"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Over the past few weeks the newspapers have been reporting on the revelations of how MP’s have abused the allowances system. Not that we needed proof, but it does prove that for the most part, those in Parliament are greedy, dishonest and are open to bribery, which, rightly has provoked waves of justified anger.

What has helped fuel the flames of rage towards MP’s is the pitiful response parliament has given to us Britons. Some of the Idiots have claimed that it was the fault of the “system”; in other words, the “system” made them steal money from the public purse. Then there are those that are claiming that their expenses were within the rules, what they fail to mention is that they are the ones that made the god damned rules. And then you have those, in a pathetic attempt to salvage their reputations, have mumbled very unconvincing apologies and have offered to pay back the money they stole from the public purse, which is mere lip service which shows their clear disdain for British justice.

Think about it. Can you imagine a burglar being let off because he offered to return the TV he stole?

The question has to be asked folks; After the sickening property fiddles of Ed Balls, Hazel Blears and Geoff Hoon, why hasn’t any member of the cabinet been sacked, or why hasn’t any of the MP’s been de-selected? The same can be asked of the Tories and the Lib Dems.

Why hasn’t there been mass expulsions in which this criminal scandal merits? Apart from an obscure aide of David Cameron resigning and some public money being returned, nothing is really happening to those who have abused the allowance system.

In a last ditch attempt to clutch back a bit of public support, Mp’s have claimed that the public should trust them, because in the climate of mistrust of politicians and a complete lack of faith in the political system, it poses a threat to democracy. What a load of nonsense! In fact, the lack of faith in politicians has been great for democracy. Slowly, those in the House of Treason were etching away at our freedoms, and etching away at our right to scrutinise parliament.

It is about time these anti-patriotic, bullies were held to account. For far too long these parasites have patronised, bullied and deceived the British people, all the while, destroying Britain. They couldn’t care less about the integrity of British politics, if they did they would of stayed clear of abusing the allowance system.

They tax us to high haven, but they use the allowance system to avoid paying Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty and Extra Income Tax. They demand that the citizens of this nation should be under almost constant surveillance and that we should surrender our details to the vast National Identity Register. Yet, these hypocrites have spent an absolute fortune in legal battles to make sure the House of Treasons’ little secret stays a secret.

How can they say that it is the publics’ lack of faith in MP’s that poses a threat to democracy? God damn it, we are ruled by a dirty cabal, which is headed by a prime minister that was never elected to that position by the public, which foists its destructive ideology on the county against the will of the majority.

Its not a democracy when we were never given the chance to vote on whether we wanted Britain to become a region of a new tyrannical, political entity called the EU, with 80 per cent of our laws being forced on us from Brussels. If we were living in a democracy, the politicians would not of ignored the publics cry for a referendum on our membership to the EU.

Its not democracy when the Public are refused the chance to vote on whether Britain accepts the influx of immigrants.
Its not democracy when the public are refused the opportunity to vote on whether they wish to live in a multi-racial hell hole.

How can they claim that we live in a democracy, when anyone that opposes their draconian race laws are branded racists, bigots, anti-Semites and other derogatory terms.

Its time to fight back against the traitors and criminals in Parliament.


Below is an exert from the NF’s policy promises which can be viewed at www.natfront.com

The National Front is a party of genuine democracy which belongs to its members and whose policy is determined by its members. Its governing body is the National Directorate which is an elected body and which elects from within its ranks a Chairman, Deputy Chairman and other national party officers. The policies of the party are determined by the members at Annual Conferences and unlike some other parties, such decisions are binding upon the party. The same democratic principles govern the operation of all local party organisations.

The NF seeks to promote in Britain a genuinely democratic political system and advocates a fairer electoral system which includes an aspect of proportional representation. In government the NF would like to see an increase in the powers of the House of Commons Select Committees. The NF can see no virtue in the powers granted to hereditary peers by accident of birth and consequently hereditary peerages would be abolished. It would however maintain a second chamber as an advisory and consultative body.

The National Front upholds the principle of a constitutional monarchy as this is clearly the wish of the overwhelming majority of the British people. We believe that the monarchy could again become an important symbol as a family and of the continuity of the nation.

The National Front would introduce a bill of rights to guarantee certain basic freedoms. It would also re-assert the sovereignty of Parliament by withdrawing from the oppressive European Union. Wherever possible decision-making would be brought closer to the people and as many decisions as possible would be made at local rather than national level. The amalgamation of small local councils into giant boroughs would be reversed so that local councils can again be truly responsive to local needs.

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