"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Monday, 30 November 2009


Another great leaflet session yesterday despite the rain. Me and three other NF members/ supporters took the streets of Dorcan, Swindon, to hand out our “Stop The Bias” Leaflets, which were very well received. This morning I had three emails from people in Dorcan who want to know more about the Stop The Bias campaign and also the National Front in general.

I am also glad to announce that we are very close to getting the NF website unblocked from the Swindon Library computers. I have been given the name and contact details of the Internet Filter Suppler by using the Freedom of Information Act, and I have sent them an email enquiring about the reasons why the NF site is being blocked, and whether there is any fact in the excuse the Mr Roderick Bluh gave which was because of “fraud and phishing” which I will bet is a mere fob off.

Anyway, any progress made will be posted on here so watch this space.

Race and Nation


Wednesday, 25 November 2009


A drug that is freely available to cancer patients across Europe and beyond has been denied to NHS patients because the Governments rationing body, Nice, deems it “too expensive” and not “cost effective.”

As if I need to point this, but this move is truly sick and really does boggle the mind. Virtually every EU country allow Bowel Cancer patients free access to the drug, Avastin, which has been proven to extend the life of cancer suffers by up to two years. In France, Germany, Italy and Scandinavian countries, as well as Australia and Canada, the respective Health Authorities all meet the cost of treatment.

This decision by Nice is an extremely huge blow to the 4,000 to 5,000 people who will be affected by this who severely need this drug and could really benefit.

Avastin, also known as Bevacizumab, would cost the NHS around £18,000 for a course of ten months’ treatment given as intravenous infusion with chemotherapy- the price is similar to that in other countries.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence , which looks at quality of life and overall effectiveness, says the annual cost would be at about £36,000. The reason the Nice are kicking up a fuss is because this is above the maximum limit for funding of treatment which currently stands at £30,000, which, interestingly has not risen in over ten years despite huge inflations during the same period.

Any morally right person would be 100% against this.

Because of the Governments scrimping on spending on the NHS, when it comes to such vital treatments, patients waiting for a decision on Avastin are now forced to face the indignity of begging special funding from local health bodies, if that fails they can only hope that there is a trail for the drug happening in their area.

The priorities of the Government and in turn the NHS are a complete mess. The way it should be is that the NHS should be primarily about saving lives not saving money. While we do have to get a balance and ensure that we still have money in the pot, but this should be secondary.

This madness needs to stop. Bowel Cancer patients who are suffering and who are likely to be out of work and don’t have an income to really speak about, have to pay for their treatment and also pay for the privilege to park in the hospital car park.

Thursday, 19 November 2009


After a few hesitations from the Parish council, we have finally come up for a date to hold a Parish Council meeting in Haydon Wick posing with the following motion:

"That this Parish Council Meeting hereby requests the Parish Council to hold a Referendum under Schedule 12, Part 3 of the Local Government Act 1972.
The question to be asked shall be:

"Should there be a national referendum on the Lisbon Treaty?”

The date agreed is the 15th December 2009, with the meeting starting at 7pm.

while this is great news, it is only the start. We need at least 10 electors from the parish or one third of the electors ( which ever is less.) must vote in favour of holding a referendum. So if anyone lives in Haydon Wick please help us out and turn up to this meeting and give us your support.

I will be posting Notice of Meeting at the end of the week around Haydon Wick when everything has been confirmed, so if anyone wants to lend a hand, that would be greatfully recieved.



Wednesday, 18 November 2009


With all the fuss about whether or not Tony Blair would take the new position of European President, an unknown entity has been able to worm himself to the top of the list for perspective candidates. There was a furious backlash against the drive to anoint the EU fanatic Mr Herman Van Rompuy as President of Europe.

You are forgiving if you are thinking to yourself “who the hell is he?” Well ladies and gentleman, he is the Belgian Prime Minister who has expressed his desire to impose Europe wide taxes, and he is expected to be picked for the job. This idiot has expressed the want to destroy national identity and replace it with a common European identity, with national flags and national anthems to be done away with.

If it wasn’t bad enough having the Lisbon Treaty forced down our throats we will also have to deal with a EU fanatic that wants to tax us to the hilt and destroy ALL sovereign states.

What we can take away from some of Mr Rompuy’s comments is the direction that the EU is taking, which; surprise, surprise, confirms what the National Front has been saying for years now- The EU intends on creating a Europe under one flag, one anthem, one tax rate, one army and in essence one nation- EUROPE!

Details were made available of a speech Mr Rompuy gave in front of the Bilderburg Group- For those not in the know, the Bilderberg Group are a elitist group whose membership consist of all the worlds most powerful movers and shakers including politicians and business men. He said “ The possibility of financial levies at European level needs to be seriously reviewed and for the first time ever, big countries in the Union are open to this.”

