"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Saturday, 16 May 2009


The BNP, who I have to say are given more credit than they are worth, have proved once again that they are no longer a British Nationalist party.

As anyone who has a clue about reality would know, to be a British Nationalist, you have to have pride in being British, you have to want the continued existence of the native British people, you must want un-natural and all around damaging lifestyles such as homosexuality banned from being promoted ect ect.

However, as the Swindon BNP blog proudly states: the BNP has within it, homosexual and lesbian members, some of whom are candidates in the coming election. The BNP have members who have foreign husbands or wives. A teacher who is a BNP member, called Adam Walker has a Japanese wife, and the BNP GLA member, Richard Barnbrook, is bringing his wife’s mixed race child up. According to the Swindon BNP blog, One in two BNP officers in Wigan turns out to have been married 24years to an ASIAN WOMEN, and has a MIXED RACE CHILD.

The most messed up thing about this certain blogpost, is that after all of this boasting about how the Bogus Nationalist Party (BNP) have members that have taken non-white wives, and are contributing to the extinction of the white, British people, they have the nerve to come out with the following : “The British National Party represent the indigenous people of Britain .....because nobody else will.”

How can they even begin to claim to stand up for the indigenous British people when their members are taking non-white wives, or are raging homosexuals. I mean, the guy that actually posted this blog is of suspicious character. His alias is Man of the Woods, and he posted on a forum about the Gay Pride festival in Swindon. In his post he said that he would fit in quite well at the Festival. That is not the words of a Nationalist. If you are a member of the Bogus Nationalist Party, I suggest you send your membership card back, and join a real nationalist party, that actually does stand up for the White British People. We at the NF stand by the 14 words: WE MUST SECURE THE EXISTANCE OF OUR PEOPLE AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN. The BNP leadership has said that he has grown out of the 14 words.

Make your choice, A party that doesn’t even know the meaning of Racial loyalty, or the National Front, A party based on the principles of white nationalism, a party that will never compromise just to win votes, but will instead stand firm and insure that the British people DO NOT become a minority in Britain.

BNP= The British becoming a minority in their own country.
NF= The British taking control of their land, and insuring that the white, British people determine their own destiny.



Anonymous said...

indeed. thank you for your post.

your *real nationalist* party may wish to peruse the scurrilous comments made by bnp Clr Roper about the NF on his blogspot here:


since he is unable (too afraid?) to have comments open on his blog i commented on Griffin Watch where i saw this story first aired, here:


at what point will these stooges wake up, i wonder?

good luck to your candidates on 4th june.

Red Squirrel said...

It's OK guys, It's on Swindon Nationalists blog now!
Why the sudden anti-BNP stuff?
We have a Nation to save and that is far more important than all this bullshit.

Whitelaw Towers said...

If you are willing to sell out on your principles especially White Nationalist Principles then you will sell out on everything and everyone.

I hate the way that Australian Right Wing Political Party's (well only one)in Australia try to mirror the BNP. This win at any cost is a tragic mistake.

I wish the BNP the best of luck. Only because I know some good people in the BNP. If they could they would steer it in a different direction. But if I was in the UK I am afraid I would always back the NF.

When Right Wing groups start playing politics like our current Governments do they enter a new arena. One that stinks to high heaven. White Nationalist Politics should set the example for others to follow. Not mimic the current corrupted system.

I pray that some solution is at hand for the UK. Sadly I think I will see many of you in my country first. Not that I have a problem with that. Just leave the BNP antics there.

Red Squirrel said...

I don't think anyone in the British National Party is selling out at all, what do you want us to do, take up arms against the EUSSR? As things stand we are fighting through the ballot box and by doing so we have to appeal not only to White Nationalists, but to the people who have been indoctrinated by multiculturalism, and even the racial minority people who live among us peacefully (unlike the Muslims)We have had Searchlight and the rest of the communist scum to contend with, giving out the impression via the MSM that we would kill off all non Whites etc.
Who would vote for a party that was that Xenophobic? I wouldn't for one! I don't mind having a small minority of non Whites living here so long as they respect our laws; the rest will have to leave.
I love my race, and we are quickly becoming an endangered species, so I think a few concessions really don't matter.
We are on the same side and we shouldn't waste time arguing when there is so much at stake!

