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Wednesday, 29 April 2009


Everyday we here about how unemployment is out of control (reaching almost 3 million unemployed) and that the NHS is well and truly a mess. However, instead of putting taxpayer’s money back into the country, they are giving millions in international aid to assorted countries around the globe.

Let’s take a quick and brief look at the latest Department of International Development (DFID) scandal-

1. They will be increasing the commitment to mothers-to-be in Malawi. International Secretary Douglas Alexander announced at an Oxfam event at the Glasgow University that there will be a £9 million increase in funding for a health programme in Malawi to tackle maternal mortality problems. This figure brings the total UK commitment to Health care in Malawi to £109 million from 2005 to 2011, which makes the UK the world’s largest donor in the country.
2. A £300 million commitment to businesses in developing countries which are struggling to survive due to the economic crisis. This will be down through the World Bank’s new initiative called Global Trade Liquidly Programme (GTLP), which was set up to support small businesses by attempting to address the trade finance issue in developing countries. The UK government, through its financial institution CDC, intends to make a contribution of up to £300 million to the GTLP, according to Mr Alexander.
3. Also a £16 million fund to provide healthcare in Sierra Leone and in particular the government of Sierra Leone’s Reproductive and Child Health programme (RCH). The scheme will provide training for midwives, clinics and access to drugs.
4. And in Vietnam alone we pay £228 million for a range of different programmes.

You can check out the full list at http://www.dfid.gov.uk/

On top of this list, the government has committed at least £50 million of YOUR money to loans, through the Strategic Climate Funds, in support of Climate Technology in China.

While our Government fund the world’s underdeveloped nations, we Britain’s are suffering and plagued with child poverty and unemployment continues to grow unabated among native Britons.

The National Front wish to halt all foreign aid until all poverty and deprivation has been removed from our shores. We will then reform how foreign aid is distributed. We would not give such extortionate amounts to foreign countries. Instead we would give aid in the form of goods and services, not cash. We will deliver all aid under strict supervision, military supervision if require. Any form of corruption will be the trigger to end our help and may lead to sanctions. Charity begins at home- vote NATIONAL FRONT

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