This fanatic is also the guy who spearheaded the drawing up of a federalist manifesto for the Flemish Christian Democrat Party in Belgium calling for EU power and influence to be widened. What it said was… “ Apart from the Euro, other national symbols need to be replaced by European ones ( licence plates, identity cards, more EU flags. )


Think about it, what does the EU actually offer us. Some say that we will be economically isolated, but that is a load of nonsense, just take a look at Norway and Switzerland; they are, on a per capita basis, up there with the richest countries in the world and have never lost anything because they are not apart of the EU. In fact Civitas found in 2004 that due to our membership to the EU, we have to pay a net cost of £40 million a year, which equates to £700 per man, women and child.

We really need to get Britain out of the EU. And the only party which is working tirelessly to this end is the National Front.


Sunday, 15 November 2009


With the Lisbon Treaty on the horizon, the Thames Valley and Wiltshire National Front launched our campaign to get as many Parish Councils to hold referendums posing the following question to the electorate:

“Should Britain have a national referendum on the Lisbon Treaty?”

I took it upon myself to take to the streets of Haydon Wick, North Swindon, to get the backing of the parishioners for this referendum. It did take me a while if I am honest. All of the people I talked to for the exception of one agreed that we should have a referendum, however, most had a very defeatist attitude and didn’t see the point in standing up to the tyrannical European Union because they didn’t believe they would be taken seriously.

After a few debates and talks with many of the residents in Haydon wick, I eventually got the signatures I needed which will give me the right to arrange a Parish Meeting where locals and the parish councillors will have the chance to vote on whether the parish has a referendum.

This is where all you reading this from Haydon Wick come in…. I need as many people from the local area to turn up to the meeting and ensure that the locals get a voice. The date has not yet been set, but I will be having talks tomorrow, so will inform all tomorrow.

This is just the beginning; we will be trying to get all parishes in Swindon to also have referendums, and I urge all NF members to do the same in their area. I am in the process of writing up an advice sheet on how to do this so watch this space.

Racial Regards


Friday, 13 November 2009


As British soldiers die in Afghanistan because of lack of equipment, the civil servants who are responsible have received £300 million in bonuses.

These pen pushers have seen “good performance” payments double. They won extra cash for hitting targets for enforcing the multicultural agenda and improving health and safety within their department.

Let me put this in prospective for a second. There is a case of two Mandarins who have received £17,000 each, this is more than a year’s basic pay for a soldier risking his life in Helmand. This is insane. While these civil servants are getting overly generous bonuses, soldiers on the battlefield of Iraq and Afghanistan are screaming out to the Government to stop putting their lives at risk, who have scrimped on military essentials including telescopes, radios and night goggles.

I can tell you this for nothing, that when I first heard about this it made my blood boil. While it is no secret that I believe that our troops should be pulled out of this needless war, and should only be used for British interests, I also believe that while our boys are over their they should be equipped to the hilt. This money could have been used to refit six desperately needed Chinook Troop Carrying Helicopters, which have been confined to their hangers and have been there since 2001 after a massive MoD contact blunder.

Shaun Rusling, Vice chairman of the National Gulf Veterans and Families Association said last night:

“This is disgusting, the sums beggar belief. Surely the government can see it would be better to spend this money on kit for our troops rather than lining the pockets of bureaucrats.”

Lets again look at the figures. The lowest paid private in Afghanistan is paid £16,681 on basic pay. Some 13,000 troops are paid less than £17,000 for risking their lives while those two mandarins got £17,000 bonus for doing a little office work.

I think this is a massive kick in the teeth for our soldiers.

There is no justification for such huge payouts, while our troops die because lack of funding to buy equipment. Even if the MoD was run efficiently, which it isn’t, people would still question why these pen pushers are receiving ridiculously high bonuses.

Lets be honest, its not like these guys need the extra money- they work in an overstaffed ministry, whose 89,000 employers enjoy extremely handsome salaries and enviable job security and pension rights…. Oh, and MoD is well known for being the worst run ministry in Whitehall.

There has been report after report condemning these parasites- I mean bureaucrats- for putting soldiers lives at risk by presiding over huge cost cutting overruns and endless delays in procuring equipment.

These parasites- sorry, I mean bureaucrats- no way in hell deserve this money… they have fought tooth and nail to cut compensation to soldiers hideously wounded in Afghanistan, often because of lack of equipment.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Ed Balls is instigating a huge shake up of how our children will be taught about sex and relationships. The new initiative will mean children as young as five will be taught about sexual relationships, and it will also result in parents being fined if they choose to remove their 15 year old from sex education classes. Presently parents can withdraw children from these often overly explicit classes on moral and religious grounds, which currently extends to students under the age of 19, however, this right will be lost once the child reaches the age of 15.

If the parent does remove their child from these classes then they could be prosecuted under anti-truancy laws- which are a complete farce in themselves.

Currently secondary schools have no choice but to offer sex education but they do have a little control over the content, however, this will be lost once this new initiative comes into play. Primary schools are not obliged to offer any kind of sex education, which again, this right for the school to choose what is right for the pupils will be lost.

I personally find it rather disturbing that every single pupil in their last year of school will literally be forced to take part in classes which will be speaking of the “positives” of abortion. And also about the use of condoms and contraceptives.

