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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Labour Gavornment Aiding & Abetting our Enemies

After a very grueling tour of Iraq, the heroes of the Royal Angelican Regiment paraded through the streets of Luton, in their home- the land for which they have risked their lives for.
No matter if you are for or against the war in Iraq, the greeting these brave soldiers received was disgraceful. A small group of hate-filled Muslims waved placards proclaiming "Anglian soldiers: Criminals, Muderers, Terrorists". One of these vile protesters spat at the mother of a soldier. All this with full police protection, which amounts to treason.
Welcome to multi-cultural Britain!
This society ehivh successive governments have created is sickening, and when looking at the events at Luton, you can understand why thousands of Brits are moving abroad. I mean, what kind of society allows such behaviour, yet will arrest anyone who apposes such anti-British attitudes.
You may not be aware, due to the media silence on the issue, but two people were arrested, one for "racially motivated harassment"; and wouldn't you know it- both were supporters of the troops.
The BBC (Blatantly Biased Corporation) have wheeled out the supposedly moderate Muslims (if such a thing exists) to try and persuade us to be sympathetic with the protestors, which is insulting to the British public to say the very least.
An idiotic Muslim by the name of Abdul Malik of Luton's Race Advisory Forum declares "We must welcome their viewpoint and give them some attention", adding that our troops have the right to come home to visit their families. How big of him.

Please, don't get me wrong, the National Front treasure the British freedom, to be allowed to protest against the Gov't policies (and no-one has argued more consistently than the NF against British involvement in the Iraq war) but there is a time and a place, and they made sure they caused as much offence as possible...not just to the soldiers but to their families and any true British patriot.

By openly abusing our troops,protestrs- most of whom, ironically, live on state handouts- are not only showing grotesque ingratitude to the men & women who upon their freedom depends, but are also showing complete hatred to the nation itself.
Any rational person with half a brain would realise that it is not the troops fault that Britain is involved in the Iraq war; the war isn't their making, they didn't want to be sent to Basra.
These troops were just doing their job, and then they came home to insults from Muslims who were nothing but hypocrites , that willingly accept this nation, our hospitality and abuse our generosity. Hopefully this demonstration will wake up our fellow Britons to the real threat which Islam poses on Britain.

These same people who abused our troops are the same kind of people that our Labour Gov't spent a staggering £90 million on, under the illusion of diverting young muslims from violent actions...yeah, that worked.

That money would have been much better spent on deporting these scummy muslims from our once pleasant country.

This protest speaks volumes about the way tax payers money is being wasted, the hopeless inadequacy of half-baked "official" policies and the damage that has been
caused by Labour's obsession with forcing multi-culturalism upon us.

There have been "moderate" muslims on numerous mainstream TV news programmes that have said that this protest was unplanned and they didn't think about the implications of their actions, However, the meticulously printed slogans show that this was no spontaneous erruption of anger. No-one in their right mind could possibly say that it wasn't planned for maximum impact.
They have such contempt for our British values that they can be considered a threat- haven't we learnt anything from the London bombings? It doesn't take many to cause mayhem, bloodshed & tragedy.

"Extremist" muslims are hypocrites- they despise democracy and free speech, yet they freely exploit both to prommote their evil religion. They love to claim to be oppressed by the British state, yet they relied on the state for protection when they were verbally attacking our troops.

You would have thought that a British Gov't would act on such a threat accordingly, but if one examines the way in which the "lib-lab-con" coalition put it, it paints a picture that anti-british attacks are actively encouraged .
For instance, s council such as Tower Hamlets could award a grant to the Cordoba Foundation, which is an Islamic pressure group that offered a platform to Hizb-ut-tahrir, who are an organisation that promote the Islamic belief that democracy is incomatible with Islam.
If people such as Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and community secretary favour the ranting troublemakers such as Abu Hamza at the expense of the tax payer, doesn't that send the message that the Gov't are working against us???

I mean, come on, How many more millions has to be spent before we realise that we are contributing to our own ruin?
For far too long, incompetant Gov'ts have given a platform to Islamic preachers of hate; and to this day, we as a nation are still paying the price for that treachery, as sheiks in beards in robes pedal their poionous message.

We need to stop sucking up to Islam and start looking after our own interests.


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