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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

EU taking £115m from taxpayers per week!!

On the 12th January 2009, ITV reported that a survey, taken by YouGov for the Taxpayers Alliance and Global Vision, found that almost two thirds of voters want to have either looser ties with the European Union or sever them altogether. This survey found that a mere 26% of voters favour Britain’s current relationship.

Now when you consider what The EU Court of Audits has found out concerning how the EU has managed British money, this is unsurprising. The ECA’s latest report into 2007 spending marks the 14th year in a row that auditors have revealed major failings in how the EU manages the huge sums of public money for which it is currently responsible.

The report found that, every year Britain suffers a loss of £10.2 billion of public money in the EU’s bottomless pit. Now when you take into account the grants we receive back, the total loss still remains at a desperately high figure of £6 billion- or put in another way, that a staggering £115 million every single week. So in effect, this money which could have been spent on British schools, hospitals, on pensioners or helping poor families keep their heads above water, is being wasted on the EU…. Which I believe is completely despicable.

Public money should be used for the public interest; and I can tell you now, letting the imperialistic EU have your money is not in your interest. How can given such an Anti-British institution any amount of money be of any benefit to the British people?

It is time the British reclaimed their national sovereignty and stopped funding such a corrupt and foreign body. The National Front seeks to do just that, because we look after the British people’s interests. We want to see the British people determine their own future. A VOTE FOR THE NATIONAL FRONT IS A VOTE FOR A FREE BRITAIN

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