Ed Balls said that this would help tackle teenage pregnancy, but come on, their current programs of handing out contraceptives to any one over the age of 13 and spreading sex education to any teenager that will listen has had an adverse effect and could be argued to be the reason behind the dramatic rise in teenage pregnancies, so how would this half baked scheme make the slightest bit of difference apart from making the current situation worse?

Now, please don’t mistake what I am trying to put across here. I am not some prude who believes that children should be wrapped up in bubble wrap and never told the realities of life until they are in their thirties, but we have to be responsible about it.

The first thing I believe should happen is that we should rise the age of consent to 19, and this should be policed and enforced, unlike today where the age of consent is completely ignored by local authorities.

Secondly, sex education should be available to all teenagers, from secondary school onwards, however, this should be at the parents discretion- and we should not teach lies about the “positives” of abortion and lies about homosexuality and lesbianism being normal and natural life style choices.

All in all, we must teach our children to be responsible by instilling in them morals and values.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Remembrance Day 2009 Report: A great success

On Sunday 8th November 2009, the National Front and its supporters turned up in their hundreds to remember those who have given their lives for this country.

From 2 o clock members and supporters meet up at Bressenden Place in Victoria, London. At half two, we made a move towards the Cenotaph. And what a site to see, hundreds of men, women and children, with flags flying high walking down Victoria Street.

Simon Biggs, the Chief Steward did a fantastic job organising his team of stewards, and they all ensured that everything ran smoothly.

When we reached the Cenotaph, the flags were dipped and we had a two minute silence. This was followed by the laying of the wreaths. The first one was laid by Steve on behalf of all NF members; then Paul from Birmingham NF who is an ex- serviceman; then the YNF leader laid a wreath and then the last wreath was laid by Tom Linden from the Yorkshire NF and also NF’s Press Officer.

After a short but rousing speech honouring our war dead, we moved on down the road, where we had the pleasure of listening to speeches by Eddy Morrison, Simon Biggs and Tom Linden. Then Norman Tomkinson, the NF Treasurer took up a healthy collection for central funds.

A big thank you must go to the NF Deputy Chairman Ian Edwards and his west London NF team for the back up with a party van which dropped off and then picked up the flags which made it easier for us not having to lug flags through coach stations, the underground ect.

Also, a big thank you to all the youngsters from the YNF who made the effort and a big thanks to everyone who came out to remember our war dead and to support our troops.

A great day, a day which marks the resurgence of the National Front.

Sunday, 1 November 2009


This is to remind ALL British Nationalists that YOU are invited to march with the National Front on Sunday 8th November 2009. The march should commence in the Victoria area and proceed to the Cenotaph for the wreath laying ceremony to honour Britain's war dead of all past conflicts and current ones. This will be followed by a short rally and a social get together. Assemble 2pm. March off 2.30pm
A special Remembrance issue of "Britain First" (the new official monthly paper of the NF) will be available.

The NF has been marching every November for over forty years. Last year, 270 Nationalists marched with the NF through London to the Mall. This year the NF wants to see over 500 in the biggest march for many years. Remember it is less than two months off - so start making your plans now! No matter what patriotic group you are in, you are more then welcome to march with the Front fighters of the NF in this most significant of all days...remember our boys who died at Paschendale, The Somme, Ulster and who are still fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan – no win wars but still our troops MUST be honoured. Be there on the 8th of November and in the future you will be able to say “I marched with the Front that day”.

"The inquisitive mind of a child"

Why are they selling poppies, Mummy?
Selling poppies in town today.
The poppies, child, are flowers of love.
For the men who marched away.
But why have they chosen a poppy, Mummy?
Why not a beautiful rose?
Because my child, men fought and died
in the fields where the poppies grow.
But why are the poppies so red, Mummy?
Why are the poppies so red?
Red is the colour of blood, my child.
The blood that our soldiers shed.
The heart of the poppy is black, Mummy.
Why does it have to be black?
Black, my child, is the symbol of grief.
For the men who never came back.
But why, Mummy are you crying so?
Your tears are giving you pain.
My tears are my fears for you my child.
For the world is forgetting again.

Unknown Author


The incompetence of the present neo-Marxist government never fails to astound me on how little they care about the protection of our personal details.

It has been revealed that the personal details of almost every farmer in England have been lost by government officials.

The Environmental Secretary Hilary Benn told MP’s that 38 back up computer tapes and one disc were found to be “unaccounted for” during routine checks at the Rural Payments Agency (RPA) earlier this year. He added that it was certain that these tapes contained the details of more than 100,000 farmers including their addresses, banking details and computer passwords which was held in “order to make subsidy payments.”

Any sane person would come to the conclusion that the farmers who have had their details lost should have been told that their information had in fact been “misplaced”- However the government has failed to do so.

This isn’t the first time the RPA has been in the news for being completely incompetent. Earlier this year, the National Audit Office accused the RPA of showing “scant regard” for public money in how the farm payments scheme is run. The spending watchdog said that of the scheme’s £1 billion cost, more than £680 million was completely wasted.

This is just another incident that marks the latest in a long line of shameful loss of personal data by our incompetent government- Isn’t it time we kicked those traitorous fools out of office and had a complete overhaul of how personal data is kept secure.