"Truth seldom is pleasant; it is almost invariably bitter. A loss of courage may be the most striking feature which an outside observer notices in the West in our days..." Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Commencement address at Harvard University , June 8, 1978

Wednesday, 29 April 2009


On reading the Swindon BNP blog, I saw an entry about how Israel is not Britain’s enemy, but in fact, under a BNP government, they will fully support the state of Israel. I have known for quite a while that the BNP have been backing Zionism and have been funded by shady Zionist characters. I know there are some true Nationalists in the BNP, but the leadership and the BNP’s new breed are sell outs, and have nothing to do with Nationalism, as their support for Israel shows.

Ok, at first glance this may not seem too bad… I am sure I am not the only one that on hearing the terrible discrimination the Jews received, and that they have been deprived of a homeland for over 2000 years, felt nothing but sympathy for the troubles they have suffered. However, on closer inspection, I learnt the truth about Israel, which I have documented below.( Before I continue, I would like to say that this is not an anti-Semitic rant, but is instead an attack on the state of Israel- not because it is Jewish, read on and you will have all the information you need.)

The first place I went to draw your attention to is the Encarta Encyclopedia, which states “Of the more than 800,000 Arabs who lived in Israeli held territory before 1948, only about 170,000 remained. The rest became refugees in the surrounding Arab countries.”

The regime that the BNP supports are responsible for 630,000 people being exiled from their own country, and never allowed to return to their homes or work on the land where their ancestors have lived for thousands of years. In fact, in 1948, the year the Illegal state of Israel was set up; more than three fourths of the entire Palestine population living in the Israeli held territory had become refugees.

Since then, Israel has expanded its borders in the wars of 1956, 1957, 1973 and in the Lebanon invasion in 1982- which created hundreds of thousands of additional Palestinian refugees. I know that some members of the BNP have said and will continue to say that these refugees left voluntarily... But ask yourself, would these people really voluntarily leave their homes, their businesses, their farms? Would they really choose to live as penniless, stateless people in squalid refugee camps? It must be obvious that the Zionists had driven them from their homes and property. And, you can’t say that the expulsion was unintentional, since after the fighting had ended, the Palestinians had been forbidden from returning to their homes. The Israelis went as far as actually enacting a special Law that deemed this Arab property “abandoned” and subjected to confiscation without compensation.

At the time of the British Census in 1922, Jews accounted for only about 10 percent of the entire population. In the last such census, which was take just before the establishment of Israel, Jews had made up only about half of the population within the area that subsequently became Israel. At that time, the Palestinians owned 93.5 percent of the land. What these figures suggest is that Zionist immigrants had forced themselves into Palestine against the wishes of the native population, and then, through the weight of arms and terror, had driven the residents from their homes, robbing them of land and possessions.

The facts could not be plainer. The Zionists, with help of their cohorts all over the world, had stolen an entire nation; a nation called Israel. No equivocation, no mountain of pro-Israeli propaganda, no replay of Hollywood films showing Arabs as brutal terrorists and Israeli Jews as innocent victims, can change the inescapable facts. No matter how many times the mainstream media tells us that Palestine was an empty country before the Zionists immigrated there, it doesn’t change the fact that over one million people were driven out since 1948. try telling them that Palestine was empty!

The intention was always about forcibly taking Palestine for their own. The dedicated Zionist leader Vladimir Jabotinsky makes this very clear in his 1923 book The Iron Wall: We and the Arabs- “Zionist colonization must either be terminated or carried out against the wishes of the native population... An iron wall... To resist pressure of the native population... A voluntary reconciliation with the Arabs is out of the question.. For without armed force.. Colonization is impossible.. Zionism is a colonization adventure.. It is important.. To speak Hebrew, but.. More important to be able to shoot…”
Now, I want to raise the question, have the Zionists got a rightful claim to Israel? The Israelis supports its claim to the Palestinian land by saying that God gave Palestine to the Jews. The secular argument says that the remote ancestors of the Jewish people lived there 2000 years ago. They actually argue with a straight face that they have the right to take the land away from Palestinians, even though they have lived there for over 2000 years. The argument has no basis in reality…. It would be like the Italians saying that they hold claim to parts of Britain and should be allowed to drive out two thirds of its native population because the Romans occupied it 2000 years ago. Its nuts. How the hell can the BNP (so called Nationalists) support such a nation?

Before the illegal State of Israel was created, the area was occupied by the British, whom the League of Nations had mandated to Govern Palestine. So, to dislodge the British, the Zionists developed to a fine art, terrorism as a modern weapon of political revolution. Zionist leaders began a campaign of bombings and assassinations. These leaders included- Menechem Begin, Abraham Stern, Yitshak Shamir, David Ben-Gurion (Israel’s first Prime Minister).

These fiends hanged and garrotted British soldiers with piano wire and left their mutilated bodies to be found by the British authorities. Israeli terrorists blew up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which killed more than 90 people. Zionist operatives invented the letter bomb.

Zionist hitmen even assassinated the UN mediator in Palestine, because he dared to express concern for the rights of the Palestinians. In his final report to the UN, just before his death, Bernadotte scathingly referred to -” Zionist pillage on a grand scale and the destruction of villages without apparent military need… It would offend basic principles to prevent these innocent victims of the conflict from returning to their homes, while Jewish immigrants flood into Palestine... Threatening to permanently replace the dispossessed Arab refugees who have been here for centuries” (1)

The Zionist Campaign of terror worked. Eventually tiring of the terrorist campaign waged against it, and the press not reporting the atrocities, the British left the country. With the British out of the picture, the Zionists could do whatever they wanted to the natives who dared to live on their land... And they did just that.

No force left to restrain them, and aided by both military and financial support by capitalist USA and Communist USSR, as well as huge sums of money that came from Zionist big wigs from around the world, the Zionist Blitzkrieg continued unabated.

At this point in time, the Zionists were still a minority, and considered the Palestinians nothing but a problem. And Zionist fanatics took care of the “Palestinian problem” by use of mass expulsions, mass murder and well planned, intentional terror, basically, to use modern day terminology... Ethnic cleansing. The Palestinians were rounded up and driven out and told they could never return. Israeli terrorists took care of those who refused to leave their homes by butchering them, which, with much glee, the Zionists publicized the massacre, to cause widespread panic and flight among the indigenous population.

The point to the Zionists raping and pillaging Arab villages was to cause panic, which in turn caused surrounding villages to naturally gather up their children and flee for their lives, which is what the Zionists wanted. Once the Zionists set up their state and secured their initial border- minus approx 630,000 pesky Palestinian men, women and children- the Israeli government forbade them ever to return to their homes, businesses, fields and flocks. By the time the Israeli “war for freedom” ended, only about 170,000 Palestinians were left within Israeli borders.