Anonymous said...

Well if the BNP aren,t selling out and we are on the same side , have a word in Mr Ropers shell like and tell him less of the snide comments against fellow White nationalists .
If thats the way forward for the BNP is it any wonder decent folk are leaving ?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Red Squirrel I am sorry if you think I am arguing. I assure I am not. It was a observation.

I must say that in Australia the Party here that has said it wishes to mirror the BNP attacks other WN all the time. In fact they use the term Nazi more than the left.

I have a problem when so called WN throw us to the Lions to give themselves credibility. Hardy the actions of a WN.

Again I wish the BNP all the best. But I am a bit of a NF supporter. Look at it like this. If the BNP contested a seat in my electorate and it wasn't being contested by the NF they would get my vote.

Just don't run candidates against each other. I am using Australian scenarios here but you get the idea?

Again this is an observation from Australia. So don't panic.

Anonymous said...

The BNP and the Australian Plonker's Party seem to think that if they go quiet on Jewish immigration advocacy, then both Zionist and "AntiFa" Jews will cease their common immigration advocacy.

In deferring to the Jew and tugging the forelock, you've already ensured your own demise.

You do not deserve to exist, other than under the auspices of Noachide Law.

They Jews want to unite you about a common Islamic/Arab enemy so that you will kill them in the MiddleEast for Greater Israel. Meanwhile, they work for your collective destruction at home.

Get your SHIT together and work to silence the lies of the Jew.
The probablity is that the Islamists will gladly go home and work to protect the heritage and culture of the UK, if the UK refuses to be involved in the creation of the Iraelite monstrosity from which you will all be ruled and deracinated Noachides. NoahBrains, NoahBalls ?......Noahides.

The Judas was in the employ of the Pharisee. The Judas hung itself, as is the UK now.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes Anon you are spot on. But will the punters wake up in time before its to late. Or will the WN movement just become another Neo Conservative movement?

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I must say that I respect anyone's right to have a perspective and opinion... though I also realise that in the grand scheme of things my opinion is irrelevant. I mean, there are billions of worlds in this one world because everyone sees it differently and lives in their own, and to think my perspective is more justified or important than someone else's is narrow minded and self delusional. So although I may disagree with opinions stressed here on this web site I respect and defend the rights of those expressing them to do so.

One thing i want to pick up on though is I dont understand what an indigenous British person is exactly? Is it someone born in Britain after a certain cut off point in history when people were coming to this Island from all over Europe and the rest of the world. If so when was that cut off point? After all, and this is fact and not opinion, we are all related- everyone in the world is related to one another... if we weren't then the further back in time we go the more people there would be, not fewer. In fact if we all had separate ancestors then in Jesus' day we would have over a TRILLION ancestors- EACH!! How many people were alive on the planet in those days?! certainly not six billion trillion (as far as we are aware!). Throughout history the population has been cross-webbed and everyone has been born to a family who is intrinsically linked to everyone else. So I cannot begin to be unwelcoming to people from other parts of the world when logic tells me that we share the same blood.
I am certainly British, but if i go back far enough I know my family will have come from all over the place. And I appreciate the diversity that nature has brought this country and the world through this natural development adn continuity of humanity, and I certainly would hope I'd be sane enough not to try to do a Hitler and think my own desire for the country is the right way when so many people have a different opinion on the matter. Why would I ignore opinions of others? How self obsessed am I?

'How can they even begin to claim to stand up for the indigenous British people when their members are taking non-white wives,..' Because as history has always shown, this is the natural way of humans and not to do so just because opinion regards it as wrong is misguided. It is how we progress and eventually may bring about world peace by maintaining a unified co-existance.
'..or are raging homosexuals'
If it is believed this is unnatural then how come it is the natural way of all creatures on earth? Because my mind decides it wants to perceive something as unnatural doesnt make it so- after all, nature is 'what is so', not what I think ought to be so.

I hope noone will mind me expressing my views here. I am glad this site exists for people with 'White Nationalist' values to share and communicate ideas because the moment liberty to speak and act freely dies then we go backwards as a society not forwards.

One world, humble before God.