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Thursday, 19 November 2009


After a few hesitations from the Parish council, we have finally come up for a date to hold a Parish Council meeting in Haydon Wick posing with the following motion:

"That this Parish Council Meeting hereby requests the Parish Council to hold a Referendum under Schedule 12, Part 3 of the Local Government Act 1972.
The question to be asked shall be:

"Should there be a national referendum on the Lisbon Treaty?”

The date agreed is the 15th December 2009, with the meeting starting at 7pm.

while this is great news, it is only the start. We need at least 10 electors from the parish or one third of the electors ( which ever is less.) must vote in favour of holding a referendum. So if anyone lives in Haydon Wick please help us out and turn up to this meeting and give us your support.

I will be posting Notice of Meeting at the end of the week around Haydon Wick when everything has been confirmed, so if anyone wants to lend a hand, that would be greatfully recieved.




Anonymous said...

No it's not. You've been found out son. You'll have to try another way to get your fascist nose in the door pal.

Swindon NF said...

I am sorry to break it to you but by law the Parish Council has no choice but to hold a meeting regarding this referendum. For your information, if six electors of a certain parish backs holding a meeting, then the parish council has no choice to hold a meeting.

Anonymous said...

Not when the resolution concerned would constitute an illegal use of parish funds they're not.

The game's up you've been outed for the swastika wearing nutter you are. Stick to putting up your lampost stickers, that's the biggest political impact you're ever going to make locally.

This resolution has less chance of seeing the light of day than Fuhrer Griffin does of a repeat invite on to Question Time :-)

Swindon NF said...

You obviously do not have any idea what your on about. This is not illegal, and I suggest you take a look at Schedule 12 of the Local Government Act 1972, Part 3 paragraph 18(2) which states that: "A poll may by demanded before the conclusion of a parish meeting on any question arising at the meeting". Note: ANY question.

As for a waste of funds: On average it will cost around £400 to hold a parish referendum. Even if 10,000 parishes held a referendum, the £4million would represent a small fraction of what local and national governments spend by not asking the British public. And to be honest, the impression I got while getting the signatures I needed is that people thought this a good use of THEIR tax money.

And as for the nonsense of me wearing "swastika t-shirts" and branding me a "nutter".... how about you try and steer clear from insults and downright lies, and actually argue your case for being annoyed that someone has taken the initiative and is attempting to make Britain more democratic.

Anonymous said...

You're obviously not familiar with the legal concept of ultra vires. That is the council's verdict on this issue not mine. You can challenge them of course. Good luck with that.

Were you wearing your 'National Socialism' t-shirt when you collected these signatures? The one you wear when you skate board around our srteets putting up your lunatic stickers? The national socialism you link to from this very blog. How many of the people who signed your petition would equate Hitler worship with 'attempting to make Britain more democratic'?

You're not even a very clever nazi. At least Griffin hides his true leanings. Leave aside your linking to explicitly pro-nazi sites. A person doesn't have to be a fluent German speaker to work out the meaning of the 'Hail Victory' tagline you use on many posts. Sieg Heil indeed. A German victory that would have done wonders for the British sovereignty you claim to be defending.

How many of our fellow parishioners would you like to make the connection between your anti-Mosque stickers and the very real Swindon Mosque burning attempt of the teenage Michael Matthews three years ago?

Because you can rest assured that wherever you try to peddle your nf nonsense in swindon these connections will be made public. Apart from when people decide to ignore you as an irrelevance which is what I intend to do now.

Swindon NF said...
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Swindon NF said...

Ok, first, this guy you refere to who skateboards around your streets isnt me. For one, I dont skateboard, well not in about 5 years anyway. I dont have a T-shirt with that on it, and I am not a "Hitler Worshipper"

I have taken this up with the council, and there is nothing they can do, there will be a meeting to discuss the proposal of a referendum because six people from the parish has called for one, which by law means there has to be one. The councillors can feel free to raise any objections to it, and then any electors present will vote on whether it will take place or not.

As for anti-mosque stickers and Mosque burning.. I think even you can see the stark difference. Just because we are oppose the Islamification of Britain does not mean we will try burn down mosques.

If you oppose democracy and given the British people a voice on the issue of the Lisbon treaty then please feel free to come to the meeting on the 15th December and share your objections.

I hope to see you there.

Regards Swindon NF

AbbeyMeads dude said...

Yo hate to interrupt. Are you Mike Matthews the one who tried to burn down our Mosque? Like what the Swindon Advert wrote about 3 years ago? Your NF News thing says he's the up and coming organiser in the area. You yeah?

Swindon NF said...