The most well known atrocity of the first Israeli war was the massacre of Deir Tassin. On April 9th, 1948, after the fighting had ceased in that small village, the Zionist terrorist Irgun Gang, led by Menachem Begin, murdered 254 people, most of whom where women, children and the elderly. For two days straight these Zionists had murdered men, women and children, crushed the stomachs of pregnant women, and stolen their possessions. A renowned Red Cross doctor, Jacques de Reynier, who was Chief Representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Jerusalem, gave a very chilling account of the massacre in his official report (search for De Reynier, J. (1950). Chief Representative of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Jerusalem. Geneva.). Dr Reynier arrived in the village on the second day and saw the “mopping up” as one of the terrorists put it to him. The brutality had been done with machine guns, then grenades, and then finished off with knives. They decapitated some of their victims and maimed 52 children in the sight of their mothers. The terrorists cut open 26 pregnant women’s wombs and butchered the babies in front of them.

After his retirement in 1972, Israeli Haganah officer, Colonel Meir Pa’el, stated the following about the massacre in Yediot Abronot, a major Jewish publication….” The Irgun and LEHI men came out of hiding and began to “clean” the houses. They shot whoever they saw, women and children included; the commanders did not try to stop the massacre... They were taken to the quarry between Deir Yassin and Giv’at Shaul and murdered in cold blood…” ( Yediot Ahronot. (1972) April 4th) ) Another quote worth noting is by the commander of the Haganah unit that controlled Deir Yassin, Zvi Ankori; after the brutal massacre made this statement in the Israeli newspaper Davar..” I went to six houses. I saw cut off genitalia and women’s crushed stomachs. According to the shooting signs on the bodies, it was direct murder.” ( Ankori, Zvi ( 1982). April 9th)

The people behind this massacre are sick individuals, which is presented quite clearly in Manachem Begin’s book THE REVOLT: THE STORY OF THE IRGUN. In this book he boasts of the importance of the massacre of Deir Yassin. He wrote that there would be no state of Israel without the victory of Deir Yassin. “ The Haganah carried out the victorious attacks on other fronts… in a state of terror, the Arabs fled, crying, “ Deir Yassin”.” ( Begin, M. (1964). THE REVOLT: THE STORY OF THE IRGUN. Tel-Aviv: Hadar Pub. Pg. 162.)

The instigator of this mass murder, Manachem Begin, later became the Prime Minister of Israel and even received the Nobel Peace Prize. This is the kind of man the BNP are supporting by supporting the murderous and illegal state of Israel. At the end of the day, Israel, even to this day, sees Begin as a hero, however, he is guilty for the very same crimes that some Nazi leaders were accused of, and are, to this day still being hunted down for. However, instead of facing prosecution for his crimes against humanity, Begin received what many would consider the world’s highest honour.

In the May 5th, 1992 edition of the Hebrew daily Ha’ir, an article by Guy Erlich was published. The article was called “ not only Deir Yassin”, which outlined a clear pattern of terror and murder. Erlich quotes the Israeli historian Aryeh Yitzhaki as saying the following… “ The time has come” he says, “ for a generation has passed, and it is now possible to face the ocean of lies in which we were brought up. In almost every conquered village in the War of Independence, acts were committed, which are defined as war crimes, such as indiscriminate killings, massacres and rapes. I believe that such things end up surfacing, the only question is how to face such evidence.” ( Erlich, G. ( 1992). NOT ONLY DEIR YASSIN. Hebrew daily Ha’ir. May 6th.) Erlich and Yitzhaki point out that Israeli authorities are still covering up the murders, nor did the massacres cease after the state of Israel was established, they continue to this day, during times of peace and war. Following are but a few of the names of massacres that Israel has perpetrated; SHARAFAT MASSACRE, KIBYA MASSACRE, KAFR QASEM MASSACRE, AL-AQSA MOSQUE MASSACRE, THE IBRAHIMI MOSQUE MASSACRE, THE JABALIA MASSACRE…

In subsequent wars and military incursions, the lovely Israel drove more hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into relocation camps which were plagued by hunger and disease.

Now, BNP, before you come back with some line about how you support modern Israel and what has been done has been done, Israel has changed, I want to point out that Nick Griffen has openly supported Israel for some years now; he supported Israel while the former and late prime minister Ariel Sharon was in power. This man is one of the world’s most bloodstained terrorist. He is responsible for the cold blooded murder of at least 1,500 men, women and children in the Beirut refugee camps of Chatila and Sabra. Don’t believe me, well, even a formal Israeli Commission found Sharon personally responsible for the Lebanese massacres ( Israel Kahan Commission.). Still don’t want to believe me ( probably not! No doubt I will be called an anti-Semite after this). Well, let me draw your attention to the fact that Arial Sharon was sought for trail by a Belgium court for crimes against humanity ( United Press International. (2001) SHARON FEARS TO VISIT BELGIUM. September 7th. ). Let me go into more detail. In 1982, as Israel’s Defence Minister, Sharon directed Israel’s invasion of Lebanon and the carpet bombing and devastation of the city of Beirut. After the Israeli devastation and occupation, Sharon forcibly removed Palestinians resistance fighters from Lebanon. Many Palestinian women, children and elderly were left behind in refugee camps in the area surrounding Beirut. The US publicly guaranteed their safety and promised they would quickly be reunited with their loved ones. Unfortunately they were sitting ducks, and on the night of September 16th, 1982, Sharon sent murder squads into two Palestinian refugee camps; Sabre and Chatila. Israeli authorities made damn sure no Palestinians could escape by having Israeli tanks and troops around the camps. The Israeli murder squad machine gunned, bayoneted and bludgeoned Palestinians that night, the next day and the night after that, all while the Israelis surrounding the camps listened gleefully to the machine gun fire and screams of children and women coming from inside. Sharon then sent in Bulldozers to hide as much of the atrocity as he could. At least 1,500 Palestinian men, women and children were butchered, and maybe even as many as 2,000 ( an official Lebanon investigation set the figure at 2,000.). Even after the efforts of Sharon’s bulldozers, many Palestinians were left unburied, and red cross workers found whole families, including hundreds of elderly and children, with their throats cut or disembowelled. And an uncountable amount of women were also raped before they were slaughtered.

His crimes do not stop there… The Israeli newspaper, HA’ARET, recalls Sharon’s leading of a massacre in the village of Kibya in 1953, “ the soldiers of Major Ariel Sharon killed 70 Palestinians in the reprisal raid, most of them women and children.”

