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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sharia law being forced into Britain by the European Union….

Judges could soon be forced to bow down to Sharia Law in some divorce cases heard in Britain. An EU plan calls for family courts around Europe to hear cases using the laws of whichever country the couple involved have close links to…. First of all. If these people reside in this country, then they abide by British law, if they don’t like it, they should feel free to go to what ever country better suits them.

This plan would mean that a court in England would have to apply the laws of Saudi Arabia to a husband and wife living in Britain. Rightly, the Centre for Social Justice think tank attacked the so-called Rome III reform as ludicrous. It warned it would slow down cases, increase costs and lead to unjust results.

The tyrannical control the EU has over Britain has to stop now. We do not want Sharia Law, and we will not lay down and let the EU push it upon us.

The EU is anti-family, which is clear when one looks at some of the laws already concerning divorce. Currently, a couple from different EU states can have their divorce heard in the first country where one of them files divorce papers. Because different states offer varying financial advantages to spouses in terms of division of wealth, the resulting “race to court” in the best jurisdiction discourages couples from trying to save their marriages.

At the time of writing this, at least nine- not including the UK- are willing to accept the Rome III reform…. Lets just hope Britain wakes up, before our courts get turned into a mockery, where the vile Sharia law is practised…. Please, save our country from EU dictatorship. VOTE NF

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