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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Migrants and French Authorities make a mockery of immigration controls

A startling flaw in France’s deportation system has emerged, which is completely making a mockery of immigration controls. Farcical police procedures are allowing migrants unlimited opportunities to cross the channel and enter Britain, despite the supposed crackdown announced last week.

These migrants have been called boomerang migrants because no matter how many times the authorities turn them away, they come back in a few hours and give entering Britain another chance.

Those few migrants who are actually given deportation orders, are driven to the French and Belgium border and left there, completely free to travel back to Calais and give entering Britain another stab by hiding in lorries or jumping trains.

The French Immigration Minister promised to smash up shanty towns, and to improve security at the Calais port; he also promised to toughen sentences for people traffickers. However, no matter how good this may sound, these measures completely ignore the difficult task of keeping these boomerang migrants from entering Britain.

A quote by Amir Khan, an 18 year old Afghan from Jalalabad, speaks volumes… “ We keep trying to get to Britain and every time we fail we come back again. I have relatives in Birmingham and my greatest wish is to go there and work. I have made a difficult journey from my homeland and nothing will turn me back on the last leg. Calais is a tricky border, but it is not impossible. When we are picked up we are simply given a warning. They might drive us across the border to Belgium but that doesn’t bother us. We hitch hike back to Calais or jump public transport. The conductor doesn’t bother us for fair, because he knows we can’t pay. The French just seem to going through the motions. They want us to get to Britain as much as we do. “

Last Tuesday, about 200 alleged people smugglers were picked up, but, it was a once off and is nothing but an attempt by the French authorities to assert control, which they are failing miserably to do.

Khan said...” The French launched a publicity stunt aimed at showing they’re still in control of Calais, but they are not. The people smugglers can pretty much do what they want and the number of migrants is growing by the day. We can be told to go away forever and placed across the border, but we’ll always come back. I’ll be heading for Calais in a few days.”

Ali Mohammed, 17, also an Afghan, has said he paid almost £1,000 to a people trafficker for a “guaranteed” passage to England. “I have been arrested a few times but I am always let off; they might send me to Belgium for a few hours but I will always be back. They took my name so I am on the system, however, I had made it clear I don’t want to claim asylum here.”

Jamel, 17, said... “Lack of papers was our greatest asset. We have no status as citizens, which means no one is able to deal with us when we are picked up, they keep stopping us, but in the end, they want us to get to Britain. The British welcomes us when we arrive. They make life very easy. It is the ambition of us all to get there as soon as possible. In France it takes 6 months for asylum seekers to get benefits however in Britain you get it straight away.”

All this amounts to a government sanctioned invasion. It should be obvious to everyone that these people are not coming here for asylum reasons, but because we offer the best benefits. If they truly wanted to get away from their homeland a seek asylum, they wouldn’t travel across an entire continent, they would settle with the closest country in which they could live in peace.

We need to toughen up, and stop giving benefits to migrants who have no right to them. We should work together with the French authorities to come up with a plane to keep migrants from coming into the UK.

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