Here is an eye witness account of a British journalist at the Qana massacre, in Southern Lebanon- “ It was a massacre, not since Sabre and chatila had I seen the innocent slaughtered like this. The Lebanese refugee women and children and men lay in heaps, their hands or arms or legs missing, beheaded or disembowelled. There was well over a hundred of them. A baby lay without a head. The Israeli shells had scythed through them as they lay in the United Nations shelter, believing that they were safe under the world’s protection. Like the Muslims of Srebrenica, the Muslims of Qana were wrong.. In front of a burning building of the UN’s Fijian battalion headquarters, a girl held a corpse in her arms, the body of a grey haired man whose eyes were staring at her, and she rocked the man whose eyes were staring at her, and she rocked the corpse back and forth in her arms, kneeing and weeping and crying the same words over and over: “ my father, my father.” A Fijian UN soldier stood amid a sea of bodies and without saying a word, held a loft the body of a headless child… when I walked towards them, I slipped on a human hand… Israel’s slaughter of civilians in this terrible 10 day offensive- 206 dead by last night- has been so cavalier, so ferocious, that not a Lebanese will forgive this massacre. There had been an ambulance attacked on Saturday, the sisters killed in Yohmor the day before, the 2-year-old girl decapitated by an Israeli missile four days ago, and earlier yesterday, the Israelis had slaughtered a family of 12- the youngest was a 4-year-old baby- when Israeli helicopter pilots fired missiles into their home… shortly afterwards, 2 Israeli jets dropped bombs only 250 meters from a UN convoy on which I was travelling, blasting a house 30 feet into the air in front of my eyes. Travelling back to Beirut to file my report on the Qana massacre to the Independent last night, I found 2 Israeli gunboats firing at the civilian cars on the river bridge north of Sidon…. A French UN trooper muttered oaths to himself as he opened a bag in which he was dropping feet, fingers, pieces of people’s arms…. We had suddenly become not UN troops and journalists but Westerners, Israel’s allies, an object of hatred and venom, one bearded man with fierce eyes stared at us, his dark face with fury, “ you are Americans”, he screamed at us. “ Americans are dogs, you did this, Americans are dogs,”.. President Bill Clinton had allied himself with Israel in its war against “terrorism” and the Lebanese, in their grief, had not forgotten this. Israel’s official expression of sorrow was rubbing salt in the wounds. “ I would like to be made into a bomb and blow myself up amid the Israel’s”, one old man said…” ( Fisk, R. ( 1996). Massacre in Sanctuary: Eyewitness. THE INDEPENDENT. April 19th, Pg 1.)

No country in peacetime- not even the Soviets or the Red Chinese in the heyday of their Gulags- held as many prisoners per capita as the nation of Israel… ( 20,000 according to UN Relief and Work Agency for Palestinian Refugees.) It is one of the only nations that will not officially renounce the use of torture. The inescapable fact is that Israel was born and built by invasion, murder and theft, and to maintain their illegal state, they have had to use force and terror.

No real nationalist can support such a state. As nationalists, we acknowledge every nations right to self-determination and the right to staying free from dominance from a foreign power. Israel has denied that right to the Palestinians and its other neighbours, so on that fact alone the BNP should not support Israel- if they were truly nationalist. But put that fact with the way Israel has dealt with Palestine and others, with mass murder ect, then the picture you get is a BNP that doesn’t know what is moral any more, and is only going along with popular opinion. Please don’t get me wrong, there are some good, dedicated nationalists in the BNP, however, the leadership has sold out, and no longer stand by nationalist principles.

Migrants and French Authorities make a mockery of immigration controls

A startling flaw in France’s deportation system has emerged, which is completely making a mockery of immigration controls. Farcical police procedures are allowing migrants unlimited opportunities to cross the channel and enter Britain, despite the supposed crackdown announced last week.

These migrants have been called boomerang migrants because no matter how many times the authorities turn them away, they come back in a few hours and give entering Britain another chance.

Those few migrants who are actually given deportation orders, are driven to the French and Belgium border and left there, completely free to travel back to Calais and give entering Britain another stab by hiding in lorries or jumping trains.

The French Immigration Minister promised to smash up shanty towns, and to improve security at the Calais port; he also promised to toughen sentences for people traffickers. However, no matter how good this may sound, these measures completely ignore the difficult task of keeping these boomerang migrants from entering Britain.

A quote by Amir Khan, an 18 year old Afghan from Jalalabad, speaks volumes… “ We keep trying to get to Britain and every time we fail we come back again. I have relatives in Birmingham and my greatest wish is to go there and work. I have made a difficult journey from my homeland and nothing will turn me back on the last leg. Calais is a tricky border, but it is not impossible. When we are picked up we are simply given a warning. They might drive us across the border to Belgium but that doesn’t bother us. We hitch hike back to Calais or jump public transport. The conductor doesn’t bother us for fair, because he knows we can’t pay. The French just seem to going through the motions. They want us to get to Britain as much as we do. “

Last Tuesday, about 200 alleged people smugglers were picked up, but, it was a once off and is nothing but an attempt by the French authorities to assert control, which they are failing miserably to do.

Khan said...” The French launched a publicity stunt aimed at showing they’re still in control of Calais, but they are not. The people smugglers can pretty much do what they want and the number of migrants is growing by the day. We can be told to go away forever and placed across the border, but we’ll always come back. I’ll be heading for Calais in a few days.”

Ali Mohammed, 17, also an Afghan, has said he paid almost £1,000 to a people trafficker for a “guaranteed” passage to England. “I have been arrested a few times but I am always let off; they might send me to Belgium for a few hours but I will always be back. They took my name so I am on the system, however, I had made it clear I don’t want to claim asylum here.”

Jamel, 17, said... “Lack of papers was our greatest asset. We have no status as citizens, which means no one is able to deal with us when we are picked up, they keep stopping us, but in the end, they want us to get to Britain. The British welcomes us when we arrive. They make life very easy. It is the ambition of us all to get there as soon as possible. In France it takes 6 months for asylum seekers to get benefits however in Britain you get it straight away.”

All this amounts to a government sanctioned invasion. It should be obvious to everyone that these people are not coming here for asylum reasons, but because we offer the best benefits. If they truly wanted to get away from their homeland a seek asylum, they wouldn’t travel across an entire continent, they would settle with the closest country in which they could live in peace.

We need to toughen up, and stop giving benefits to migrants who have no right to them. We should work together with the French authorities to come up with a plane to keep migrants from coming into the UK.


Everyday we here about how unemployment is out of control (reaching almost 3 million unemployed) and that the NHS is well and truly a mess. However, instead of putting taxpayer’s money back into the country, they are giving millions in international aid to assorted countries around the globe.

Let’s take a quick and brief look at the latest Department of International Development (DFID) scandal-

1. They will be increasing the commitment to mothers-to-be in Malawi. International Secretary Douglas Alexander announced at an Oxfam event at the Glasgow University that there will be a £9 million increase in funding for a health programme in Malawi to tackle maternal mortality problems. This figure brings the total UK commitment to Health care in Malawi to £109 million from 2005 to 2011, which makes the UK the world’s largest donor in the country.
2. A £300 million commitment to businesses in developing countries which are struggling to survive due to the economic crisis. This will be down through the World Bank’s new initiative called Global Trade Liquidly Programme (GTLP), which was set up to support small businesses by attempting to address the trade finance issue in developing countries. The UK government, through its financial institution CDC, intends to make a contribution of up to £300 million to the GTLP, according to Mr Alexander.
3. Also a £16 million fund to provide healthcare in Sierra Leone and in particular the government of Sierra Leone’s Reproductive and Child Health programme (RCH). The scheme will provide training for midwives, clinics and access to drugs.
4. And in Vietnam alone we pay £228 million for a range of different programmes.

