"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


In our liberal, morally defunct society, a day doesn’t go by without those in power declaring that Britain is a better, happier nation with a hotchpotch of cultures living under one roof. If it isn’t a politician it’s a news reporter, newspaper, school teacher indoctrinating our children with their Zionist approved communistic agenda.

But have you ever asked yourself… What is multiculturalism and why are our supposed leaders so hell bent on forcing it upon us?

The fact is multiculturalism is a deliberate policy to build, maintain and support foreign cultures to the direct detriment of the British identity, culture and our very way of life. The traitors in parliament are deliberately allowing alien cultures to flourish within Britain which is destroying any sense of community. Large sums of money are given to ethnic organisations which allows them to service and perpetrate their alien cultures. In our schools, non-British children are encouraged to identify with their heritage while White, British children are made to feel guilty for merely being born white. A prime example of British culture being pushed-out to make way for foreign and alien customs comes to us from Greenwood Junior School, Sneinton, Nottingham. Because of political-correctness the three day Islamic festival Eid al-Adha, which takes place between December 8th and 11th took precedent over the Christmas Nativity play, and other Christmas traditions which were all cancelled.

Britain, in a sense has become a breeding ground for “micro- nations”, each with their own unique political and cultural agendas. This has lead to Britons having to suffer many little Chinas, little Asia’s, little Africa’s, all of which are set out to preserve their own national, cultural and ethnic peculiarities (including “lovely” foods and dances, and also barbaric customs, including some very strong ethnic hatreds.) It is very easy to see the deep divide between these communities, but also between them and us Britons.

Through the idiotic policy of mass immigration and multiculturalism ethnic conclaves develop, and such ethnic ghettos provide the perfect environment for ethnic gangs that prey on their own communities and also darken our door steps; another down side to such non-white ghettos is that it gives them perfect basis for politically motivated violence. The future of multicultural Britain is a bleak one, where events like the riots in Oldham and other Northern cities will become common place.

In the cold light of day, multiculturalism can justly be regarded as a security threat, since, at some point the interests of Britain will clash with those of other nations, whether in the area of trade, politics or even in the danger of war, our unwanted guests will have to choose where their allegiance lies, and we Britons will be the losers.

Let’s put this in simpler terms. Because of the idiotic thinking of Liberal Internationalists, the British identity will be destroyed. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not putting this down to some world-wide conspiracy of some unseen elite who purposely bringing about the destruction of traditional Britain, however, this disastrous outcome is the inevitable conclusion of the thought-process of these liberal-Internationalists, whose actions WILL cause unconceivable amount of devastation, but because these “trendies” should know the result of their insane actions the destruction of Britain can be considered deliberate.

Our identity is being undermined, especially in our educational institutions, where our people our being taught that being British and having pride in your racial heritage is somehow racist, and this can only have adverse affects on the future of our people. Now, if this attack on Britain was being perpetrated by individual “lefties” and Internationalists then we wouldn’t have anything to worry about, unfortunately this is not how these people work. They lobby and push their ideas through academia, the media and the political machines; their ideas are then shoved into official acceptance until they become official policy; once the official policy stage is reached, these people go into overdrive; Official policy becomes their rationale for them to force their ideas on the community; the public service is then retrained and restructured to accommodate this new ideology; a new “public service” is created to build, promote and propagate their new set of ideas, spreading into the public sector, as well into the private sector, and even affecting private individuals, becoming a self-serving, self-sustaining industry hell-bent on forcing their ideology onto us; coinciding with all this, new laws are brought in which paints this illogical ideology as “right” and “respectable” while painting any opposing views as “wrong”, “unworthy” and in some cases “illegal”. Thanks to the media promoting this ideology the public get the impression that these views are held by the majority of the populace, while in fact it’s only the majority of the journalists that hold these views. In such a despicable climate it becomes “politically incorrect” to hold opposing views, while anyone who objects to this new set of ideas are labeled as cranks or downright criminals. Opponents in prominent positions are harassed, while people in the public sector, self-employed or any other assailable job stands to lose their livelihood if they dare speak out.

The most disturbing part in all this is that of education. It is in the very first years of a child’s school life that he/she is indoctrinated to accept multiculturalism as fact. No opposing ideas are aired in a class room. As in days of Galileo Galilei, where school children were taught that “the sun revolves around the earth” and any opposing ideas where mere heresy; in the modern context it is taught that “multiculturalism is good for us” and to oppose that would be dangerous and maybe even illegal.

• The destruction of the British culture and identity, and the internationalization of all cultures. Therefore multiculturalism means no culture.
• Multiculturalism is expensive, contradictory and divisive.
• Multiculturalism is not fact; it is a liberalistic ideology forced upon us.
• Multiculturalism is not just the stupid folly of today; it is the destructive mistake of tomorrow.

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