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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

NF News 3 - election accusations- by Nice Guy Eddy,

The latest issue of National Front News - the weekly Enews of the NF went out yesterday with details of the elections the NF is standing in. One of these areas is North Tyneside where for the third time Bob Batten is contesting the Mayoral position for the NF. Unfortunately the BNP are now putting up candidate. This as led to accusations - not against the BNP - oh no - but against the NF!(By the way the date is NF News is wrong, it should be Thursday June 4th not June 6th - apologies). This accusation which has even led to one resident loony on a Forum to accuse the NF of 'treachery' (to whom?). For the record - where the hell are the NF supposed to stand? Are we to kow-tow to the BNP every time they put up and candidate and stand down? Are we to ignore that Griffin - a long time member of the NF has now proscribed ALL members of the Front and publicly boasted the BNP 'will smash the NF'. Are we to forget that the BNP leadership has sold out every major policy whilst the NF stands firm? Griffin HATES the NF with a vengeance.
Are we to forget that some BNP organisers talk about the NF in the same language as Searchlight uses?
I will be voting BNP in the Euro Elections for one reason only - my respect for their candidate Andrew Brons as for the rest, this budding multi-racialist leadership with its slavish worship of Zion can go to hell! Now lets sit back and watch the USUAL SUSPECTS if they read this, pull me to pieces on their Blogs and Forums

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Whitelaw Towers said...

Its bloody disgraceful but typical of these Main Streamers. Send us some more info please.