You can check out the full list at http://www.dfid.gov.uk/

On top of this list, the government has committed at least £50 million of YOUR money to loans, through the Strategic Climate Funds, in support of Climate Technology in China.

While our Government fund the world’s underdeveloped nations, we Britain’s are suffering and plagued with child poverty and unemployment continues to grow unabated among native Britons.

The National Front wish to halt all foreign aid until all poverty and deprivation has been removed from our shores. We will then reform how foreign aid is distributed. We would not give such extortionate amounts to foreign countries. Instead we would give aid in the form of goods and services, not cash. We will deliver all aid under strict supervision, military supervision if require. Any form of corruption will be the trigger to end our help and may lead to sanctions. Charity begins at home- vote NATIONAL FRONT

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Zimbabwe to recieve £15 million of your money.

MADNESS... We are in a recession; children are being made to go hungry because their parents have been made redundant; almost 3 million people are unemployed..... and yet the government have enough money to bail out ZIMBABWE!!! How about helping out the British Public before we go and be the World's banker with tax payers money... CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

Here is a link to viewe the Governments proposal...


Every phone call, email or website visit 'to be monitored'! POLICE STATE BRITAIN!

Every phone call, email or website visit will be monitored by the state under plans to be unveiled next week.

The proposals will give police and security services the power to snoop on every single communication made by the public with the data then likely to be stored in an enormous national database.

The precise content of calls and other communications would not be accessible but even text messages and visits to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter would be tracked.

The move has alarmed civil liberty campaigners, and the country's data protection watchdog last night warned the proposals would be "unacceptable".

Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, will argue the powers are needed to target terrorists and serious criminals who are taking advantage of the increasing complex nature of communications to plot atrocities and crimes.

A consultation document on the plans, known in Whitehall as the Interception Modernisation Programme, is likely to put great emphasis on the threat facing Britain and warn the alternative to the powers would be a massive expansion of surveillance.

But that will fuel concerns among critics that the Government is using a climate of fear to expand the surveillance state.

Information Commissioner Richard Thomas, the country's data watchdog, told the Daily Telegraph: "I have no problem with the targeted surveillance of terrorist suspects.

"But a Government database of the records of everyone's communications – if that is to be proposed – is not likely to be acceptable to the British public. Remember that records – who? when? where? – can be highly intrusive even if no content is collected."

It is understood Mr Thomas is concerned that even details on who people contact or sites they visit could intrude on their privacy, such as data showing an individual visiting a website selling Viagra.

Chris Kelly, Facebook's chief privacy officer, last month revealed he was considering lobbying ministers over the proposal, which he described as "overkill".

The proposed powers will allow police and security services to monitor communication "traffic", which is who calls, texts, emails who, when and where but not what is said.

Similarly they will be able to see which websites someone visits, when and from where but not the content of those visits.

However, if the data sets alarm bells ringing, officials can request a ministerial warrant to intercept exactly what is being sent, including the content.

The consultation is expected to include three options on how the "traffic" information is then stored: a "super database" held by the Government, a database held and run by a quango or private company at arms' length, or an order to communication providers to store every detail in their own systems, which can then be accessed by the security services is necessary.

A memo written by sources close to the project and leaked last year revealed it was fraught with technical difficulties.

Ms Smith has already claimed local authorities will not have access to the data but the Tories have warned of the "exponential increase in the powers of the state'', while the Liberal Democrats have dubbed the plans "Orwellian" and deeply worrying.

Security services fear a failure to monitor all forms of communications effectively will hamper their ability to combat terrorists and serious criminals. Sir Stephen Lander, chairman of the Serious Organised Crime Agency, said: "Any significant reduction in the capability of law enforcement agencies to acquire and exploit intercept intelligence and evidential communications data would lead to more unsolved murders, more firearms on our streets, more successful robberies, more unresolved kidnaps, more harm from the use of Class A drugs, more illegal immigration and more unsolved serious crime."
( This article can be viewed at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/5215413/Every-phone-call-email-or-website-visit-to-be-monitored.html)


The world has completly lost its marbles. I read an article today about members of the Police Force, who have officially registered their religion as Jedi. Yes, JEDI!

Check it out for yourself.....

Budget doubles for ministers to wine and dine; and are paying the bill

I found this article on the Daily Mail site this morning.... I wont comment on it, because it speaks for it self....

The budget for ministers' parties has been quietly increased by 50 per cent - and almost £140,000 spent on an exclusive wine cellar, according to a claim made by the Conservatives.

The unit, based in the Foreign Office, delivers 'official hospitality for all government ministers and Permanent Secretary-level officials'.

Last year, it delivered 208 functions at an average cost of £2,227 per event. Since 1997, it has cost £7.1million to run.

The fund also oversees the administration of the Government wine cellar, and the maintenance of stocks of linen, china, silver and glassware.

Parliamentary questions have also revealed that last year, £137,460 was spent on new stock for the cellar – a rise of 26 per cent on the previous year.

They also show that an 'advisory committee on the purchase of wine', made up of senior officials, meets four times a year at a cost of £10,000.

The unit has recently purchased vintage and non-vintage Champagne, red Bordeaux, white and red Burgundy, white Loire, sweet white Bordeaux, red Spanish, red Italian, red Argentinean, red Australian, red Chilean, red New Zealand, red US, and English still and sparkling white and rosé wines.

Mr Shapps said: 'This investigation reveals a previously unknown Whitehall committee paid to advise government departments which wine they should buy.

'At a time of austerity and fast rising taxes on ordinary families, a 52 per cent increase in the Government's own hospitality budget is simply too much to swallow.'

The Government wine cellar supplies everything from dinners at Chequers, the Prime Minister's country residence, to departmental receptions.

At any one time there are around 39,000 bottles stashed away in the official wine cellar, which is held in the vaults of Lancaster House, just off the Mall in London.

Its exact contents are a closely guarded secret, though it is said to offer 180 individual clarets alone

The budget for ministers' parties has been quietly increased by 50 per cent - and almost £140,000 spent on an exclusive wine cellar, according to a claim made by the Conservatives.

The unit, based in the Foreign Office, delivers 'official hospitality for all government ministers and Permanent Secretary-level officials'.

Last year, it delivered 208 functions at an average cost of £2,227 per event. Since 1997, it has cost £7.1million to run.

The fund also oversees the administration of the Government wine cellar, and the maintenance of stocks of linen, china, silver and glassware.

