"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Friday, 13 November 2009


As British soldiers die in Afghanistan because of lack of equipment, the civil servants who are responsible have received £300 million in bonuses.

These pen pushers have seen “good performance” payments double. They won extra cash for hitting targets for enforcing the multicultural agenda and improving health and safety within their department.

Let me put this in prospective for a second. There is a case of two Mandarins who have received £17,000 each, this is more than a year’s basic pay for a soldier risking his life in Helmand. This is insane. While these civil servants are getting overly generous bonuses, soldiers on the battlefield of Iraq and Afghanistan are screaming out to the Government to stop putting their lives at risk, who have scrimped on military essentials including telescopes, radios and night goggles.

I can tell you this for nothing, that when I first heard about this it made my blood boil. While it is no secret that I believe that our troops should be pulled out of this needless war, and should only be used for British interests, I also believe that while our boys are over their they should be equipped to the hilt. This money could have been used to refit six desperately needed Chinook Troop Carrying Helicopters, which have been confined to their hangers and have been there since 2001 after a massive MoD contact blunder.

Shaun Rusling, Vice chairman of the National Gulf Veterans and Families Association said last night:

“This is disgusting, the sums beggar belief. Surely the government can see it would be better to spend this money on kit for our troops rather than lining the pockets of bureaucrats.”

Lets again look at the figures. The lowest paid private in Afghanistan is paid £16,681 on basic pay. Some 13,000 troops are paid less than £17,000 for risking their lives while those two mandarins got £17,000 bonus for doing a little office work.

I think this is a massive kick in the teeth for our soldiers.

There is no justification for such huge payouts, while our troops die because lack of funding to buy equipment. Even if the MoD was run efficiently, which it isn’t, people would still question why these pen pushers are receiving ridiculously high bonuses.

Lets be honest, its not like these guys need the extra money- they work in an overstaffed ministry, whose 89,000 employers enjoy extremely handsome salaries and enviable job security and pension rights…. Oh, and MoD is well known for being the worst run ministry in Whitehall.

There has been report after report condemning these parasites- I mean bureaucrats- for putting soldiers lives at risk by presiding over huge cost cutting overruns and endless delays in procuring equipment.

These parasites- sorry, I mean bureaucrats- no way in hell deserve this money… they have fought tooth and nail to cut compensation to soldiers hideously wounded in Afghanistan, often because of lack of equipment.


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