You'd be correct to assume that. Whilst everybody is entitled to a colourful past, i am thankful that i have been provided the opportunity and outlet to promote the message of the National Front, by constructive and positive means.

Speaking personally, in retrospect it was a highly juvenile action (carried out by a 15 yr old, lets not forget), and i'll be the first to say that i deserved the punishment i received. I consider it to be a grave mistake of my misguided youth, and it was a big learning curve to say the least.

Anyway. back to the matter in hand...Anyone that opposes giving the people of Haydon Wick a voice are welcomed to attend on the day in question & put their point across.


Anonymous said...

There has obviously been some confusion regarding the definition in the Local Government Act 1972. Whilst six parishioners can call a 'parish meeting', they cannot call a 'Parish Council meeting'. Two different things.

"A poll may by demanded before the conclusion of a 'parish meeting' on any question arising at the meeting" NOTE parish meeting NOT Parish COUNCIL meeting.

Therefore the 'poll' will only be of parishioners attending parish meeting, at time of meeting. Any one attending from outside of the parish will not be legally entitled to chair meeting, comment at meeting or to vote at poll, if one is called.

The Parish Council is legally required to facilitate a properly drafted request from parishoners to hold a parish meeting. Whilst facilitating such a meeting, ie provide the venue, the Parish Council is under NO obligation to be involved in any other way.

Any resolution voted for at the end of the meeting by parishioners will subject to the laws controlling what a Parish Council can legally do. The Parish Council is purely and legally involved in LOCAL government. Any poll requiring action and thereby expense on NATIONAL government policy is illegal.

Hope this helps clear up matters!

Swindon NF said...

I would like to thank you Anon for your comment, however, while you do seem to have an idea of what your on about, you are overlooking a few facts.

Holding a parish referendum on a national issue is not illegal and in fact there is precedant, with many parishes holding referendums on the issue of the EU.

This is not illegal, and in fact I refer you to take a look at the I Want A Referendum site which will give you more information


We will be giving the people of Haydon Wick a voice with or without the parish councils support.


Anonymous said...

I have check the above website and I notice that all the areas were ‘constituencies’ not ‘parishes’ and the polls were carried out ‘unofficially’. The Electoral Reform Services, conductor of the poll, has access to funds that Parish Councils have not.

This website does not provide a precedent which any Parish Council can legally follow. So, whilst there may be Parish Councillors who privately wish there should be a national referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, they do not legally have the right to spend parishioners’ money on this issue.

Swindon NF said...

Ok, you obviously didn't look hard enough. For your convenience I will just copy and paste what it says about parish referendums.

"Referenda can be called in any civic parish in England (Community in Wales). A parish is the smallest level of local government and generally covers small towns and villages in rural areas"

"Six or more parishioners, who must all be on the electoral roll for the parish, can convene a parish meeting to consider any business which is a matter of concern to the parish. There is no requirement in the Act for parishioners to ask for the permission of the Parish Council to do this - we have the right to do it on our own. In the interests of building good relations with your parish officers and bringing them with you, however, it is obviously desirable to inform the Parish Council that you intend to hold a parish meeting." I have got thos signatures and have notified the parish council of the intention to hold a meeting.

"The meeting must be chaired by the chair or vice-chair of the parish council or, by a person elected by the meeting."

"It is the responsibility of the District Council Returning Officer to organise the parish referendum.
The referendum must take place between 14-25 days after the day on which it was demanded. The District Council only has to give the public 5 days notice of the referendum – so it’s particularly important that you publicise and raise awareness of the referendum as much as possible."

"There is nothing explicit in the Local Government Act 1972, schedule 12 ( or anywhere else) that says a referendum must be specifically related to local issues (and see above, question 1).
A number of parish referendums on the EU Treaty referendum have already been organized, so there is a precedent.

In any case, it is the categoric duty of local parishes to "act as a forum for the discussion of local affairs (not issues, proposals or questions, be it noted) and to represent the interests of the local community to the district council and other local and national bodies generally".

4. This is a waste of money -On average it costs about £400 to hold a parish referendum. Even if 10,000 parishes held a referendum, the total of £4 million would represent a mere fraction of what local and national government spend on NOT asking the public. How better could we spend £400 of our own money as council-tax payers?"

Ok lets run through it. A) if six electors say that there be a parish meeting on a proposed motion, whether concerning local or national issues, there has to be a parish meeting. If the parish councillors don't attend that is up to them.

We will be giving the people of Haydon Wick a voice, whether the council like it or not. The only people who can stop it are the people of Haydon Wick, who can turn up to the meeting and vote against the motion.

Again I hope to see you there.


PS try looking at this http://www.iwantareferendum.com/involved.aspx#p