Parliamentary questions have also revealed that last year, £137,460 was spent on new stock for the cellar – a rise of 26 per cent on the previous year.

They also show that an 'advisory committee on the purchase of wine', made up of senior officials, meets four times a year at a cost of £10,000.

The unit has recently purchased vintage and non-vintage Champagne, red Bordeaux, white and red Burgundy, white Loire, sweet white Bordeaux, red Spanish, red Italian, red Argentinean, red Australian, red Chilean, red New Zealand, red US, and English still and sparkling white and rosé wines.

Mr Shapps said: 'This investigation reveals a previously unknown Whitehall committee paid to advise government departments which wine they should buy.

'At a time of austerity and fast rising taxes on ordinary families, a 52 per cent increase in the Government's own hospitality budget is simply too much to swallow.'

The Government wine cellar supplies everything from dinners at Chequers, the Prime Minister's country residence, to departmental receptions.

At any one time there are around 39,000 bottles stashed away in the official wine cellar, which is held in the vaults of Lancaster House, just off the Mall in London.

Its exact contents are a closely guarded secret, though it is said to offer 180 individual clarets alone.. to go to the news source, click

Friday, 24 April 2009


I know that this is a day late, but i was busy all day yesterday. However, i hope all those people who fight to preserve the English heritage, who fight to insure that the English still have a land to call their own, and to every proud English man and women, had a great day celebrating our Heritage.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


A Russian Journalist who lived in the Soviet Union, but now is based in London, has said that the surveillance is worse in “Big Brother Britain” than it was in Russia during the communist dictatorship.

Irada Zeinalova said : “ Security has got absurd. I don’t like that level of intrusion into my private life. London is a Big Brother city. It is all watched by cameras. Even in the days of the USSR you couldn’t imagine such a number of cameras or observers. Your moves are monitored by your bus tickets. There are CCTV cameras on every building and computer chips on the rubbish bins…. They can tell a lot about your life by studying your rubbish bin. All aspects of your life are plainly visible here. .” Mrs Zeinalova, who is an award winning correspondent in London for the Kremlin controlled Moscow TV station Channel One,, added that Londoners seemed reassured by the level of security and imagined that if some major calamity occurred they would be caught on CCTV and be saved by the emergency services. She added: “ They explain the CCTV cameras on every corner by fighting terrorism and crime- but sadly it doesn’t solve the problems… by watching the rubbish bins, they waste more money than on the actual fight with the problems…”

This Russian Journalist does raise a good point… Britain has become a state which has traded its personal liberties in for a false sense of security. As much as the government will hate to admit it, measures like monitoring what you throw in the bin, actually does very little if anything in the fight against criminal behaviour. Law and Order can only be upheld if the government are confident in their policies, and are actually focused on preventing crime instead of watching the public.

The National Front would restore Law and Order by scraping changes to our laws resulting from European Union edicts, we would make so called “ no-go” areas where crime gangs and illegal activities prevail become Go! Go! Areas for police armed with a zero tolerance policy towards ALL forms of criminal activity. We will make it in no ones best interest to back chat or show disrespect to a police or customs officer. Such unacceptable behaviour would invite a prison term, thus respect for the Law would be restored. We would reinstate real community policing; instead of police officers being tied up behind desks in an office filling out forms and doing paperwork, they should be on the street, and insuring that the public are safe; PCSO’s should be replaced with police officers who can actually take action if they witness a crime, instead of PCSO’s just standing by and letting it happen ( under the Lib-Lab-Con coalition, if a PCSO physically restrains a suspect, they put themselves at risk from prosecution… ) And we would repeal all legislation relating to the failed doctrines of political correctness and the left wing rights movement, which will, with full backing from the courts, allow police officers to actually pursue criminals, which in simple terms means, that we would give the police force the authority it needs to do its job. And we will end this madness of Big Brother politics…. The British public are citizens of this nation not mere subjects, and therefore deserve to keep their private lives private…. FIGHT FOR BRITISH LIBERTIES, JOIN THE NATIONAL FRONT.


On a lighter note, I thought I would post this. Apparently, Gordon Brown is to appear in an episode of South Park. The creators have decided to include him in a forthcoming episode about the credit crunch. He will be a leader of an international party which steals money from aliens to stimulate the economy.

Given our Prime Ministers desperate state of mind, and the fact that his excuses are wearing increasingly thin, don’t be surprised to hear him declare, “ This is an intergalactic recession which began in Outer space….”

Thursday, 16 April 2009


Day in and day out, the media portray homosexuality as a natural and normal lifestyle, and through programmes such as Gay-to-Z ( channel 4), Coronation Street (ITV1) and Hollyoaks ( Channel 4) the general public get the distinct impression that homosexuality must be normal human behaviour. The question must be asked: Has scientific studies proved that homosexuality is biologically influenced? The simple answer…. YES.

Now before you dismiss me, I urge you to read on.

Scientific studies have been done all over the world in relation to homosexuality, but one I want to draw your attention to is a study by Dr Gunter Dorner (1), he discovered that sex related aspects of the brain are laid down sequentially. He studied the behaviour of rats, and while studying the rats he found that the later the rats are castrated the less feminine they become and also female rats are masculinised by the introduction of male hormones at different stages of early development.

His conclusion was that there are three levels of sexual development, he called these 1) Sex Centres ( meaning the sexual organs themselves), 2) Mating centres ( the areas of the brain which affect your sexual preference), and 3) Gender role centres ( this area is where the brain determines typical gender behaviour and skills such as spatial versus verbal skills) . Dr Dorner points out that each centre of development can be drastically affected during the very early stages of development. Dr Dorner found that in terms of sexual preference, the hypothalamus ( evidence shows that sexual preference is established primarily in the brains hypothalamus.) of the male homosexual physiologically behaves in the exact same way that a normal female hypothalamus would. Basically, when injected with estrogen ( female hormone) the hypothalamus of females responds by producing even more estrogen. When male heterosexuals were injected with estrogen, the hypothalamus didn’t produce more estrogen, very much unlike male homosexuals however, who, when injected with estrogen, they actually produced more, just like a normal female would.

Another study I wish to draw your attention to is a study that investigated on a very long term basis 136 children, whose mothers had hormone treatment ( female hormones) during their pregnancy (2). The study found that those children had very little chance of getting and/or staying married, and in actual fact, the probability of them being married was halved compared to those who did not receive the treatment.

Yet another study which I think is worth noting (3) found that stress in the mother can reduce the amount of male hormones in the male embryo. The study found that female rats that were subjected to severe stress had male offspring that were attracted to other males. Unsurprisingly, homosexuality is more common in times of war and devastation.

These studies and others in the same vain as the above studies, prove that the basic brain is female and only the introduction of male hormones can transform it into its male form. Most studies on sexual behaviour prove that a lot can go wrong in the developing male brain, however if little happens hormonally to the female brain, it will grow up normal. By looking at the facts then, it is no wonder why males are more likely to be homosexuals than women are to be lesbians.

