"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


A Russian Journalist who lived in the Soviet Union, but now is based in London, has said that the surveillance is worse in “Big Brother Britain” than it was in Russia during the communist dictatorship.

Irada Zeinalova said : “ Security has got absurd. I don’t like that level of intrusion into my private life. London is a Big Brother city. It is all watched by cameras. Even in the days of the USSR you couldn’t imagine such a number of cameras or observers. Your moves are monitored by your bus tickets. There are CCTV cameras on every building and computer chips on the rubbish bins…. They can tell a lot about your life by studying your rubbish bin. All aspects of your life are plainly visible here. .” Mrs Zeinalova, who is an award winning correspondent in London for the Kremlin controlled Moscow TV station Channel One,, added that Londoners seemed reassured by the level of security and imagined that if some major calamity occurred they would be caught on CCTV and be saved by the emergency services. She added: “ They explain the CCTV cameras on every corner by fighting terrorism and crime- but sadly it doesn’t solve the problems… by watching the rubbish bins, they waste more money than on the actual fight with the problems…”

This Russian Journalist does raise a good point… Britain has become a state which has traded its personal liberties in for a false sense of security. As much as the government will hate to admit it, measures like monitoring what you throw in the bin, actually does very little if anything in the fight against criminal behaviour. Law and Order can only be upheld if the government are confident in their policies, and are actually focused on preventing crime instead of watching the public.

The National Front would restore Law and Order by scraping changes to our laws resulting from European Union edicts, we would make so called “ no-go” areas where crime gangs and illegal activities prevail become Go! Go! Areas for police armed with a zero tolerance policy towards ALL forms of criminal activity. We will make it in no ones best interest to back chat or show disrespect to a police or customs officer. Such unacceptable behaviour would invite a prison term, thus respect for the Law would be restored. We would reinstate real community policing; instead of police officers being tied up behind desks in an office filling out forms and doing paperwork, they should be on the street, and insuring that the public are safe; PCSO’s should be replaced with police officers who can actually take action if they witness a crime, instead of PCSO’s just standing by and letting it happen ( under the Lib-Lab-Con coalition, if a PCSO physically restrains a suspect, they put themselves at risk from prosecution… ) And we would repeal all legislation relating to the failed doctrines of political correctness and the left wing rights movement, which will, with full backing from the courts, allow police officers to actually pursue criminals, which in simple terms means, that we would give the police force the authority it needs to do its job. And we will end this madness of Big Brother politics…. The British public are citizens of this nation not mere subjects, and therefore deserve to keep their private lives private…. FIGHT FOR BRITISH LIBERTIES, JOIN THE NATIONAL FRONT.

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