am in the process of writing up an advice sheet on how to do this so watch this space.

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