Obviously, biology isn’t the only determine factor in relation to sexual preference. Research has shown that there are some homosexuals who have no abnormal hormonal imbalances and there are many well-adjusted male heterosexuals who have a female based brain wiring which is a result of abnormal hormone levels in the foetal stages. But as the studies above prove, biology has just as much influence on a persons sexuality as does conditioning.

As you will have noticed, the homosexual community have welcomed the scientific news showing that biology influences their immoral behaviour (4). They argue that because to them homosexuality comes naturally, and is a natural condition, they should not be stopped or looked down on for doing something that comes natural to them. But, the fact is, that argument just doesn’t wash. Just because some people have an inborn homosexual tendency does not mean that homosexuality is in any shape or form normal or natural as far as the species is concerned. It may be “normal” for them, but no one could consider it normal for human behaviour and societal values. Let me give you an example…. For some people, criminal behaviour is natural, but you would never say criminal behaviour is desirable in a moral society ( unless your from Antifa). Not that I am putting homosexuality and criminality in the same box, but I am just pointing out that there are many inborn traits that can be hurtful. It may be inborn, but it certainly is not normal or natural.

Homosexuality has done nothing but cause problems.. Homosexuals die younger then heterosexuals; homosexuals suffer mental problems such as depression and psychosis; homosexuals and other sexual deviants are overrepresented in crimes such as mass-murder, child seduction and molestation; male homosexuals have seduced and abused a countless number of underage boys; their unclean sexual habits and ultra-promiscuous lifestyle have resulted in spreading the homosexual plague, AIDS, which not only has killed millions of their own, but also millions of others, including thousands of people who contracted the virus from blood transfusions.

No one can disagree that homosexuality does nothing but fuel the havoc AIDS has caused in our society. The epidemic should be viewed as nothing less than a horrific scandal and a source of shame to the gay community. But instead, AIDS activists blame you and me, us moral upstanding folk, because apparently we are not doing enough to find a cure (5). I think we have done more than enough; I don’t need to go into how much of taxpayers money has gone into paying the medical bills and other cost; but I would just say, we would have a little more money to spend on research for things like cancer instead of spending it on the “gay disease”. At the end of the day, if homosexuals took responsibility and change their conduct then AIDS wouldn’t be that much of an epidemic… however homosexuals continue to promote publicly their promiscuous lifestyle in their often sexually immodest gay “pride” parades.

I do have to emphasis this as much as I can…. Homosexuality is damaging, devolutionary, unhealthy and unesthetic. It leads to disease, maladjustment, suicide and a hell of a load of social ills. Saying is is natural to those who practice it does nothing to alleviate its damaging effects. One could argue that HIV/AIDS is a life form created by God, so we have no right to inhibit it. It would be insane to say that, just as it is insane to ay homosexuality should be left unchecked and allowed to flourish. Some may not be taking me seriously, but when you truly look at homosexuality, you will see that it isn’t as harmless as the establishment like to make out. Put aside the superficially humours stereotypes to one side, and you will see that homosexuality is a behaviour that damages the participants and society as a whole.


Now I have outlined the problem, what is the solution? The first way to lessen the suffering associated with conditioned homosexual behaviour is to change the conditioning itself. If the mainstream media and the educational system actually warned the general public of the dangers of living the homosexual lifestyle, and if brazenly homosexual’s retreated back into the closet by societal taboo, then very few biologically normal people, especially children, would wind up experimenting with or adopting the immoral lifestyle. Such action would also steer those on the biological sexual margins toward heterosexual normality. Therefore, far fewer people without a homosexual brain bias would ever be converted to homosexuality.

The fact that homosexuality is approved today as a perfectly acceptable lifestyle by teachers and the mainstream media, makes young people more open to homosexual seduction and orientation. The approval of homosexuality by the educational system and mass media is no worse then if they promoted the acceptability of drug use, smoking or drinking to children. In actual fact, homosexuality lessens the average life span more than smoking, drinking or occasional drug use. It shouldn’t matter if you think that homosexuals should be allowed to conduct in whatever manner they see fit, no right minded society would foolishly endorse such activity.

Now, as for the biological causes of homosexuality, there is a slight promise that the biological causes can be alleviated . Scientists are finding ways to detect, treat and cure illnesses and imperfections of children, even while in the womb. It has now become possible to monitor the presence of hormones in the expectant mother and in the foetus itself.

Ask yourself these questions before I carry on…… If a little girl was getting abnormally high levels of testosterone from the mother’s medication or diet, such that it would likely cause the female child to be born with freakish male organs or a male-biased brain, would not any morally minded person help the mother change her diet or medication so that the child has a chance of growing up normal? Or what if a male foetus was getting androgen blocking hormones which would eventually cause the boy to develop into a stunted form of manhood in which he would endure undeveloped, stunted and malformed male organs and possible sterility? Or what if the abnormal hormones resulted in a homosexual bias in child? Could you justify hormone treatment to bring the androgens within normal range? To be brutally honest with you, I cant think of any caring and thoughtful person saying no to those questions. I am certain what most perspective parents would say to those questions.

I know what some of you liberal out there will be saying right now; and that would be that I wish to “play God.” but at the end of the day, when the parent is presented with a option to protect their children they will not hesitate to take the opportunity.

We need to fight the homosexuality lifestyle simply because it is damaging to us all; however they will bring about their own ruin. By bringing homosexuals out of the closet, and accompanied by a full flowering of their immoral lifestyle, has resulted in the inevitable decimation of their ranks. Years upon years of the AIDS virus, hepatitis epidemics and gay suicides will lessen the influence of homosexuals in the future. Genes susceptible to homosexuality which have long been hidden have been exposed by homosexual lack of control to a new level of vulnerability. Those genes are being extinguished in great part by the AIDS virus and other pathogens unmercifully.

In addition to the pathologic enemies of homosexuality, its disgusting, and shameless promotion has brought about an intense hatred to it in the British men and women. The legacy that homosexuality will leave behind will prevent it from becoming stylishly acceptable again.


1. Dorner, G. (1985) Sex-specific Gonadotrophin Secretion, Sexual Orientation and Gender Role Behaviour, Endocrinologie, 86 August 00 1-6. Also see Dorner, G. (1979). Hormones and Sexual Differentiation of the Brain, Sex, Hormones and Behaviour. CIBA Foundation Symposium 62. Excerpta Medica: Amsterdam
2. Moir, Anne and Jessel, David. (1989). Brain Sex. New York: Dell Publishing
3. Ward, I.L (1974). Sexual Behaviour Differentiation: Prenatal Hormonal and Environmental Control. Sex Differences in Behaviour. Friedman, R. C. Et al ( Eds. ) John Wiley & sons, New York. Pg 3-17.)
4. The Washington Blade. (1993). X Marks The Spot? July 16. Pg1
Frank, Barney. ( 1996). Why Party Politics Matters. The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review.. Spring.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

EU taking £115m from taxpayers per week!!

On the 12th January 2009, ITV reported that a survey, taken by YouGov for the Taxpayers Alliance and Global Vision, found that almost two thirds of voters want to have either looser ties with the European Union or sever them altogether. This survey found that a mere 26% of voters favour Britain’s current relationship.

Now when you consider what The EU Court of Audits has found out concerning how the EU has managed British money, this is unsurprising. The ECA’s latest report into 2007 spending marks the 14th year in a row that auditors have revealed major failings in how the EU manages the huge sums of public money for which it is currently responsible.

The report found that, every year Britain suffers a loss of £10.2 billion of public money in the EU’s bottomless pit. Now when you take into account the grants we receive back, the total loss still remains at a desperately high figure of £6 billion- or put in another way, that a staggering £115 million every single week. So in effect, this money which could have been spent on British schools, hospitals, on pensioners or helping poor families keep their heads above water, is being wasted on the EU…. Which I believe is completely despicable.

Public money should be used for the public interest; and I can tell you now, letting the imperialistic EU have your money is not in your interest. How can given such an Anti-British institution any amount of money be of any benefit to the British people?

It is time the British reclaimed their national sovereignty and stopped funding such a corrupt and foreign body. The National Front seeks to do just that, because we look after the British people’s interests. We want to see the British people determine their own future. A VOTE FOR THE NATIONAL FRONT IS A VOTE FOR A FREE BRITAIN

Are small businesses being taxed out of existence?

It was revealed in January ( 2nd January) that changes in the way Businesses are taxed has cost half a million of Britain’s smallest firms an additional £2.4 billion over the last 4 years.

This folks is yet another betrayal of the British people, by attacking the small business man. The extra tax amounts to an average £3,483 for small firms, wiping clear about ten months profit. And you wonder why small businesses are disappearing from are streets; because New-Labour has attacked them with unjust taxes.

This is unacceptable and should be opposed, especially when we are in a recession. Credit crunch or no credit crunch, the National Front will insure that your livelihoods are safe….


Since 1967, the National Front has been warning the general public that if the borders are kept open for any Tom, Dick and Harry to wonder on in, then we, the white, British people will become a minority. Unfortunately, we were proved right by a staggering statistic that reveals that Britain is become unrecognisable as a nation in a worryingly fast pace.

Figures released ( see Daily Mail March 15th) reveal that as many as 14 per cent- one in seven- pupils speak English barely as a second language, if at all. That figure is a rise of 11 per cent in a mere 5 years.

As the Daily Mail reported, there are schools in some areas where there is a high immigration population, where a not even a handful of children speak English as their mother tongue. The study found one primary school that had 56 different languages being spoken.

What chance of an education will our children get if the already over-stretched teachers have to also deal with language barriers, and have to take extra time to make some pupils understand?

Its not fair on the teachers or the children who are being held back by their classmates language problems.

But, this goes beyond language, but we must also take into account culture and tradition- the very essence of nationhood- which divides the newcomers from the native, white, British children.

No one can deny this is a desperate situation we face as a nation. But you only have yourself to blame. We all know that Lib- Lab- Con haven’t got the first clue what makes a nation a nation, but you, the British public voted these idiots in.

With Lib- Lab- Con’s profound ignorance of British values and their “love” for modernity we have had these “ universal Human Rights” forced upon us ( which has lead to the end of traditional British Liberties) and the borders being thrown open for all our unwanted guests to come on in to have all the benefits withy none of the work.

The result- Our children have lost any sense of identity and lost any chance of an education.



I was reading the Swindon Advertiser ( March 19th), and I came across an article about The Children’s Nursery down Euclid Street. The article was about how the children were given a “treat” of learning about an African culture, which is all well and good, however, what was quite disturbing about this article was what Nursery Business Manager Lynn Webb said: “ We have so many children from so many different ethnic origins, we have mixed race, Polish, Indian, Afro- Caribbean and Chinese children.”

Now, I might be making a bigger deal out of these than needs to be made, and if I am, I apologise. However, why doesn’t she acknowledge the white British ethnicity? Or, maybe, the nursery doesn’t have any white British children attending the Nursery? I am not sure if it is the former or the latter, and to be honest, I am not sure which would be worst. If I am completely honest I would say the former would be worst. Because, if the nursery teachers- which for the young children, would be seen as role models and a major part of the process of socialisation- doesn’t acknowledge the British ethnicity as a separate and unique identity, what chance do white, British children have of growing up with pride in who they are and where they come from.

This article in the Swindon Advertiser is just more proof of the liberal establishment ignoring the British identity. Be proud to be British and white. Its time to make a stand. Join the National Front.


In our liberal, morally defunct society, a day doesn’t go by without those in power declaring that Britain is a better, happier nation with a hotchpotch of cultures living under one roof. If it isn’t a politician it’s a news reporter, newspaper, school teacher indoctrinating our children with their Zionist approved communistic agenda.

But have you ever asked yourself… What is multiculturalism and why are our supposed leaders so hell bent on forcing it upon us?

The fact is multiculturalism is a deliberate policy to build, maintain and support foreign cultures to the direct detriment of the British identity, culture and our very way of life. The traitors in parliament are deliberately allowing alien cultures to flourish within Britain which is destroying any sense of community. Large sums of money are given to ethnic organisations which allows them to service and perpetrate their alien cultures. In our schools, non-British children are encouraged to identify with their heritage while White, British children are made to feel guilty for merely being born white. A prime example of British culture being pushed-out to make way for foreign and alien customs comes to us from Greenwood Junior School, Sneinton, Nottingham. Because of political-correctness the three day Islamic festival Eid al-Adha, which takes place between December 8th and 11th took precedent over the Christmas Nativity play, and other Christmas traditions which were all cancelled.

Britain, in a sense has become a breeding ground for “micro- nations”, each with their own unique political and cultural agendas. This has lead to Britons having to suffer many little Chinas, little Asia’s, little Africa’s, all of which are set out to preserve their own national, cultural and ethnic peculiarities (including “lovely” foods and dances, and also barbaric customs, including some very strong ethnic hatreds.) It is very easy to see the deep divide between these communities, but also between them and us Britons.

Through the idiotic policy of mass immigration and multiculturalism ethnic conclaves develop, and such ethnic ghettos provide the perfect environment for ethnic gangs that prey on their own communities and also darken our door steps; another down side to such non-white ghettos is that it gives them perfect basis for politically motivated violence. The future of multicultural Britain is a bleak one, where events like the riots in Oldham and other Northern cities will become common place.

In the cold light of day, multiculturalism can justly be regarded as a security threat, since, at some point the interests of Britain will clash with those of other nations, whether in the area of trade, politics or even in the danger of war, our unwanted guests will have to choose where their allegiance lies, and we Britons will be the losers.

Let’s put this in simpler terms. Because of the idiotic thinking of Liberal Internationalists, the British identity will be destroyed. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not putting this down to some world-wide conspiracy of some unseen elite who purposely bringing about the destruction of traditional Britain, however, this disastrous outcome is the inevitable conclusion of the thought-process of these liberal-Internationalists, whose actions WILL cause unconceivable amount of devastation, but because these “trendies” should know the result of their insane actions the destruction of Britain can be considered deliberate.

Our identity is being undermined, especially in our educational institutions, where our people our being taught that being British and having pride in your racial heritage is somehow racist, and this can only have adverse affects on the future of our people. Now, if this attack on Britain was being perpetrated by individual “lefties” and Internationalists then we wouldn’t have anything to worry about, unfortunately this is not how these people work. They lobby and push their ideas through academia, the media and the political machines; their ideas are then shoved into official acceptance until they become official policy; once the official policy stage is reached, these people go into overdrive; Official policy becomes their rationale for them to force their ideas on the community; the public service is then retrained and restructured to accommodate this new ideology; a new “public service” is created to build, promote and propagate their new set of ideas, spreading into the public sector, as well into the private sector, and even affecting private individuals, becoming a self-serving, self-sustaining industry hell-bent on forcing their ideology onto us; coinciding with all this, new laws are brought in which paints this illogical ideology as “right” and “respectable” while painting any opposing views as “wrong”, “unworthy” and in some cases “illegal”. Thanks to the media promoting this ideology the public get the impression that these views are held by the majority of the populace, while in fact it’s only the majority of the journalists that hold these views. In such a despicable climate it becomes “politically incorrect” to hold opposing views, while anyone who objects to this new set of ideas are labeled as cranks or downright criminals. Opponents in prominent positions are harassed, while people in the public sector, self-employed or any other assailable job stands to lose their livelihood if they dare speak out.

The most disturbing part in all this is that of education. It is in the very first years of a child’s school life that he/she is indoctrinated to accept multiculturalism as fact. No opposing ideas are aired in a class room. As in days of Galileo Galilei, where school children were taught that “the sun revolves around the earth” and any opposing ideas where mere heresy; in the modern context it is taught that “multiculturalism is good for us” and to oppose that would be dangerous and maybe even illegal.

• The destruction of the British culture and identity, and the internationalization of all cultures. Therefore multiculturalism means no culture.
• Multiculturalism is expensive, contradictory and divisive.
• Multiculturalism is not fact; it is a liberalistic ideology forced upon us.
• Multiculturalism is not just the stupid folly of today; it is the destructive mistake of tomorrow.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Labour Gavornment Aiding & Abetting our Enemies

After a very grueling tour of Iraq, the heroes of the Royal Angelican Regiment paraded through the streets of Luton, in their home- the land for which they have risked their lives for.
No matter if you are for or against the war in Iraq, the greeting these brave soldiers received was disgraceful. A small group of hate-filled Muslims waved placards proclaiming "Anglian soldiers: Criminals, Muderers, Terrorists". One of these vile protesters spat at the mother of a soldier. All this with full police protection, which amounts to treason.
Welcome to multi-cultural Britain!
This society ehivh successive governments have created is sickening, and when looking at the events at Luton, you can understand why thousands of Brits are moving abroad. I mean, what kind of society allows such behaviour, yet will arrest anyone who apposes such anti-British attitudes.
You may not be aware, due to the media silence on the issue, but two people were arrested, one for "racially motivated harassment"; and wouldn't you know it- both were supporters of the troops.
The BBC (Blatantly Biased Corporation) have wheeled out the supposedly moderate Muslims (if such a thing exists) to try and persuade us to be sympathetic with the protestors, which is insulting to the British public to say the very least.
An idiotic Muslim by the name of Abdul Malik of Luton's Race Advisory Forum declares "We must welcome their viewpoint and give them some attention", adding that our troops have the right to come home to visit their families. How big of him.

Please, don't get me wrong, the National Front treasure the British freedom, to be allowed to protest against the Gov't policies (and no-one has argued more consistently than the NF against British involvement in the Iraq war) but there is a time and a place, and they made sure they caused as much offence as possible...not just to the soldiers but to their families and any true British patriot.

By openly abusing our troops,protestrs- most of whom, ironically, live on state handouts- are not only showing grotesque ingratitude to the men & women who upon their freedom depends, but are also showing complete hatred to the nation itself.
Any rational person with half a brain would realise that it is not the troops fault that Britain is involved in the Iraq war; the war isn't their making, they didn't want to be sent to Basra.
These troops were just doing their job, and then they came home to insults from Muslims who were nothing but hypocrites , that willingly accept this nation, our hospitality and abuse our generosity. Hopefully this demonstration will wake up our fellow Britons to the real threat which Islam poses on Britain.

These same people who abused our troops are the same kind of people that our Labour Gov't spent a staggering £90 million on, under the illusion of diverting young muslims from violent actions...yeah, that worked.

That money would have been much better spent on deporting these scummy muslims from our once pleasant country.

This protest speaks volumes about the way tax payers money is being wasted, the hopeless inadequacy of half-baked "official" policies and the damage that has been
caused by Labour's obsession with forcing multi-culturalism upon us.

There have been "moderate" muslims on numerous mainstream TV news programmes that have said that this protest was unplanned and they didn't think about the implications of their actions, However, the meticulously printed slogans show that this was no spontaneous erruption of anger. No-one in their right mind could possibly say that it wasn't planned for maximum impact.
They have such contempt for our British values that they can be considered a threat- haven't we learnt anything from the London bombings? It doesn't take many to cause mayhem, bloodshed & tragedy.

"Extremist" muslims are hypocrites- they despise democracy and free speech, yet they freely exploit both to prommote their evil religion. They love to claim to be oppressed by the British state, yet they relied on the state for protection when they were verbally attacking our troops.

You would have thought that a British Gov't would act on such a threat accordingly, but if one examines the way in which the "lib-lab-con" coalition put it, it paints a picture that anti-british attacks are actively encouraged .
For instance, s council such as Tower Hamlets could award a grant to the Cordoba Foundation, which is an Islamic pressure group that offered a platform to Hizb-ut-tahrir, who are an organisation that promote the Islamic belief that democracy is incomatible with Islam.
If people such as Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and community secretary favour the ranting troublemakers such as Abu Hamza at the expense of the tax payer, doesn't that send the message that the Gov't are working against us???

I mean, come on, How many more millions has to be spent before we realise that we are contributing to our own ruin?
For far too long, incompetant Gov'ts have given a platform to Islamic preachers of hate; and to this day, we as a nation are still paying the price for that treachery, as sheiks in beards in robes pedal their poionous message.

We need to stop sucking up to Islam and start looking after our own interests.